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Presented By Mandarin Europe Limited

Jianjun Tao Reg Illingworth. Presented By Mandarin Europe Limited. DO YOU NEED TO CLEAN UP YOUR ACT ?. Elument Experts in trade effluent management and maintenance. This is how we can help: Avoid Risk of pollution Trade effluent management. Generate good publicity

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Presented By Mandarin Europe Limited

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  1. Jianjun Tao Reg Illingworth Presented By Mandarin Europe Limited


  3. ElumentExperts in trade effluent management and maintenance • This is how we can help: • Avoid Risk of pollution • Trade effluent management • Generate good publicity • Protect your business and environment • Global coverage • 20 Years experience • Current clients INBEV and AIRBUS

  4. Emergency Response • When faced with an emergency you need a solution and fast. • Elument provides a fast and efficient service taking Complete ownership of the whole process. • Our experts will be on hand to provide solutions to your problem. • Advise will be given on best practice to help prevent further emergencies.

  5. Proactive Maintenance • Site Inspection of trade effluent systems maintenance • Recommendations to solve issues • Reports highlighting maintenance required • Ensuring Compliance with Environmental Legislation • Prevent large penalties or damage to brand.

  6. Your Benefits • Secure online maintenance log 24 hrs a day 365 days a year • 24 Hour emergency response line • Fast and effective response • Prevent costly emergencies that can • lead to heavy fines and a damaged • brand • Issues identified before they become • problems • Reduce total cost of ownership of your • trade effluent system. • Stay compliant with legislation even as • it changes. • Maintain positive Public relations

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  8. Nature breathes a sigh of relief !

  9. Specialist Sewer Equipment

  10. Robotic Cutters • Self propelled working units • Available for diameter pipes • 150mm to 1200mm • Controlled by means of 100m • Long combination cable with hydraulic lines • Cuts out: • Preformed liner laterals • Steel Piling • Concrete obstructions • Lateral connections

  11. Resin Injectors • Robots used to repair faults on pipe work with epoxy mortar • Special water proof epoxy mortar • Repair pipe without need to ‘’DIG’’

  12. UV Lining • Very fast cure time • No need for Water • UV light train passes through liner to cure • Sewer rehabilitation from 150mm – 1200mm • Repair up to 200 meters • Control means risk of defects are less • Liner results in greater strength allowing reduced • Wall thickness

  13. CCTV Sewer Inspection • Self Propelled Units • Available for pipe sizes 150mm to 1200mm • Survey pipe lengths up to 250m • 365° pan and tilt camera Images sent back to Workstation and recorded for evaluation And reporting

  14. Installation of fibre optics in sewers The FAST technology was purposely designed to enable the installation of a protective conduit network for fibre optic cables within any type sewer system. It can provide networks that will meet all present demands but also has the capability to be expanded for future requirements in an efficient, financially cost effective and reliable manner.

  15. Special features of FAST technology: • Fibre optic networks in urban areas • Patents worldwide • Fibres can be updated easily • Connection points less than 25m from customer • Can provide direct connection to households from sewer • Operation of sewer unaffected • Installation fast • Cost effective • Up to 9 tubes each accommodating 144 fibres

  16. Jianjun Tao And Reg Illingworth Thank you for listening VISIT OUR STAND 5D24

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