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Market Segments PowerPoint Presentation
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Market Segments

Market Segments

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Market Segments

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  1. Market Segments

  2. K-12, Universities, Community Colleges, Public Schools, Private Schools Selling to Education • Specific Challenges • Absenteeism • Green cleaning mandates • Health and safety for staff and students • Indoor air quality (asthma) • Chemical residue on surfaces • Acute toxicity (i.e. eye or skin irritation) • Allergic reactions • Budget crunches • Training • Public bid process

  3. Challenge • The state pays the school for every student that attends a full day. (This only counts for state schools, not private) • When students are sick, it means less money for the school. • Private schools generally must work harder to keep parents (their source of revenue) happy. Minimizing the frequency of illness is a great way to keep parents happy. Absenteeism

  4. Solution • EnvirOx H2Orange2 117 & 118 … • EPA registered sanitizer, virucide*, HBV**. • Track record for reducing absenteeism in schools! • Clean, residue-free surfaces result in less transfer of bacteria and viruses from student to student. • Cleaners won’t hurt the students so you can put a “Red Bottle in Every Classroom!” (see document in the EnvirOx Sales Training CD) • Cleaners won’t add toxins to the school environment, minimizing negative effect on children’s health. Healthier kids = stronger immune systems and fewer sick days! Absenteeism NOTE: Public school absenteeism stats are often posted online. Typically anything under 90% is bad. *EPA Registered to kill Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2**, Influenza A2/Japan, HBV (Hepatitis B Virus)** and HIV-1 (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). **Except in California.

  5. Challenge • Many states now mandate that public schools use Green Seal or Eco-Logo certified products to clean their facilities. • Solution • Lead with H2Orange2 Concentrate 117 and 118: • Documented health and environmental profile for human and environmental safety (note that EPA registered products cannot be Green Seal or Eco-Logo certified). • If they are not allowed an exception for EPA Registered products and they MUST clean with a Green Seal or EcoLogo certified product turn to EnvirOx support products for Green Seal and EcoLogo certified options. Green Cleaning State Mandates

  6. Challenge • Increasing numbers of children and adults are sensitive to chemical toxicity and fumes. • Having chemicals that can harm skin or eyes around children is never good. • Parents are more focused on green and health initiatives in school. • Solution • EnvirOx cleaners will not damage humans, animals, the environment or any water-safe surface. • No asthmagens or carcinogens. • Keep a red bottle of 118 or 117 in every classroom, to safely wipe off desks in between classes… reduce disease transfer opportunities, without exposing students to unnecessary health risks! Health and Safety

  7. Challenge • Budgets are tight in state schools. • Understanding what the school needs is vital to offering them the right solution and demonstrates how value, simplicity and versatility can save them money. • Solution • H2Orange2 Cleaning System customers save money because… • Reduce number of products purchased. • No cleaning chemical related worker’s comp claims. • No facility damage. • Improved attendance. • Time and efficiency gains due to simplicity of the system. • Cleaning tools last longer – not clogged with soap or broken down by harsh chemicals. Budget Crunch

  8. Challenge • Changing to a new cleaning protocol. • Custodial staff turn over. • Training time. • Language barriers. • Solution • Extremely simple system. If someone misuses a product, it won’t hurt anything or anyone! (Mineral Shock excluded. If it isn’t rinsed it may harm a surface). • Your direct attention and in-service training for the custodial staff. • EnvirOx Training DVD (English and Spanish). • Wall charts (color coded and numbered). Training

  9. The best way for a distributor to have success in obtaining a school’s business is to work with the school prior to the bid being opened to the public. • It is also important to have the custodial decision makers get feedback from their team on how EnvirOx products are meeting their needs (through a trial being set up with the school). • Key areas to review and be aware of regarding bids: • Bid deadline date – ensure that the bid is completed at a minimum of one week prior to the bid deadline, two weeks prior is ideal. • Instructions to bidders –this section will outline specifications for the bid such as certain types of chemical (Green Seal certified, etc.), quantities, pricing, freight responsibility, delivery and billing requirements, etc. • Insurance – Typically an Insurance Liability Certificate naming the school entity as insured will need to be provided. • State requirements – there are sometimes requirements of the bid that the bidder be authorized with the State Department to be able to bid. There should be a website or contact within the bid on how to get started with the state to meet this requirement. School Bid Process

