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A small selection of Kinergetics (formerly Kinergy) and RESET Pain Testimonials

A small selection of Kinergetics (formerly Kinergy) and RESET Pain Testimonials. DEHYDRATION. According to Dr F Batmanghelidj, author of ‘Your Bodies Many Cries For Water’, the major cause of chronic pain is chronic dehydration. DEHYDRATION.

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A small selection of Kinergetics (formerly Kinergy) and RESET Pain Testimonials

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  1. A small selection ofKinergetics(formerly Kinergy) andRESETPain Testimonials

  2. DEHYDRATION According to Dr F Batmanghelidj, author of ‘Your Bodies Many Cries For Water’, the major cause of chronic pain is chronic dehydration.

  3. DEHYDRATION Kinergetics corrects many of the physical, mental, emotional and biochemical stresses that block the assimilation of water. It also has a correction that balances the energy of the electrolyte minerals, especially magnesium. The Kinergetics Hydration Correction is one reason we get great results with chronic pain.

  4. Excruciating Bladder Pain Upon rising in the morning I drink two glasses of water with a squeeze of citrus juice, followed by breakfast half an hour later with a cup of herbal tea. When going to school I have to drive one and a half hours to Carlton. By the time I arrive there my bladder is full to bursting and I have to run straight to the toilet in excruciating pain. In the end I found it easier to catch the train so I could go to the toilet at the station before walking up to college. After doing Kinergetics Unit 5 in January and having the Advanced Hydration Formats corrected, I found I was able to get all the way to college on the train without having to go to the toilet at the train station, and without needing to go when I got there. Some days I wasn't even wanting to go to the toilet until 10 am. What a difference! KW 1999.

  5. MUSCLE TENSION • Muscle tension creates pain. • Kinergetics and RESET relax muscles instantly • During a trauma, the muscles around the jaw tighten, to protect the brain and spinal cord. Balancing these muscles relaxes hundreds of muscles around the body, releasing pain all over the body.

  6. Chronic Leg Pain I had approached four doctors to have them amputate my right leg which was badly damaged in a motorcycle accident 20 years ago. The doctors would not amputate but could not help with the pain. I laid back on his table and 15 minutes later I stood up again, the pain had gone from a seven out of ten to a two out of ten. Amazing! I no longer want my leg cut off and I walk four times the distance I could before. Now there is only slight discomfort when I do too much, but is relieved quickly when I rest. It's good to wake up every morning pain free. As for the sleep-walking, I had three sessions, that was seven months ago and still no sleep-walking. I am amazed that I am pain free after such a long time. AS.

  7. Arthritis Chronic Arthritis for 30 years. Last time (five months) very strong pains and weak muscles under the right knee. For several days I couldn't jump without heavy pains - after RESET I could. H Oct 99.

  8. Braces A nine year old boy came to see me with strong pain after an adjustment of his braces. After RESET the pain was gone immediately. DK 2002.

  9. Migraines I suffer periodically from migraines, which I have hardly been able to control, even with large amounts of painkillers. With RESET both the frequency/prevalence of my migraines was reduced and usually the migraine symptoms disappear after a RESET session. I've held a couple of RESET workshops now. I love it and the people I've had here, masseuses, physios, etc. have been amazed at this technique! I use it on myself. For a migraine I awoke with I applied RESET and in 20 minutes my migraine was a slight headache gradually disappearing. I haven't used Panadol at all since Kinergetics and RESET. I get a lot from teaching RESET and using it. DP Jul 2000.

  10. Intense and Unknown Acute Pain The doctors did numerous checks and investigation with no result. They concluded that there was nothing wrong with her and discharged her with the pain. Two days later she was hospitalised (emergency) as the pain was unbearable to the touch. The doctors still couldn't determine the cause. All forms of pain relief and pain killers didn't relieve the pain. I was led to the poor suffering girl. She was still in immense pain. I knew from her eyes that she had given up hope. After ten minutes I got results. Her pain began to subside. It gave me confidence. One hour and forty five minutes later her pain was totally gone - vanished. No medicine, massage, nothing - magic. Just simply sending the energy to the place where the body told me. KINERGETICS WORKS! Four hours later she was discharged from the hospital - pain-free. I did two more private sessions as a follow up. She hasn't looked back since. Some time later she called me to tell me that she was fine and pregnant. T 2001 Singapore.

