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Organic Food

Organic Food

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Organic Food

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  1. Organic Food A guide to purchasing organic food for consumers

  2. What is Organic Food? • Organic food crops are grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. • Organic farmers build healthy soil -- fertilizing and building the soil's organic matter through the use of cover crops, compost, and biologically based soil amendments. • Organic meat, dairy products, and eggs are produced from animals which are fed organic feed and are usually allowed free range and outdoor access.

  3. Tricky terms • Certified Organic – Inspected and verified as following organic production, processing and handling regulations. • Organic – A holistic system of production based on principles that support healthy food, land and communities. Organic products are produced using biological and ecological approaches instead of synthetic herbicides or pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics or hormones. • Pesticide free – An unregulated term. No pesticides are used while the crops are growing. They may be used before seeding or after harvest. Fertilizers and GMOs are not necessarily banned. • Neither organic or pesticide free guarantees that products are free from pesticides, only that pesticides are not intentionally introduced. Pesticides are frequent contaminants in rainwater and cannot be entirely eliminated. • Natural – An unregulated term that often refers to meat that is raised without growth hormones and is minimally processed.

  4. How to determine whether food is certified organic Organic food and products can be recognized by the name or logo of an organic certifier on the label or packaging of the food. Without indication of certification with a recognized organic certifier, product cannot be considered organic. It is important to look for certification because a producer may use nonorganic methods such as chemicals and falsely advertise their product as organic.

  5. Foods that Contain High Levels of Pesticides Vegetables Sweet Bell Peppers Celery Lettuce Spinach Carrots Potatoes Green Beans Tomatoes Fruits Apples NectarinesPeaches StrawberriesCherriesGrapesPearsRaspberries

  6. Foods that Contain Low Levels of Pesticides Vegetables AsparagusBroccoliCabbageOnionsSweet potatoesCorn (frozen)Sweet peas (frozen) Mushrooms Fruits Avocados Bananas Kiwi Mangoes Papayas Pineapple Watermelon

  7. Why is organic food sometimes more expensive? • Sometimes organic prices are higher simply because of supply and demand. As more farms turn to organic techniques prices should stabilize. While an organic product may be slightly more expensive than its non organic counterpart, one must remember the health benefits of eating organic. Without the added pesticides and fertilizers, the organic food will have more flavour and nutritional benefit.

  8. Buying Organic Food • Organic food can be purchased at many retailers throughout Saskatchewan. In addition, farmers markets are an excellent location for organic producers to sell their organic products.

  9. - Porcupine Plain & District Farmers' Market Co-op -Radisson Farmers' Market Co-op-Regina Farmer’s Market - Rosetown & District Farmers' Market Co-op- Rosthern & District Farmers' Market Co-op-Saskatoon Farmer’s Market - Tisdale Farmers' Market Co-op- Wakaw Farmers' Market Co-op Farmer’s Markets In Saskatchewan • Loon Lake Farmers' Market Co-op • -Meadow Lake & District Farmers' Market Co-op • -Melfort and District Farmers’ Market Co-op • -Montemarte & District Farmers Market Co-op • -North Battleford Farmer’s Market • Nipawin Farmers' Market Co-op • Outlook & District Farmers' Market Co-op • Paynton Farmers' Market Co-op -Battlefords & District Farmers' Market Co-op- Big River Farmers' Market Co-op- Biggar & District Farmers' Market Co-op- Carlton & District Farmers' Market Co-op (Humboldt)-Estevan Farmer’s Market -Hudson Bay & District Farmers' Market Co-op-Humboldt (Carlton Trail) Farmer’s Market -Kamsack Farmer’s Market

  10. For More Information • Check out at • Food Miles Campaign • Organic Producers Directory • Eat Well Guide • Retail Directories • Local Food Guide