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The Elephants Salvador Dali PowerPoint Presentation
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The Elephants Salvador Dali

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The Elephants Salvador Dali

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The Elephants Salvador Dali

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  1. The ElephantsSalvador Dali Assessment 2 By: EktaDeshmukh

  2. Description • Learn from title: this piece by Salvador Dali will most likely have a focal point of elephants • Subjects recognized: 3 elephants in a group, 1 elephant alone in the background, and 1 giraffe on fire • Elements of design: Line- jagged lines for the legs of the elephant/crane, curvy delicate lines for fire on giraffe, and bold curved lines on the curtains Shape- organic shapes for the animals’ bodies and for the curtains Color- muted cool tones, with a touch of red and yellow-orange for the fire and the curtains Value- dark and light shades on the elephants and faded trees in the background showing value changes Form- organic forms on the animals and trees Texture- round, smooth quality for elephants, spots on giraffe give it a rough and geometric aspect, trees show light feathery textures Space- focal point is the giraffe on fire, everything goes back in space and is proportionate (except for the elephants “crane-looking” legs), has a distinctive foreground and background • Media and techniques: pencil, watercolor, and gouache on board. Elongated elements such as the legs of the elephants along with the shadows.

  3. Analysis • Emphasis: emphasis on the giraffe, which is emphasized by the brightly colored flames that highlight it • Balance: there is asymmetrical balance, because the focal point is in the middle ground, but off to the left-hand side. • Proportion: unusual, because the legs of the elephants are elongated, but this makes the piece interesting and is ideal for creating interest. The giraffe in completely in proportion and is normal-looking, except for the flames curling off of its back. • Pattern: the legs of the elephants are creating a pattern. They stretch from the left side of the piece to the right side of the piece. The legs look tangled up in some ways, and create a point of interest for the viewer • Rhythm or movement: the viewer’s eyes move from the focal point, the flaming giraffe, to the large elephant. From there, they move to the tangled legs. • Unity and variety: the legs of the elephant tie the whole piece together, creating unity. There are different types of lines (curvy, jagged, faint, bold) and there are different colors (warm colors, cool colors, and neutral colors)

  4. Interpretation • Symbolism: I think this piece of artwork was symbolizing the abstract things in life. The artist probably wanted to show how bizarre and interesting life can be. To me, it is a message to accept life and whatever it throws at you. • Feeling: I think the arts wanted the viewer to ponder the true meaning of life. Maybe the viewer should think about how they treat others for their differences. Personally, the feeling I felt was confusion at first, and then I started to wonder how I should think about other peoples’ differences. • Experience: the work reminds me of when I went to a zoo and I saw a liger. Just as the elephants have unusual legs that give it an unusual appearance, the liger had an unusual appearance. • Application to the World: the work relates to my life because it shows the many differences in the world. It shows how everyone treats each other.

  5. Judgment • Success or Failure: the beautiful and mysterious giraffe make this piece a success, in my opinion. The beautiful colors make it interesting and mystical in a way. • Criteria: others should judge this work by the originality, the color scheme, and the method used to paint this piece. • Unique: this piece is very unique. I have never seen a piece like this and the message that it sends to me is very unique. • Improvements: Dali could have made the giraffe a clearer focal point by adding more flames and more color to the animal itself.

  6. Citations • Metropolitan Museum of Art • Google Images • Thanks for watching!