presented by guy pineda 201 835 0754 info@creativesnap co n.
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Presented by: Guy Pineda 201-835-0754 PowerPoint Presentation
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Presented by: Guy Pineda 201-835-0754

Presented by: Guy Pineda 201-835-0754

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Presented by: Guy Pineda 201-835-0754

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  1. Presented by: Guy

  2. Creative Snap will fill the void left by other project management systems and will utltimately keep clients and their projects on contract. Creative Snap LLC

  3. Aside from doing the creative work, agencies work just as hard using multiple disjointed tools like project management and online proofing to maintain professionalism, keep projects on track and remind clients the boundaries of the contract. Problem worth solving Creative Snap LLC

  4. Creative Snap will contain all the tools for designers to easily manage projects. Just enter project details once and it produces a proposal and contract, prompts for payment, creative direction and content, then on to proofing and launch! Done! Our Solution Creative Snap LLC

  5. Target Market Creative Agencies Web Dev Teams Freelance Developers Freelance Designers 580K prospects Market size: $416M Creative Snap LLC

  6. Competitive Landscape Creative Snap LLC

  7. $200K Maintain the developer/graphic team of 6 in the Philippines. Pay a $50K salary to the co-founding team. Fuel content marketing strategy. Funding Needed Creative Snap LLC

  8. We will focus on targeting customer directly from our website and attracting them through our content marketing strategy which will provide valuable education on relevant topics to our target customers. Affiliate marketing will also employed. Sales Channels Creative Snap LLC

  9. Our strategy will be to grow a targeted audience months before the launch by covering detailed information on relevant topics through podcast interviews, blog posts and webinars. This plan will extend to conferences to make valuable connections. Marketing Activities Creative Snap LLC

  10. Financial Projections Creative Snap LLC

  11. Milestones Creative Snap LLC

  12. Team and key roles Edgardo Pineda CEO Development Team Evan Fe Suson, Francis Ruiz, Justine Laurel, Jesse Juarez, Raymond Marquez & Rowena Marquez Creative Snap LLC