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Spilling Salt

Spilling Salt

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Spilling Salt

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  1. Spilling Salt by Kaitlyn

  2. Superstition definition A belief in a supernatural leading to a consequence like bad luck

  3. Spilling salt Origen Spilling salt is a warning from an angle that the devil is near by so you throw salt over your left shoulder to make the devil go away.

  4. What I believe I think this is not true because I spilled salt and didn't throw it over my left shoulder and I found all the things I lost.

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  6. Knock on Wood By: Kyle and Kevin

  7. What is a superstition A superstition is a belief based on a myth, magic, or irrational thoughts. Superstitions are also known as tales and traditions.

  8. Origin Wood and trees have goodspirits in mythology and the Christian cross. It dates from the early 17th century. Greeks worshiped the oak it was sacred to Zeus. Celts believed in tree spirits. They believed that touching sacred trees brought good fortunes

  9. Believe or not Believe We believe that knocking on wood is real. Sometimes when we think that we will say something like winning a game. We don’t want to get jinxed so we knock on wood.

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  11. Knockingon wood By Marianna and Morgan

  12. A Superstition A superstition is a belief. It is something you believe in some believe in superstition and some do not. Superstition could be used as many things such as in jinxing yourself. Also bringing yourself good or bad fortune. Ex: I have never gotten a F on my test before. (the person would then “knock on wood” so he or she does not jinx themselves)

  13. Beliefs of Knocking on Wood • The exact phrase “knock on wood” is unknown • Some believe that it could have come from rituals in early times where trees where considered sacred spirits • Another belief is that you prevent the devil from hearing you bye “knocking on wood” which prevents the event from occurring • It is possible that the phrase “knock on wood’ is derived from Christianity & the wood is a reference to the cross on which Jesus crucified

  14. Writers Opinion Morgan-I do believe in knocking on wood. One example of knocking on wood would be I said we were going to win an important soccer game and then I knocked on wood so I wouldn’t jinx myself out. And it work we got good fortune and won the game. By the way if you don’t have wood with you, you knock on your head. Marianna- I believe in knocking on wood. I believe in it because I believe in most things. Whenever I say something that can be jinxed I always have to knock on wood.

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  16. Superstition By: Laura and Jessica

  17. Origin • The superstition of holding your breath through a tunnel originated when trains were steam powered in 1803.

  18. What it means • This superstition means that if you hold your breath while going through a tunnel and you make a wish then eventually your wish will come true!!(:

  19. Opinion • Jessica: My opinion is that I think that this is a very cool superstition and I believe in this superstition. • Laura: My opinion of this superstition is that I believe in it and its super funny when someone’s face turns red and they cant really breath. I too think it is a very cool intelligent superstition.

  20. How we relate to this superstition • Laura: I relate to this superstition by every time I’m going to and from the Phillies Stadium we always take the tunnel through. Every time I hold my breath the whole way and then make a wish and it comes true eventually and 11/2/11 it actually came true!!!! • Jessica: I can relate to this superstition because whenever I go to the mall we have to go through a big tunnel and I always hold my breath. But my face always turns red and my mom says to stop.

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  22. Walking under a ladder True or False? By: Tommy & Jarred

  23. What is superstition? What is superstition? Superstition is a belief that people believe is real based on a myth or a magical thought that they believe is true. People can do things that they believe will keep them from having bad luck like walking under a ladder.

  24. Origin • Walking under a ladder comes from the early days of Christianity. Since many Christians believed in the trinity the triangle was sacred with it’s three sides. A ladder leaning up against a building was seen as a triangle. Back then walking under a ladder would be considered going against God. Anyone who walked under a ladder was believed to be someone in relation with the Devil or evil spirits.

  25. Believe or not? • Yes Jarred and I believe the walking under a ladder superstition is real because Tommy was working in his yard one day with his dad cutting back a tree and he had a ladder standing up that he used. By accident I walked under it and when my dad went to start the lawn mower he pulled the cord to start it and it broke.

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  27. Bloody Mary

  28. What is a superstition • A superstition use to mean standing still in apprehension or awe but since according to the write Raymond Lamont Brown superstition is a belief or a system of beliefs.

  29. The Origin of it • The origin for Bloody Mary is that she made remedies for the towns people and one day all the girls startedto disappear and she was taking them and killing them to make a potion of there blood to make her look young.

  30. Do you believe this supersition and can you relate to it • Isiah: No I don’t believe in it. Yes I can relate to it because on time when it was Friday the 13th me and my friend Billy had a sleep over at my house and we said bloody Mary 3 times in the mirror and we rain into my room and that whole night we heard running up and down the stairs and giggles. • Nick: I do not believe. In it because how could there be a witch and use blood to make herself look young.

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  32. BloodyMary By Nathan and Kevin

  33. What is a superstition • is a belief in a non-physical causality that one event causes another without any physical process linking the two events. It is also commonly applied to beliefs and practices surrounding luck, prophecy and spiritual beings particularly the belief that future events can be foretold by specific unrelated prior events.

  34. Bloody Mary origin • Bloody Mary was the queen of England and she got her nickname by beheading people who didn’t believe in the Roman Catholic church.

  35. Defend or Refute / Relations One time we tried the Bloody Mary superstition together nothing happened. Kevin: I refute the superstition because we tried it and nothing happened. Nathan: I refute Bloody Mary because it’s silly and nothing ever happens.

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  37. Superstation

  38. What is a superstation • A superstation something that you believe or is a myth.

  39. If a black cat walks towards you, it brings good luck, but if it walks away, it takes the good luck with it.

  40. I BELIEVE I believe that when a cat walks near you get good luck. One day a black cat walk near me and stay near me later that day I found a $20 dollar bill. Then my too days later got a iPod. That is why I believe.

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  42. Spill the salt over the shoulder it goes By, Gabrielle Danny Mark

  43. A superstition is a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, occurrence, proceeding, or the like.

  44. The origin of the superstition has it that, at all times, a devil waits over your left shoulder, and also that spilling salt is bad luck perhaps because it used to be rare and precious. Hence, you can mitigate your bad luck by throwing salt into the eyes of the devil. There’s also a belief that your guardian angel who can be found over your right shoulder spills salt to warn you of the evil nearby. Either you throw salt to hurt the devil or, as salt was valuable, as an offering to placate him.

  45. Gabrielle: Yes, I believe that if you spill salt you have to toss it over your shoulder. One day my grandmom and I went to lunch at a diner and my grandmom spilled salt. I told her to toss it over her shoulder but she said she doesn’t believe in superstitions and didn’t do it. Later that day when she got home she saw that her house had been robbed. From now on my grandmom tosses salt over her shoulder if she ever spills it but tries her hardest not to. Mark: Yes, I believe that if you spill salt you have to toss it over your shoulder. One day when I was eating at a diner and I accidently spilled salt and I didn’t toss it over my shoulder. So when I was walking down the stairs at the diner I tripped and fell down the stairs. My mom told me that I should have tossed the salt over my shoulder and from now on I toss the salt over my shoulder whenever I spill salt. Danny: Yes, I do believe that if you spill salt you have to toss it over your shoulder. Once I was eating dinner with my family and I spilled the salt. My brother told me to toss it over my shoulder but I didn’t listen and didn’t toss it over my shoulder. Later that night I went on a bike ride with my friends and I fell off my bike and broke my finger. I went home and told my brother what had happened and he said I told you so. Now whenever I spill salt I toss it over my shoulder.

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  47. THE END