  11. Chronic Hip Pain Following your recent two minute demonstration, I can advise you that those two minutes have restored the functions of my left hip for the first time since it was operated on nearly seven years ago. The pain and stiffness and limited mobility of the joint have each improved 99%. It only remains for me to use my left leg normally for all its normal functions to resume. Quite apart from this physical ramification, I felt an enormous sense of general well-being after that experience and believe it possible that in some way that I am yet unable to define, something life-changing has happened to me. As if this is not enough, imagine my surprise when two days afterwards, out of the blue, I discovered I could run. The last time I was able to do so was before my hip injury in 1996. MMcG June 2003

  12. Ricketts I have Vitamin D Resistant Ricketts that went undiagnosed for too many years and the result was legs that were crooked, uneven and unsteady. After 35 years, 15 surgeries on my legs and an inability to even walk a trail near my home, I was a little concerned about how much longer I could walk at all. My left foot was permanently splayed out about 25 degrees, I walked with a marked wobble and I had a pain that averaged an 8 out of 10 in my right knee and both feet. My surgeons were not able to help much and had indicated that I was as good as I was going to get. Then Philip came to town and in less than a week my foot is now straight and the pain has been brought down to less than a two. What is more, as a result of him working on me, the wobble has almost disappeared. Before his arrival a lack of stability made walking down stairs and hills difficult and fearful, now I am able to hike trails that have been impossible foe the last ten years. MG July 2001.

  13. Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain I am graduating as a Massage Therapist, and I am also a paediatric/psychiatric Registered Nurse. For the past two years I have had pain in my right neck and shoulder area that is from a level 6 to 8 or 9. In school we isolated the muscles as Upper Traps and Pectoralis Minor, and have been performing Deep Tissue and Myofascial massage on them. I cannot believe how much instant relief I felt after the 5-10 minute demonstration. Philip did not know me. I didn't even tell him what the problem was prior to him working on me. The stressors he discovered were all 100% accurate. KBW Aug 2001.

  14. Disc Displacement I had been in pain from a lower back ailment that the doctors said was a displacement of a disc and lower sprain and I was in physical therapy. I was still in pain after a week of physical therapy and wondered if Philip could do anything for it. Half way through my session, I had only a little pain. When I left the session, I had no pain. And, days later, I am still pain free. BS.

  15. Chronic Low Back Pain I have suffered from low back pain ever since a car accident in 1991, followed by two more in 1994 and 1995. The pain is 8 out of 10. I have been treated with acupuncture and physical therapy for most of the past ten years. Over all that time I have never had instant results as I had in this session. Now I am at '0' pain. TCJ Aug 2001.

  16. Chronic Back/Neck/Hip Pain In 1989 I was involved in a vehicle accident in the Army in which I received extensive damage to my hips, back and neck. From then until 1993 I was constantly reliant on physiotherapy and pain-killers as well as many stays in hospital. It was decided to correct my back problem with surgery in which I had rods and screws inserted into my spine. When that was unsuccessful they were removed and a fusion was conducted. After my discharge from the Army on medical grounds I then spent the next 4 years on pain killers, 24 Mersendol Forte per day. I was also in bed for 20-22 hours a day only getting out to bath and see specialists. After completing Kinergetics and Hyperton-X I now no longer require pain killers as my pain level has been reduced by 90-95%. NW 1998.

  17. Sciatic Nerve Pain I was in intense pain in the sacrum due to a sciatic nerve disorder. I was to get very short relief from several types of healing modalities but never did I get relief until Kinergetics was performed on me. Not only did I get the long awaited relief but the problem was gone. DHW Mar 2000.

  18. Back Injury ……..I injured my back at work quite severely. I damaged my lumbar spine, resulting in sciatica and nerve damage; also I have two degenerative discs where there is nothing in between them. A protruding disc, damage to cervical and thoracic region. I also tore a trapezius muscle. It got to the stage where I couldn't walk or work. Four years later I'm no longer employed at my job. For four years I endured pain, every day of the week resulting in an attitude of anger and frustration. I experienced Touch for Health and discovered Kinergetics. After a session of this the pain was dissolving instantly, and after half an hour I realised I had no pain. The next day was bliss, no pain when waking up or throughout the day, and to this day one week later, I still have no back pain or anger. I am now doing a Kinergetics workshop. DP Jan 2000.

  19. Spinal Fusions In 1979 I went off work due to R.S.I., and in 1982 I was involved in two car accidents. I have suffered from chronic pain since having operations to fuse two vertebrae in my neck, and my spine fused from the base to L.5. After my first Kinergy session, I have been walking 100% pain free. As a result of this treatment I have lost my depression, and am now starting to lose weight. LN 1993.

