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Chapter 5 Section 5 Decline and Fall

Chapter 5 Section 5 Decline and Fall. Learning Objectives The students will be able to:. Summarize the main causes for the fall of the Roman Empire. Reasons for the Decline. Invasions Civil War Plague. Diocletion (284-305 AD) and Constantine (306-337 AD). Divided empire into 4 parts.

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Chapter 5 Section 5 Decline and Fall

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  1. Chapter 5Section 5Decline and Fall

  2. Learning ObjectivesThe students will be able to: • Summarize the main causes for the fall of the Roman Empire.

  3. Reasons for the Decline • Invasions • Civil War • Plague

  4. Diocletion (284-305 AD) and Constantine (306-337 AD) • Divided empire into 4 parts

  5. Divided the Empire into the Greek East, and Latin-speaking West

  6. Moved the Capital to Byzantium, renamed it Constantinople

  7. The reforms of Diocletian & Constantine • Strengthened the administrative bureaucracies • Enlarged the army • Set wage & price controls to fight inflation • Forced people to remain in their designated jobs

  8. Their reforms were based on control • Temporarily successful • In the long run they stifled the vitality of the Late Roman Empire

  9. Barbarian Invasions http://ditto.com/search_results.asp?ss=barbarians&ipp=12&pr=15&ViewStyle=compact

  10. Huns – from Asia; moved into eastern Europe & put pressure on the Visigoths • Visigoths – Germanic; moved south & west into Roman territory • Vandals – poured into southern Spain & Africa

  11. Visigoths first to sack Rome in 410 • Vandals sack Rome in 455

  12. Barbarian Invasions

  13. Romans fighting Barbarians

  14. Skull of aGermanBarbarian

  15. Roman Soldier Goth Warrior

  16. Western Roman Empire Falls • 476 • Romulus Augustulus was removed from office by the Germanic head of the army • Constantinople & the Eastern Empire lasts another 1000 years

  17. Constantinople

  18. Ruins of the Roman Forum FINIS

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