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MLA In-Text Citation

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MLA In-Text Citation
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MLA In-Text Citation

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  1. MLA In-Text Citation

  2. MLA: Parenthetical (In-Text) Citation

  3. What (most) in-text citations MUST have: • Essentially, only the minimum information required for the reader to be able to identify the full citation on the works cited page and the location of the quote within: • Author or organization. • Page or paragraph number.

  4. Author mentioned in a signal phrase: Ho notes the dichotomy between the “passions of the tormented soul” occupying the first quatrain of each stanza and the “relative stability” of the concluding couplets (51), which is indicative of Greville’s yearning for a universal consistency on which he could rely.

  5. Author not mentioned in a signal phrase: Among the offenses imputed to Frith were lewd conduct and public intoxication, but the charge that receives the most attention by modern Renaissance scholars was that she allegedly “sat there upon the stage in publique viewe of all people there p[rese]nte in mans apparell and playd upon her lute & sange a songe” (Garber 222).

  6. Multiple Authors: The authors of “The Logic of the Transvestite” write that, in The Roaring Girl, “the fetishization of commodities [to which we might add clothing] is the cover for the fetishization of body parts” (Garber et al. 224), arguing that the sexual identities of the characters are really what is at stake in the commercial exchange of goods.

  7. Author cited twice in a row: As one critic observes, “The yearning for apocalypse was regarded in Protestant theology as one of the chief effects and signs of sanctification” (Waswo 150). If this is the case, he continues, then Sonnet CIX can ultimately be read as “Greville’s final indictment of human society” (153).

  8. Works with No Page Numbers: The Galenic anatomical model existed on the supposition that men and women were essentially different versions of the same species; the only real difference was whether the genitals were inverted or extroverted. According to anatomologists of the Galenic tradition, “we all begin as female, and masculinity is a development out of and away from femininity” (Orgel, par. 20). * Note the comma between author’s name and paragraph number; this does not appear when citing page numbers.

  9. Multiple citations: Rees warns against hastily drawing conclusions from this statement about Greville’s worldview without “understand[ing] rightly the implications of the episode” (6). Nevertheless, many scholars insist that this quotation demonstrates Greville’s recognition of a gulf separating the “world” from “God” (Bullough 1; Roberts 405).

  10. Next Class (3/22): -Turn in MLA in-text citations handout (online) and your topography (assigned Wednesday, 3/10). -Read and understand TSIS Chs. 1 and 3. -Have someone review your introduction. -Be prepared to take Mechanics Quiz 3.