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Build Your Own Website PowerPoint Presentation
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Build Your Own Website

Build Your Own Website

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Build Your Own Website

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  1. Build Your Own Website Computer 2

  2. There’s an app for that! • Webpages can be created using HTML coding, but this process can be a slow, painstaking task. • Popular sites like Google, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Facebook would fail if everyone had to code his or her own pages using XHTML. • Luckily for you, there are alternative Web development apps.

  3. WYSIWYG • Google Sites is just one example of many online apps that let you create sophisticated websites without worrying about tags and code. • Weebly and Wix are two others • Like most Web creation apps, these are WYSIWYGeditor; meaning what you see is what you get. • In other words, as you design your websites, you see in advance what the pages will look like before they go online.

  4. 8 Keys of Dynamic Digital Communication • Before you begin writing and creating Web pages, just like anything else, you need a good plan. • Begin by applying the 8 Keys of Dynamic Digital Communication. • Message (What are you selling/trying to say?) • Purpose • Audience (Students, athletes, general public, housewives?) • Impact • Boundaries • Guidelines (color schemes, avoid clutter, avoid deadspace, include multimedia) • Research (and take notes) • Plan

  5. Message and Purpose • What are you going to communicate, and why are you going to present?

  6. Audience and Impact • Who are you creating your project for, and what will they use that information for?

  7. Boundaries and Guidelines • Analyze any boundaries that will affect your presentation, such as word or page count, the medium used, and the deadline

  8. Research, Take notes, and Plans • Research your message, topics, subtopics, and details while collecting references. While researching take notes, brainstorm, and record your ideas and creative thoughts. Brainstorm and plan your presentation in your notes.

  9. Activity (Part 1) • Pre-Planning • Go to class website and download the Dynamic Digital Communicationworksheet, I will also have copies for you. • Answer each question completely • Save to your H:drive or write by hand. • Print and submit document for a grade & topic approval

  10. Activity (Part 2) • Planning – Create a Flow Chart (Design Outline) • Go to class website and download the Website Planning Step 2 worksheet or use the one I pass out. • Follow assignment directions • Save to your H:drive or write by hand (when applicable) • Print and submit document

  11. The Project • We have reviewed the first two parts. • Now it is time to review the final project. • Learn by doing • There will be questions but please try to wait until I am done. • I will not repeat myself…pay attention