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welcome to engl 1302 advanced college rhetoric n.
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Welcome TO ENGL 1302 Advanced College Rhetoric PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome TO ENGL 1302 Advanced College Rhetoric

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Welcome TO ENGL 1302 Advanced College Rhetoric
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Welcome TO ENGL 1302 Advanced College Rhetoric

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  1. Welcome TO ENGL 1302Advanced College Rhetoric Mr. Heatwole micah.heatwole@ttu.edu Office: English 404 http://heatwole1302.wordpress.com/ Office Hours: Monday, Wed. Fri. from 11:30-12:00 And by appointment

  2. For Today: • Course Overview • Policies • Expectations • Raider Writer & E-Handbook • BA 1 • Preparation for Next Class (participation assignment) • Introductions

  3. Course Overview: • The purpose of 1302 is to teach you how to conduct college level research and to use that research in a writing project. • Each assignment builds on the next. • What are you being asked to do in the drafts? • How do the Brief Assignments prepare you for the drafts?

  4. Policies: • Supplemental Policies – on the blog • Onsite Policies – in the textbook • You must completely read both, then read and sign the statement of intent before our next class meeting. • Bring the signed statement of intent to our next class meeting. If you do not, the highest grade you will be able to get on class participation during our next meeting will be a 50%. • If you do not understand something in the policies you must contact me for clarification.

  5. Expectations: • College is like a gym membership. • You must meet with me if you are having any difficulties or have any questions. • You must give yourself enough time to complete the assignments properly. • You are responsible for your own success or failure.

  6. Raider Writer: • What is Raider Writer? • How do you find it? • https://raiderwriter.engl.ttu.edu/ • I have posted a link for Raider Writer on the class blog. • Where do I find the syllabus for this class? • How do I turn in assignments? • How can I track my grades in Raider Writer? • How do I track my tardies and absences?

  7. E-handbook: • What is the e-handbook? • How do I find it? • I bought it last semester, do I need to do anything else? • How do I buy it? • Why do we need it?

  8. Brief Assignment 1: Pre-Semester Grammar Diagnostic • DUE: Friday night. • Your assignments will generally be due every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. • ALWAYS check the syllabus at least a week in advance so that you are not surprised if there is a change. • 11:59:59 pm • There are several steps you will need to complete in order to turn this assignment in, and some of them involve technology (technology sometimes goes wrong)! If you wait until Wednesday night, it may be too late to contact the correct channels for help.

  9. Brief Assignment 1:Steps • Register in Raider Writer (link forthcoming) • Buy the St. Martin’s e-handbook. If you have the e-handbook, you will need to switch sections. • From the St. Martin’s website, take the pre-semester diagnostic exam. • In Raider Writer, read the assignment description for BA 1 carefully. Type a response in Word or another program that catches errors and paste the response into Raider Writer.

  10. Brief Assignment 1:Models B (100): I took English 1301 at South Plains Junior College last summer and made an A in the course. I did not take diagnostics in 1301. I made an 80 on the pre-semester 1302 diagnostic.  I have always been a strong writer and expected to score a little higher, but I know I need to focus on learning how to use semicolons and commas.  I also know from previous writing that I need to work on correct citation and good organization. I would also like to develop a stronger vocabulary. C: I took English 1302 at Tech and made a B in the course. My pre- and post- semester diagnostic scores were 76 and 72. On the post diagnostic for this course I made a 76.  My other scores were in the 70s so this one did not surprise me. I need to focus on commas and spelling and meeting word counts. D: I took English at tech and made a C. My diagnostic scores were 64 and 68. I made a 65 on this diagnostic which is what I expected. I need to work on punctuation and using sources. F  :I made a 42 on that test which is worse than i expected. I need to work on my punctuation. I don't remember taking any tests in 1301.

  11. For Next Class: • Reading 2 (you can find the assignment on the syllabus) • Class Preparation: Participation Assignment • Due in class next week • This is a warm up for BA 2 as well as important preparation for the Literature Review. What you will do for BA 2 will be more expansive and will require you to follow the assignment instructions carefully. • The full instructions are on the class blog on the Class Preparation page. • 1 full page typed and printed that you bring with you to the next class. • 1" margins/ Times New Roman/ 12 point font/ double spaced • Put only your name and course section at the top, in the right corner, single spaced.

  12. Introductions: Be sure to get to know your classmates. You will want to exchange e-mail addresses at some point so that if you have an emergency and must miss you can catch up. • What is your name? • What is your major? • Where are you from? • What is the most interesting thing about yourself? • If you could hang out with anyone in the world who would it be? They can be people who are dead or alive.