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New Hampshire Employment Security PowerPoint Presentation
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New Hampshire Employment Security

New Hampshire Employment Security

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New Hampshire Employment Security

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  1. New Hampshire Employment Security

  2. Welcome toNH Employment Security • Our Mission Statement: • Operate a free public Employment Service through a statewide network of Job and Information Centers, providing a broad range of assisted and self-directed employment and career related services, and labor market information to all customers. • Pay Unemployment Compensation benefits in a timely manner to eligible claimants and collect the tax which funds these payments. • Develop and disseminate Labor Market Information and provide measurements of labor market outcome to assist local and state officials, private employers, educators and trainers and the public in making decisions which promote economic development and theefficient use of state labor resources.

  3. What is NH Works? • NH Works is the name of the One-Stop System. It is a partnership of Agencies working together to bring you information, resources and services about employment, the labor market, training, and supportive services all in one place. The administration of these services is funded through the Federal Unemployment Tax. These services are available to everyone.

  4. The services are located within the NH Works Resource Centers located within the 12 NH Employment Security offices, libraries, Vocational Rehabilitation , the Community College System and Community Action offices throughout the state. NH Works is a Web site full of workforce and supportive service information and links to other sites. It includes free services and information for employers. It also provides free services, resources, tools and information to help job seekers get back to work, change jobs, find a better job, or enter the labor market for the first time by assisting them with information and services that help them remove barriers to employment.

  5. Internet The Internet opens many possibilities for the employer and job seekers. • Access the agency web site: • Manage Unemployment Account • Know when a claim has been filed • File a claim for benefits • View and respond to correspondence • Visit our Job Match System • Post Job Orders • View potential Applicant resumes • Review job orders and apply for positions


  7. Facebook

  8. Unemployment Compensation System

  9. What is the Job Match System? The Job Match System is New Hampshire Employment Security’s Job Matching Service. The Job Match system provides direct access to the New Hampshire labor pool. Use the Job Match System to view job openings, and match job openings to qualified applicants based on skill sets.

  10. Labor Market Information

  11. Unemployment Compensation Employment Counseling Program Veterans Program Re-employment & Eligibility Assessment Program Profiling Services Program Employer Service Program Trade Act Program Unemployment Compensation Eligibility Review Program Return to Work Program Resource Center Programs

  12. Employer Service Representative • One ESR is located in each office • They work with employers in their labor market area • They train employers on the use of JMS and NHUIS and their benefits. • ESR’s enter and monitor job orders listed in JMS • All new job orders are put on Veterans Hold for 24 hours to offer priority of service to Veterans.

  13. Recruitment Assistance • Mass Recruitments • Provide space to recruit - Mini Job Fair • Provide services at employer facility • Exclusive Recruitments • Advertising solely through NHES • NHES enter job order • NHES will accept applications • NHES will review applications • NHES will schedule interviews

  14. Resource Center • Computer access for: • Job listings • Winway resume • Microsoft word • Web sites • O*Net • Internet • Resource library (books, magazines, video tapes, DVD’s) • Labor Market Information • Newspapers • Employer information • Handouts • Fax machine / Printer / Copier / Telephones • Employer Interview Area

  15. NH WORKING New Hampshire’s Three-Part Initiative to Help Workers Stay at Work Businesses submit a plan, reducing work hours of their employees employees to avert layoff, while the employee receives partial unemployment compensation. SB 501 Return to Work Allows unemployed claimants to continue to receive their unemployment benefits while receiving up to 6 weeks of on-the-job training. Get Ready to Work Proposed: Provide to eligible claimants, basic skill assessments, skill certification and/or remedial courses. SB 501

  16. Stay At Work (Workshare) • What are the advantages to the employer? Avoid layoff Retain trained employees Maintain moral and productivity Respond quickly if business increases • What are the advantages to the employees? No layoff Keep health insurance Collect wages for hours worked plus UI benefits for reduced hours

  17. Return to Work Program • Allows employers to see how a potential employee learns the business skills and integrates into the workplace • An employer with a full time job opening willing to train a claimant for up to 6 weeks, 24 hours per week, partners with a customer interested in training and demonstrating what they can do once they get a foot in the door. • Allows customers to obtain on-the-job training and show a potential employer their skills and work ethics, essentially “getting a foot in the door” • Claimant receives training and collects unemployment compensation while the employer has the opportunity for a 6 week job interview, seeing how an individual learns and fits within the organization. • Non-claimant receives training while the employer has the opportunity for a 6 week job interview, seeing how an individual learns and fits within the organization. • Fosters a win-win for employers and claimants

  18. Job Fairs

  19. O*Net Testing The occupational information network: • Offers detail about more than a thousand occupations • Matches your skills to occupations • Describes workers’ skills for occupations • Interest and skills assessment • Career aptitude survey • Career decisions • Occupational research • Transferable skills

  20. What hiring incentives are available to employers? • Special State & Federal programs are available to provide incentives when hiring certain individuals. Some of these programs include WOTC (work Opportunities Tax Credit), Apprenticeships, Trade Act On-The-Job-Training and the Federal Bonding Program.

  21. What is WOTC? The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a Federal program administered by NHES that provides a monetary incentive for employers to hire from certain target groups. An employer may save up to $2,400 using this program. A complete packet of forms and instructions can be obtained by called the WOTC coordinator at (603) 228-4079 or from the Employer Service Representative at the local NH Works office.

  22. What is the Apprenticeship program? NHES works in coordination with the US Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training to assist employers in developing performance standards and establishing apprenticeship programs. This program combines classroom training with on-the-job work experience and results in employment. Contact the Department of Labor at 225-1444 or your local office.

  23. Federal Bonding Program • The Federal Bonding Program provides fidelity bonding • insurance coverage to at-risk individuals: • criminal record • history of alcohol or drug abuse • poor credit • lack of employment history • dishonorable military discharge • Coverage is provided at no cost to the employer or the • applicant.

  24. Veterans’ Programs All NHES offices give veterans preference for services and job orders. Local Veterans’ Employment Representatives (LVER) and Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program Specialists (DVOPs) assess the needs of each veteran and inform them, especially for those veterans returning from active duty, about services available through NHES. Along with access to all NHES services, these specialists network with other veterans’ social and supportive service agencies to get assistance for veteran clients. The Employment Service veteran staff contacts every soldier returning from active duty by letter or phone.

  25. Youth Workshops • NH Works conducts workshops for Youth • Resume Writing • Interviewing Skills • Job Searching • Completing Applications • Registering in the Job Match System • If youth don’t know what you want to do when they graduate, they aren’t alone. We can help them look into their options. We have the tools, programs, and services to explore their future with them. • Information on Industries, Pay, Licensing, and more

  26. WIATraining • Training assistance is available through WIA (Workforce Investment Act) staff who are co-located in all NHES offices. NHES and WIA work together with the client to assess and refer to a suitable program. • Training programs are available to acquire marketable skills. They are short-term vocational / skill-based programs; i.e. LNA, computer skills, office skills, CDL, occupations in the medical field • Clients must be job ready at the conclusion of the program. • Clients must meet WIA eligibility requirements