  10. Challenge • The chemical specified in the bid does not match an EnvirOx chemical. • Solution • There are general chemical specifications that EnvirOx will be able to meet. Engage the EnvirOx Customer Relations to help identify which chemical will be the closest match. This is also a situation that would be easily remedied by working with the school prior to the bid. If the school likes EnvirOx, they will “spec” their bid with EnvirOx chemical specifications. We also have “canned” bid specs for most of our chemicals, which can be shared with the school. School Bid Process

  11. Challenge • The bid requires an end-use cost for the chemical and I don’t know how to figure that out. • Solution • Located on the distributor section of the EnvirOx website, under the Competitor Information tab is an End Use Cost Calculator. Fill in how much you are going to charge per gallon of the chemical and it will calculate end-use cost for both quarts and gallons in both heavy and light-duty solutions. School Bid Process

  12. Challenge • You have never completed a bid and need some assistance. • Solution • EnvirOx is more than happy to assist distributors in completing a bid form. Contact Customer Relations at 800-281-9604 and we will meet your needs. School Bid Process

  13. Long-term care, nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, private doctor’s offices Selling to Healthcare • Specific Challenges • Hospital Acquired Infections • Disconnection between Infection Control and Housekeeping • Health and safety for staff and patients • Training, custodial staff turn over • Laws • Regulations

  14. Challenge • A hospital acquired infection is defined as infections not present and without evidence of incubation at the time of admission to a healthcare setting… translated as, a resident acquires an infection which originated within the patient environment. HAI’s are on the rise. • Solution • Confirmed cases of HAI’s reported from a patient environment are now required to be reported monthly to their State Agencies. State and Federal Agencies are not required to reimburse the facility for the cost to abate HAI infections. As such, the cost for the facility to heal the residents is entirely on their profits, and adversely impacts the hospital’s managed care budget. Hospital Acquired Infections

  15. Challenges • Increasing numbers of children and adults are sensitive to chemical toxicity and fumes. • When cleaning staff use toxic cleaning and disinfecting chemicals it can increase their likelihood of getting sick or injured. • People with compromised immune systems can be more sensitive to chemicals and have additional reactions when exposed to fumes or residues. • Indoor air quality (asthma). • Acute toxicity (i.e. eye or skin irritation). • Allergic reactions. • Soil Loads/Residue on transfer points. • Solution • H2Orange2 Concentrate 117 or 118. Health & Safety for Staff & Patients

  16. Challenges • Training on a new cleaning protocol can be a challenge. • Custodial staff turn over and training new staff. • Training time. • Language and education barriers. • Solution • The H2Orange2 Cleaning system, complete with bi-lingual DVD’s, wall charts and custom training tools. Training

  17. Challenges • ARRA (American Reinvestment Recovery Act) • Preventing HAI’s will be the key to hospital cost control. Government-sponsored initiatives from health insurance (Medicare/Medicaid) to grants will take into account HAI’s when determining the allocation of funding and insurance payout versus confirmed cases. • Act 52 (PA only) • Act 52 of 2007 requires certain healthcare facilities in Pennsylvania to report healthcare associated infections (HAIs) to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Pennsylvania Healthcare Cost Containment Council and the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention’s National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN). The act is part of Governor Rendell’s “Prescription for Pennsylvania” plan to reduce and eliminate healthcare associated infections (HAIs). Government Initiatives/Acts/Programs

  18. Challenges • Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Plan Report to Congress • Government program that requires healthcare facilities to report performance on many levels to receive payment for Medicare and Medicaid patients. This includes the “determination of thresholds or improvements in quality that would substantiate a payment adjustment, the size of such payments, and the source of funding for the value-based payments.” • “I have to have a disinfectant for x, y, z reason.” • The CDC sets guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting in healthcare settings. • Results are the most important factor. • The way disinfectants are generally utilized in healthcare facilities isn’t working. This is clear because HAI’s are on the rise. Government Initiatives/Acts/Programs

  19. The solution is in the EnvirOx patented stabilized hydrogen peroxide technology. EnvirOx’s stabilized hydrogen peroxide cleaning technology cleans without leaving behind a sticky residue. Sticky soap residues contribute to bio-film. Conventional cleaning technology (a.k.a. detergents/disinfectants) often leave behind sticky residues. “Bacteria within bio-films are up to 1,000 times more resistant to antimicrobials than are the same bacteria in suspension.” -Center for Disease Control and Prevention <> With EnvirOx, a truly clean surface is the outcome every time you clean. This is the simple and effective power of EnvirOx stabilized hydrogen peroxide technology. H2Orange2 Concentrate 117 and Concentrate 118 are the answer. Why EnvirOx is the Solution