  20. Osteoarthritis I have been suffering from osteoarthritis for a number of years in both knees and my left hip. All the doctor could give me to ease the constant pain was Panadeine Forte which I found to be detrimental to my driving capabilities when out with my wife in the car. I was given 15 minutes of Kinergy treatment. I felt the pain leave my body and have had no pain ever since. I received Kinergy treatment for my right ankle which used to swell up since being a prisoner of war in 1945. (I was given Lazorix tablets by the doctors which released the fluid for that day). Now there is no sign of the swelling. FGP 1994.

  21. Chronic Knee Pain For over 20 years I have suffered constant pain from a knee injury. I had a 20 minute Kinergy session, and the memory of the pain has been erased. I have operated therapy clinics and have never seen such an immediate result from such a simple technique. BM April 1994.

  22. Steel Rod in Spine Steel rod in spine for 20 years - I have had lower back and neck problems for years. After four Kinergy sessions the pain was gone. MM Nov 1994.

  23. Palate/Jaw Pain I have had off and on pain in the bottom palate/jaw area, due to dentures. This is over a period of 20 years and I am amazed and thrilled to find that after a 5 minute session of Kinergy - There's no pain. TB Nov 1994.

  24. Chronic Back and Neck Pain Having tried just about every known remedy to alleviate the pain in my lower back, middle back and neck, I had consigned myself to a life of pain or agony depending on the day. I was treated initially for a 'broken heart‘. Over the next six to eight weeks I noticed that my back was not being continuously noticed; the pain was not constant. Wow, what a relief! After 20 or more years this was worth the broken heart, just to find some relief from a nagging backache. GXB.

  25. Chronic Back Pain A client of mine had chronic back pain since he was in his early 20s. He went to masseurs, tried acupuncture with no results. I worked on him for one session and rang him yesterday to find out how he was going. His wife told me he was "completely cured" and busy weeding in the garden last weekend. Another client had a daughter who woke up with a very stiff and painful neck (pain rating 9/10). She took the daughter to a masseur who managed to get the pain rating down to 8.5/10. After half an hour of Kinergetics dealing with severe dehydration and an emotional issue, I gave the daughter a cup of water….as the daughter turned around to pick up the cup, her mother explained..."that's amazing...you can move your neck again". At the end of the session the pain was down to 2.5/10. DN.

  26. Chronic Headaches I've had headaches periodically for the last 12 months. After months of doctors I met a man who relieved it in 5 mins. Very much appreciated. BL. Nothing moves my headaches. This did. (JW.)

  27. Migraines I suffer periodically from migraines, which I have hardly been able to control, even with large amounts of painkillers. With RESET both the frequency/prevalence of my migraines was reduced and usually the migraine symptoms disappear after a RESET session. I've held a couple of RESET workshops now. I love it and the people I've had here, masseuses, physios, etc. have been amazed at this technique! I use it on myself. For a migraine I awoke with I applied RESET and in 20 minutes my migraine was a slight headache gradually disappearing. I haven't used Panadol at all since Kinergetics and RESET. I get a lot from teaching RESET and using it. DP Jul 2000.

  28. Migraine, Arm and Shoulder Pain Have been in pain in left arm and shoulder for four months. Also suffer from migraine. After 5-10 mins. with Philip my pain is gone. (BB).

  29. Migraine In May 1997, just after learning RESET, my cousin called to say that she was unable to meet up due to a severe migraine that she had had for two days. I offered to do RESET on her to see if it would help-she agreed to it and said she'd try anything. Subsequently I did the simple RESET corrections on her and we were both astounded. Not only had her migraine gone completely, but she said that she felt clearer in the head and more energy in her body than she had experienced in a long time. MB Dec 1999.

  30. Migraines I had been suffering from migraine headaches for about 16 years. Doctors had not helped and the attacks were coming every 7-14 days on average, so I had nothing to lose except a headache. The first session he said he was working on my body's hydration and releasing stress held in my jaw. It seemed a bit unorthodox what he was doing, but I felt good after it. On the second session he pulled up some past emotional issues, which I had not thought about in many years, and I left feeling great, and somehow in my mind I knew the migraines were gone. That was over two years ago and sill no migraines. TS.

  31. Sciatica For many years I have experienced sciatica like pains in my legs during the summer. One night this summer I couldn't sleep because of the pain. Instead of reaching for the Panadol, I spent half an hour using the RESET technique and went straight to sleep. DW 1997.

