environmental conservation role play in digital media n.
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Environmental Conservation: Role Play in Digital Media PowerPoint Presentation
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Environmental Conservation: Role Play in Digital Media

Environmental Conservation: Role Play in Digital Media

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Environmental Conservation: Role Play in Digital Media

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  1. Environmental Conservation:Role Play in Digital Media Robert Williams EDUC 811 Sec 900 Final Project

  2. Learning Need and Context • Middle School life sciences class. • Conservation is too often far removed from students’ lives. • Local issues and first-hand experience can help students connect better. • Role Play in a digital media format is chosen to meet these needs.

  3. Learning Goals By the end of the project, the learner will • understand that environmental issues are an interaction of natural resources, population, biology, and culture. • learn how decisions concerning natural resources affect the planet for future generations. • be able to draw upon community resources to solve environmental issues. • be able to communicate their knowledge and back-up their viewpoints with research. • make informed choices and decisions about their own behavior related to environmental issues.

  4. Role Play Description Problem: A large tract of undeveloped land has been annexed into the city. Setting: Town Hall meeting discussion on what should be done with the land. Stakeholders: City Council members, residents, businessmen. Students will discuss issues and support their points and resolve the issue with a final vote.

  5. Pedagogical Framework • Role play gives first hand experience at finding a proper balance. • Primary source and real life scenario materials can be used. • Digital environmental gives students time to prepare and respond with less stress. • Students look at the problem from others viewpoints and evaluate the merits.

  6. Town Hall Discussion Area Town Hall Meeting Welcome to this meeting of the Riverdale city council. In this meeting we will discuss how we plan to use the 200 acres of undeveloped land just annexed into our fine city. We will first hear from each participant in the meeting. After further discussion, we will vote on what to do with the land. Design Interface Mr. Dean City Council President Project Description Learn about the problem, roles, and setting for this project. My view is that we should keep this land undeveloped and set it aside as a natural park. Our city has too few parks for our population and it would be a great place for our children to take field trips. Library Upload supporting documents here for easy access by all participants. Ms. Reynolds Resident Let’s please consider developing this land as a new housing complex. Our town currently does not have enough housing and that is driving up house prices. Also, the property tax revenue would help to balance the city budget and allow for more city services to be offered. Blogs Post your thoughts here including a final reflection of what you learned. Mr. Wright Local Land Developer Grading Rubric See what is expected for you participation and writings.

  7. Online Role Play:Digital Media Development • Wikispaces has all elements required for initial development. • Exciting online role play potential exists (IMVU). • Software and website hosting should be an ongoing evaluation.

  8. Universal Design for Learning • Modified or enhanced roles. • Participate from different locations. • Multiple formats of interface.

  9. User Feedback • Roles and how to assign them. • All sides represented fairly • Posted rubric of expectations • Add-on activities • Any more feedback welcome!