  20. Hospital acquired infections (HAIs) are on the rise. Conventional cleaning and disinfection practices are clearly not working and are not realistic. Old technologies have healthcare facilities trapped in a cycle that kills bacteria and viruses, and also promotes the spread by leaving a bio-film of residue after every use. The impracticality of the 10 minute sit time before wiping: Q: How often does the custodian have time to properly clean a contact surface using this process? 1. Spray and wipe surface. 2. Spray with a disinfectant. 3. Wait 5 -10 minutes for the full kill claims. 4. Wipe the surface. A: NEVER. Even if this process happened perfectly every time, surfaces would still be left with residue from the cleaners and disinfectants, contributing to a dirty surface. Additionally, if a person coughed on these surfaces after the above mentioned procedure, we are back to square one. Providing a “fail-safe” Solution

  21. Specific Challenges • Superior and competitive cleaning results. • “Green” cleaning demand. • Health and safety for staff. • Indoor air quality (asthma). • Chemical residue on surfaces. • Acute toxicity (i.e. eye or skin irritation). • Allergic reactions. • Facility focus on germ reduction, “super bugs”, flu season. • Training, staff turn over. • Procurement, warehousing, SKUs Selling to Building Service Contractors

  22. Challenges • A BSC’s ability to keep clients and generate more business is based on cleaning results. Aesthetic appeal of the BSC customer’s facility is extremely important, i.e. spotless carpets, clean grout, odor-free restrooms, streak-free mirrors, windows, etc. • Solution • H2Orange2 Concentrate 117 or 118… one product at two dilutions: • Streak-free windows. • Carpet spotting and extraction. • Grout renovation. • Odor destruction. • No facility damage. • All in all… high performance cleaning results. Superior & Competitive Cleaning Results

  23. Challenges • A BSC that provides “green” solutions has the edge over the competition. Most facilities of all types want to promote the “green” initiatives that are being implemented. A BSC that cleans with “green” technology will generate more new business. • Solution • H2Orange2 Concentrate 117 and 118 have a health and safety profile that meets and exceeds “green” standards. While EPA registered products are not legally permitted by the EPA to have a third party “green” certification, it is easy to provide information to customers outlining the environmentally preferable profile of the H2Orange2 Cleaning System. • If an EcoLogo or Green Seal Certification is required, EvolveO2 is also a powerful option. Green Cleaning Demand

  24. Challenges • Increasing numbers of children and adults are sensitive to chemical toxicity and fumes. • Having chemicals that can damage skin or eyes is a liability to staff and occupants. • Solution • EnvirOx hydrogen peroxide cleaners will not harm humans, animals, the environment or any water-safe surface. • Do not contain asthmagens or carcinogens Health & Safety

  25. Challenges • Offices, schools, healthcare, and everyone else is focused on killing germs and stopping the spread of illness. • Solution • H2Orange2 Concentrate 117 or 118… • EPA registered sanitizer, virucide*, HBV**. • Red heavy-duty solution is EPA registered to kill 99.99% of common bacteria (Staph, Salmonella, Strep, and E-Coli) and specified viruses (Herpes 2, Influenza A2/Japan, and HIV-1) in addition to Hepatitis B**. • Even green light-duty solution has a kill claim for HIV-1. Facility Focus on Germ Reduction *EPA Registered to kill Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2**, Influenza A2/Japan, HBV (Hepatitis B Virus)** and HIV-1 (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). **Except in California.

  26. Challenges • Changing to a new cleaning protocol. • Custodial staff turn over. • Training time. • Language barriers. • Solution • Your direct attention and in-service training for the custodial staff. • EnvirOx Training DVD (English and Spanish). • Wall charts (color coded and numbered). • Extremely simple system and if someone misuses a product, it won’t hurt anything or anyone! Training

  27. Challenges • A BSC may have limited warehouse space and will save money if they can reduce SKU’s and simplify their cleaning chemical purchasing. • Solution • H2Orange2 Concentrate 117 or 118… one product at two dilutions= 95% of a facility’s general cleaning. Procurement, Warehousing, SKU’s