cultural changes in technology in the 1920s n.
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Cultural Changes in Technology in the 1920s PowerPoint Presentation
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Cultural Changes in Technology in the 1920s

Cultural Changes in Technology in the 1920s

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Cultural Changes in Technology in the 1920s

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  1. Cultural Changes in Technology in the 1920s • A Look at Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh

  2. Objective • By the end of the lesson, SWBAT analyze how specialization helped people be more productive. • By the end of the lesson, SWBAT analyze how the transatlantic flight changed the way people travel.

  3. Vocabulary • Assembly Line - A process to make things where a bunch of people have a task and together they make one single product. • Specialization - When a person or a business concentrates on doing one task when making something rather than the entire object. • Transatlantic - Across the Atlantic Ocean.

  4. Henry Ford • Henry Ford lived between the years 1863 - 1947. • He created of the Ford Motor Company in 1903.

  5. Henry Ford

  6. Henry Ford • Ford understood that cars could be very useful for people. • Ford understood that cars shouldn’t just be for the rich. He wanted to make them affordable for the lower and middle classes as well. • However, cars were still very expensive when Ford started thinking about how useful cars truly were. • Cars could be useful!

  7. Henry Ford • What do you think Ford tried and eventually was able to do to get cars in the hands of normal Americans?

  8. Henry Ford • MAKE CARS CHEAPER! • Wait.....How do you think Ford could make cars cheaper?

  9. Henry Ford • Using specialization Ford was able to change the way machines were built. • Before specialization cars and many machines were built by one person. • He used specialization by creating the assembly line.

  10. On the assembly line there are a lot of workers, but each one of them has a very specific job and they do that job all day long!

  11. Henry Ford • Specialization makes manufacturing things cheaper, and more efficient (you get more done).

  12. Henry Ford • Ford used the assembly line to create the first automobile that was cheap enough for many families to own. • This car was called the Model - T. It was developed in 1908 and was sold for $825. By 1916 it sold for only $360!

  13. Model - T

  14. Henry Ford • Why was Ford able to sell the Model - T so cheaply?

  15. Henry Ford • Henry Ford’s creation of the assembly line changed how people make things in factories. • Henry Ford’s cheap car, the Model - T, changed how people got from one place to another place.

  16. Many companies started using the assembly line to make things quicker. • Many companies became specialized, meaning they started doing producing (making) one kind of good or service. • When you are specialized you are able to increase the amount of things people can produce (make)

  17. Charles Lindbergh • Charles Lindbergh lived between 1902 - 1974. • Charles Lindbergh was famous because he was the first person in the world to ever make a transatlantic flight.

  18. Charles Lindbergh

  19. The Competition • In 1919 a rich Frenchman named Raymond Orteig said he would give $25,000 to the first person to fly a plane from New York to Paris.9 ($25,000 in 1919 = $1,000,000) today!

  20. Charles Lindbergh • Lindbergh had enjoyed aviation his whole life, so he decided to go after the big prize! • Tough decision • 4 men had died attempting this amazing challenge in the past!

  21. Lindbergh • On May 20 - 21, 1927, Lindbergh successfully flew across the Atlantic Ocean! • It only took him 33.5 hours

  22. Charles Lindbergh • How did he fly from New York to Paris?

  23. Spirit of St. Louis

  24. Charles Lindbergh • Lindbergh took the Wright Brother’s invention and showed the world that it was possible to fly across major oceans. • Lindbergh forever changed how people get places and travel! • Lindbergh made the world smaller!

  25. Key Points • Henry Ford helped created the assembly line. • The assembly line worked well because of specialization. • Specialization helps to make things cheaper to produce. • Charles Lindbergh was the first person to cross the Atlantic ocean in an airplane.