  32. Four Whiplashes Client presented with chronic pain after four whiplashes. She informed me that if I touched her neck she would vomit! Every muscle tested unlocked. I corrected Hydration and TMJ. All muscles became locked and her head pain improved dramatically. PR 2002.

  33. Manipulative Therapist I am a manipulative therapist of 22 years experience and have been using Kinergetics for the last three years. Physiotherapy is a powerful non-drug approach to Western Medicine, yet I was frustrated by the limits, particularly when some clients became chronic, while others with similar injuries healed completely. Chronic clients have frequently tried many forms of healing, both conservative and alternative before they see me. In most cases the electro-magnetic field of the human body is the only 'system' of the body that has been left untreated. Tweaking this field with the power of Kinergetics is often all they need. I no longer feel limited in my work. Kinergetics has been the fastest way I have found to put people in tune with their inner spirit of healing. It is easy for a physiotherapist to tell that a muscle is tight, but this knowledge does not lengthen the muscle, only exercise will do this. Psychology will help a client to see dysfunctional beliefs, yet this insight will not shift the emotional pain of that belief, only daily attention and continuing help will do this. Kinergetics can instantly lengthen muscle and shift dysfunctional beliefs! More importantly the effects are lasting due to the emotional release at age of cause. WS 1999.

  34. Headaches and Spasm In 1982 I was involved in a bicycle accident. I landed on my mandible and fractured my condyle. I had seven hours of surgery and the condyle was not replaced so I had a gross misalignment. My life was devastated. I was dyslexic and my body would weaken when I attempted vigorous exercise. I had wires in my jaw, scarring in the joint, very little opening and was very vulnerable to loud noises, anger, my own and others, and this could trigger extremely painful headaches and spasm. I had the TMJ corrections in May at a Health Festival. I felt a dramatic difference immediately. My whole face felt softer and even though the situations in my life are as noisy and stressful as usual, my jaw does not react in any way. I feel that I have at last had a major recovery of a long chronic traumatic problem which dominated my life for 11 years. BS, Reiki Master, R.N. July 1995. (Still good July 1996).

  35. Broken Jaw I fell off a horse and was kicked in the face, resulting in my bottom jaw bone being broken in three places. One year later, after two operations and three metal plates, I still had great, deep pain in my upper back and jaw joints. After two sessions with Philip pain has been relieved in both places. AM 1995.

  36. Back and Neck Pain For the last five years I have had one problem after another, my foot seizing up, knee and hip problems and my neck beginning to give way. I have been dancing for 20 years and thought that I must have just overworked my body. I had forgotten a jaw accident which happened just before my body started collapsing. With Kinergy Philip was able to realign my jaw - and overnight my problems have started to disappear. I am now able to use my left toe which has been unmovable after four years and my back and neck pain has disappeared. NM Dec 1994.

  37. Chronic Jaw Pain Over five years ago I went for the first time to a jaw surgeon. My jaw was hurting all the time and clicking on both sides. There were a lot of things I wasn't allowed to do and I had to wear a plastic plate in my mouth to keep the jaws together. If it didn't improve in three to five years they were going to put the upper and lower jaw together with metal, so I couldn't move at all. I had two sessions with Philip Rafferty. After the first the results were amazing. After the second the pain was and still is gone! K Nov 1994. Still good 1996.

  38. Chronic Jaw Pain Two bad bicycle accidents left my body extremely tense and stressed. One of the worst areas was my jaw, which had been knocked out of alignment due to a neck brace and arm sling. My physiotherapist couldn't help my jaw because the tension in my neck and shoulders was so high that the pain returned to the jaw as quickly as it could be removed. My jaw could barely open and looked swollen on one side. After one simple session (Kinergetics), my mouth was freed. The abrupt pain produced by certain movements disappeared as if it had never been there. Yawning no longer popped and cracked or caused discomfort. The uneven swelling disappeared and I have no reminders of the pain in the area at all. I've been to many healers but this has been the best value. DH 1997.

  39. Chronic Jaw Pain I am 23 years of age. In 1992 I was experiencing bad facial pain which I thought was an ear problem. After excluding that it was my ears, I was told that it was my wisdom teeth which were impacted and causing all the pain. I went into hospital and had them removed. When I came out of hospital I could not open my jaw at all. I was told by my dentist I had a condition called TMJ. I saw three specialists, took tablets, had physiotherapy, but when it did nothing for me I was told that it was due to stress and nothing could be done other than to go and see a psychiatrist to try and release some stress. Two years later I decided I couldn't bear the pain any longer. I went to an alternative medicine festival where I met Philip Rafferty. I had one session with him which lasted around 20 minutes and he totally cured all my TMJ problems. I can open my mouth fully now without any pain or discomfort, something I haven't been able to do for two whole years. PW Aug 1994. Still good Nov 1996.

