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  1. Payroll Presentation Carol Holley Ron Cunningham NOAA CORPS PAYROLL UNIT

  2. Agenda • Who’s Involved • Overarching Payroll Process • Late Submission Process and Impacts • Other Payroll Duties • Payroll Unit Goals • How Officers Can Help

  3. Who’s Involved Payroll Processing Begins with: • The NOAA Corps officer • Commissioned Personnel Center (CPC) • NOAA Corps Payroll Unit • United States Coast Guard (USCG) Pay and Personnel Center

  4. Who’s Involved (cont.) The NOAA Corps Payroll Unit has two (2) NOAA employees located at the USCG Pay and Personnel Center in Topeka, Kansas. Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service to our active duty NOAA Corps officers and provide as much assistance as possible to our retired community.

  5. Overarching Payroll Process • The NOAA Corps Payroll Unit begins the processing of an event by entering all necessary information into the USCG pay system, known as the Joint Uniformed Military Payroll System (JUMPS). • Once entered, the documents hit what is called a compute cycle of pay for either the first of the month or the middle of the month. • The compute cycle is very important because it starts, stops, or changes payroll entitlements.

  6. Late Submission Process and Impacts A document processed late will cause several things to happen: • It will automatically become retroactive back to the original effective date and recalculate all entitlements based on that date. • It will kick out on a report showing “OUT OF RANGE” which then requires a manual adjustment to be made by the Pay Team at the USCG.

  7. Late Submission Process and Impacts (cont) • If the document kicks, the process is completed as a pay case and is grouped together with other pay cases, both NOAA and USCG. • NOTE: NOAA is not given a priority over any other payroll cases. It is important to remember that we represent less than one percent (1%) of the payroll that the USCG processes each month.

  8. Late Submission Process and Impacts (cont) • Although NOAA payroll cases are considered important to the USCG, every other payroll case in a pending status is as well. • We do everything we can to have our cases placed as a high priority as quickly as possible.

  9. Other Payroll Duties Besides processing payroll for our active duty officers, the NOAA Corps Payroll Unit: • Provides information (e.g., leave sold upon separation, sea time, Montgomery GI Bill elections, etc.) for CPC on a routine basis. • Responds to requests from the USCG regarding pay/personnel matters, and stays involved in audit, risk, and internal control management for our processes.

  10. Other Payroll Duties (cont) • Participates on USCG committees to improve payroll processing. • Processes all leave for NOAA Corps officers. • Conducts monthly audits of Leave and Earnings Statements (LES). • Provides over 15 payroll reports to various departments within NOAA and DOC. • Liaisons daily with USCG personnel to review pay matters or checks the status of NOAA Corps requests.

  11. Payroll Unit Goals • Process documents in a timely manner. • Correct discrepancies immediately. • Notify the officer of any unforeseen adjustments to their pay accounts. • Resolve any issues and/or respond to the officer within 72 hours of initial contact, either with the resolution or a status report for the request.

  12. How Officers Can Help • Submit all documentation in a timely manner. • When corresponding with the Payroll Unit, only use the NOAACORPS.PAYROLLUNIT@NOAA.GOV e-mail address. • Check your LES every month. • If at anytime you believe there is a problem or if you have questions regarding your pay, notify Payroll immediately.

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