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  1. BOCES DATA COLLECTION What Administrators Need to Know

  2. Why is BOCES now included?

  3. Why is BOCES now included?

  4. What are the requirements for BOCES? • All BOCES will participate in the statewide data collection process as it relates to the Federal and State requirements for course data and teacher evaluation data. • BOCES will NOT participate in the data collection process related to accountability for LEAs.

  5. What data elements must be reported • The data elements that must be reported by BOCES and other LEAs were specified in a memo released by Asst. Commissioner Ken Wagner on May 2, 2011 • It specifies the following guidance for the data collection.

  6. Additionally, data on the results of the teacher evaluation process will be collected

  7. Must we report ALL data on ALL students and courses? • For 2011-12, the data collection will be restricted to courses being taught by the BOCES that can be mapped to one of the selected state codes included in the May memo. • The state codes are as follows.

  8. How do I get started? • Many LEAs have appointed a Data Coordinator to organize the data collection and reporting process. • Review the memo of May, 2011 in detail. • Getting the data organized in your Student Management System is critical to success. • Your local RIC has extensive experience in organizing these data – contact your RIC for assistance. • Your HR office should acquire a state assigned TEACH ID for all certified professionals. Your District Superintendent can delegate access to this file to your HR office.

  9. TEACH ID – What’s that? • All certified professionals in the state have been assigned a unique identifier. • A file of known professionals employed by your BOCES as of this year’s BEDS day has been posted to the state IRS Portal. • Your HR office can get access to this file after being being authorized by the DS. The file can then be downloaded and imported into the HR system. • For professionals employed by your BOCES, but not in the file, your HR office can obtain an individual’s identifier directly from the TEACH system.

  10. I’ve heard of NYSSIS IDs – is that the same thing? • No, NYSSIS IDs are unique identifiers assigned to students. • Your students will be assigned NYSSIS IDs as part of the data loading process. • If there is some problem with the assigning of a NYSSIS ID to a student, you will have to resolve the issue by contacting the student’s home district.

  11. We don’t use a formal Student Management System – What should we do? • Organizing the required data without some type of system will be difficult. • If you have not been using a formal Student Management System, we recommend that you contact your RIC for assistance.

  12. Once we have these data organized as specified, what do we do with it? • LEAs across the state use a data tool called “Level 0” to assist in moving data from the district to the state. • Your SMS vendor and/or your RIC will create extracts from your local system to be loaded into Level 0 • You MUST transmit your data through your RIC consistent with State policies • The Level 0 tool is managed by your local RIC – contact them for assistance • Your RIC will provide you with a schedule for the expected dates of data transmissions for 2011-12

  13. I would like some more detailed information, what should I do? • A detailed overview is included in the May 2011 memo already referenced and is available at: • The complete data specifications for all data elements is included in the state’s SIRS manual, available at: • Information on how to access the state portal for retrieving TEACH IDs can be found at: • Contact your RIC

  14. I would like some more detailed information, what can I do? • Arrange a meeting with your SMS vendor • You can also stay tuned to the second half of this webinar. • We will be reviewing the data fields required of BOCES one field at a time. • This is intended for BOCES systems vendors and BOCES data coordinators, but all are invited to participate.

  15. Questions?