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The Andaman Coast Protected Area Network of Thailand PowerPoint Presentation
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The Andaman Coast Protected Area Network of Thailand

The Andaman Coast Protected Area Network of Thailand

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The Andaman Coast Protected Area Network of Thailand

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  1. A potential World Heritage Area Dr James True Swire Institute of Marine Science, University of Hong Kong Center of Excellence for Biodiversity of Peninsular Thailand, Prince of Songkla University Email: TheAndaman Coast Protected Area Network of Thailand

  2. The Andaman Bioregion

  3. What is the Andaman bioregion? • The Andaman Bioregion is composed of 6 distinct ecoregions, each explaining part of the story of Andaman Thailand • Northern Mangroves • Northern Offshore Islands • Central Beach and Gallery Forests • Greater AoPhang-nga • Southern Mangroves & Birdnest Islands • Southern Offshore Islands

  4. The 6 ecoregions of the Andaman Bioregion of Thailand

  5. The ecoregions of the Andaman Bioregion are informed by biogeographical boundaries of the Thai Peninsula Wells (1976) Avifaunal transition zone Northern limit of Malesian flora Steenis (1950) Angiosperm transition zone (Monsoon forests) Whitmore (1984) Kangar-Pattani Line (Malesian flora)

  6. Since the Pleistocene, SEA is characterized by 2 major biogeographical provinces Major transit route/ bottleneck

  7. Terrestrially, this pattern of vicariance is seen in both animals and plants Dendrogram based on extant large animal faunas, showing two major groupings: one with Indo-Chinese affiliations, one with Sundiac affiliations (Tougard, 2001) Molecular genetic survey of freshwater prawns, (Macrobrachiumrosenbergii) by de Bruynet al. 2005

  8. Where else does this happen? The Panamanian Isthmus has been in place ~3 million years; The Thai Isthmus has been in place for ~200 million years

  9. The Andaman side of the Thai Peninsula is even more interesting because of Holocene current patterns Indonesian Throughflow

  10. The 6 ecoregions capture these biogeographic transitions

  11. 1. Northern Mangroves & Inshore Islands • Includes • Lam Nam Kraburi • Laem Son • Mu KoPhayam

  12. This ecoregion captures the northern Indo-Chinese/Sundiac boundary

  13. The undisturbed coastline of northern Ranong also supports complex near-shore habitats not found elsewhere in the Andaman

  14. 2. Northern Offshore Islands • Includes • Mu KoSurin • Mu KoSimilan

  15. These offshore islands capture the north Andaman oceanic biota

  16. 3. Central Beach & Gallery Forests • Includes • Mu Ko Ra- KoPhra • KhaoLak – Lam Ru • KhaoLampi – Hat Thai Meuang • Sirinart

  17. This ecoregion captures Austral flora from the first Pliocene invasion via Sundaland, uniquely combined with indigenous biota This area also includes the longest fringing reef in Thailand This reef defines the coast of Phang-nga and makes the dune ecosystems possible here

  18. 4. Greater AoPhang-nga ecoregion • Includes • AoPhang-nga • Than Bok Khorani • Had Noppharat- Ko Phi Phi • Mu KoLanta

  19. This ecoregion encapsulates the drowned karst landscape and inshore islands surrounded by shallow seagrass meadows and mangrove forests Trang supports the largest breeding population of Dugongs in Thailand

  20. 5. Southern Coastal Forests and Birdnest Islands • Includes • Had Chao Mai • Mu KoPhetra • Mu KoLibong • Thaleban • Ko Tarutao

  21. This ecoregion captures the seagrass ecosystems of the inshore limestone islands and the composite flora of the monsoon transition zone Steenis (1950) Angiosperm transition zone (Monsoon forests) Whitmore (1984) Kangar-Pattani Line (Malesian flora)

  22. 6. Southern Offshore Islands • Includes • Mu KoAdung-Rawi • HinDaeng/HinMuang/KoRoh • KoRacha

  23. This ecoregion captures the southern offshore biota, influenced by the Indonesian ThroughFlow

  24. The Andaman Coast Protected Area Network forms the core of the 6 ecoregions, each explaining part of the biogeographic story of Andaman Thailand Together these form the basis for a proposed World Heritage Area

  25. The Andaman Bioregion of Thailand satisfies all of the IUCN criteria… • The ecoregion complex is well-supported by available scientific evidence • Each ecoregion supplies essential components of the overall narrative; the Andaman story is a synergy of transitions • In combination, the ecoregion complex tells a quite remarkable story of a region that has provided a bridge between north and south, Laurasia and Gondwana, Asia and Australasia, for >200 million years • There is nowhere else in the world where so many biogeographic transitions occur in such a small area