  40. Chronic Jaw Pain For many years I have had problems with my jaw (TMJ) constantly clicking, in pain and with restricted movement. I had a very powerful healing in Melbourne with Philip for about two minutes. A three day healing and releasing of emotions followed. My jaw has been the best it has been for years and has held and maintained its balance. JL.

  41. Chronic Jaw Pain For years my jaw, ears and tendons, ligaments in that area have given me much pain. Six years ago a dentist confirmed by X-Ray that I had probably fractured my jaw at some stage resulting from a fall. The ligaments and tendons he said were now like elastic bands having been stretched too far. He proceeded to work on my jaw etc. for three years after which I was in a bigger mess, more pain and my bite was so far out that eating toast, crusty bread etc. was impossible. The following day (after Kinergetics) my face was swollen but no obvious bruising on the outside although my mother commented that I looked as though I had a black eye (which wasn't black) and my face was very puffy. It looked as though I'd had an op! The following day I was in no pain. My jaw felt so different. I had to get used to my 'bite' being accurate. By the end of the week the swelling was gone, my ears didn't hurt (heaven), and I was eating toast and feeling fabulous. To kiss my husband without pain is fun and I know it's caused us many giggles since. C 1996.

  42. Nerve Pain In October I broke off the whole side of the biggest molar in my upper teeth. The nerve was immediately exposed. This was a Saturday afternoon. No dentists open in my area. I applied RESET to my jaw and subsequently suffered no pain or sensitivity. Upon my visit to the dentist the following Monday my dentist was amazed and confused as to why I suffered no pain. He brought his colleagues into the room to examine my damaged tooth. I had applied RESET again this morning in anticipation of dental work. The diagnosis was a triple root canal, ASAP. Throughout the course of my treatment I continued to apply RESET and it helped me to release the toxins from the anaesthetics and removal of old fillings. SJ Dec 99.

  43. Jaw Pain I used RESET on a 23 year old client. Her jaw was completely out, her TMJ's were clicking. She had been taking Panadol painkillers regularly. She has been amazed with the results of RESET and has had no pain since then. I have also used RESET with ten other people successfully. Five of these are teenagers with learning difficulties. It has made a huge difference to neck and back problems and helped with concentration. JM Feb 00.

  44. Jaw Pain Kylie has had major jaw problems for many years. The day Kylie asked for my help the pain had become so severe that she was incapable of work, experiencing headaches, severe pain in her jaw and neck and shoulder stiffness with pain radiating down into her back affecting her gait. After a RESET treatment Kylie said she felt deeply relaxed, the pain had eased dramatically and she could now freely move her jaw. Neck, shoulders and back were pain free and relaxed and mobile. Her whole posture had altered bringing her body back into balance. SL Dec 99.

  45. TMJ Tension / Bruxism When Marian did RESET on me she said she had never seen such tight jaw muscles. I had been through a mouth guard and braces deal that lasted five years and still did not correct the TMJ problem! I was in danger of losing my teeth because of severe gum recession. After the RESET session my jaw muscles relaxed to the point that I no longer clench. And I no longer gnash my teeth - at least not in my awareness. AB Nov 1999.

  46. Bruxism I had for many years suffered with pain in the lower back, sometimes missing work. I would also grind my teeth, making my jaw sore. After learning to do RESET it has fixed these problems. As I am able to do this for myself it helps me with other problems that come up from time to time. WD April 2000.

  47. Pelvic Pain After one session client had pain in pelvic area-now gone. Tried other treatments, only RESET could help. JB Jan 2000.

  48. Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease I have suffered from chronic pelvic inflammatory disease for 11 months. I have been on several courses of antibiotics. I have had ultrasounds that show nothing wrong. I have had exploratory surgery that also found nothing. The pain in my ovaries has been so bad that I have collapsed on several occasions. The pain was fairly constant, despite several doses of Panadeine Forte. I have also had crippling pains in my chest that doctors could find no cause for either. After one session with Philip (15 minutes) I now feel no pain! Yippee!! DC 1992.

  49. Testimonials Kinergetics and RESET workshops have been attended by thousands of people worldwide. The fact that these testimonials were sent in by so many different practitioners shows that the results are reproducible. One of the best testimonials was from a novice who had only just completed day seven of Kinergetics.

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