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Internet Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing Strategy

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Internet Marketing Strategy

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  1. Internet Marketing Strategy Chapter 04of Chaffey, D., Ellis-Chadwick, F., Mayer, R., & Johnston, K. (2009). Internet Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice: Financial Times/Prentice Hall. • Tuesday, 06-July-2010 • Kilen 2.75, CBS, Frederiksberg, Denmark • DØK HU2D - Internet Marketing: Lecture 07 • Course Webpage: • Facebook Group: • Etherpad:

  2. Michael Porter on the InternetPorter, M. (2001) Strategy and the Internet. Harvard Business Review, March 2001, 62–78. ‘The key question is not whether to deploy Internet technology – companies have no choice if they want to stay competitive – but how to deploy it.’

  3. To Be or Not To Be: Internet, Consumers, Companies Figure 4.10 Grid of product suitability against market adoption for transactional e-commerce (online purchases)

  4. Internet and Business Figure 4.24 Flow chart for deciding on the significance of the Internet to a business Source: After Kumar (1999)

  5. What is Internet Marketing Strategy What is strategy? ‘Defines how we will meet our objectives’ ‘Sets allocation of resources to meet goals’ ‘Selects preferred strategic options to compete within a market’ ‘Provides a long-term plan for the development of the organisation’

  6. Internet Marketing Strategy: Influences Figure 4.1 Internal and external influences on Internet marketing strategy

  7. Internet Marketing Strategy: Options Figure 4.23 Strategic options for a company in relation to the importance of the Internet as a channel

  8. Internet Marketing Strategy: Essentials Internet marketing strategy is a channel strategy. Objectives for online contribution % – sales, service, profitability should drive our strategy Internet marketing strategy defines how we should: Communicate benefits of using this channel Prioritise audiences targeted through channel Prioritise products available through channel Hit our channel leads & sales targets Acquisition, Conversion, Retention Channel strategies thrive on differentials BUT, need to manage channel integration

  9. Internet Marketing Strategy: Problems Underestimated demand for online services Market share loss Resource duplication Insufficient resource Insufficient customer data Efficiencies available through online marketing Opportunities for applying online marketing tools Changes required to internal IT systems Inadequate tracking Senior management support limited

  10. Internet Marketing Strategy: Annual Plans Figure 4.2 Hierarchy of organisation plans including e-marketing plans

  11. Internet Marketing Strategy: PlanningFramework Figure 4.4 The SOSTAC® planning framework applied to digital Internet marketing strategy development Source: Chaffey and Smith (2008)

  12. Internet Marketing Strategy: Model Figure 4.5 Dynamic e-business strategy model Source: Adapted from description in Kalakota and Robinson (2000)

  13. Internet Marketing Strategy: SWOT Analysis Figure 4.7 A generic Internet-specific SWOT analysis showing typical opportunities and threats presented by the Internet

  14. Internet Marketing Strategy: Organizational Growth Figure 4.12 Using the Internet to support different organisational growth strategies

  15. Internet Marketing Strategy: Target Marketing Figure 4.15 Stages in target marketing strategy development

  16. Internet Marketing Strategy: Segmentation Figure 4.17 Customer lifecycle segmentation

  17. Internet Marketing Strategy: Organizational Change Figure 4.27 Summary of alternative organisational structures for e-commerce suggested in Parsons et al. (1996)

  18. Discussion