dog health human health and environmental health n.
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Dog health, human health and environmental health PowerPoint Presentation
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Dog health, human health and environmental health

Dog health, human health and environmental health

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Dog health, human health and environmental health

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  1. Dog health, human health and environmental health

  2. What is environmental health • The environment is what is around us. Its where we live, the air we breath, the water we drink and land we live on.

  3. What is environmental health • Like human health and dog health, environmental health is how healthy the environment is. • Dogs and people can make the environment an unhealthy place to live. • An unhealthy environment can make us and our dogs unhealthy. UNHEALTHY PLACE TO LIVE Child playing in dirty water. Bad germs in the water can make the child sick if the germs get inside their body. Dog drinking dirty water can make the dog sick. Sick dogs can make people sick.

  4. Spread Disease (eg, worms and scabies) Emotional health Breeding (dingo-dog hybrid) DOG HEALTH Spread Disease (germs) Emotional health Spread Disease (germs) Spread Disease (eg, worms and scabies) Breeding (too many puppies) Breeding (too many puppies) Hunting Hunting ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH HUMAN HEALTH

  5. EmotionalHealth

  6. Dogs are part of the family

  7. Spread disease: Worms

  8. The gut worm story Medicine kills the worms in the gut Clean hands stops infection Clean dry yards stops infection Clean dogs stops infection

  9. Worms can make us sick • Young worms (larvae) can leave itchy trails in kids’ skin. • Worms can cause cysts inside the eye.

  10. Spread disease: Germs

  11. The Germ Story • Germs are living things that are too small to see with just our eyes. • There are many different germs, some germs are good and some germs are bad. • Germs can be found in many different places.

  12. Germs can make us sick So Streps can cause kidney problems, called nephritis, and heart problems. The heart problems are the cause of rheumatic heart disease. Itchy skin from scabies can cause skin sores. For example, we can get Streptococcal diseases If children have lots of sores infected with Streps, their immune system can stop working properly. The antibodies that are made to fight the Streps can cause problems in the child’s heart and kidneys. Sores can be infected with the germ (or bacteria) called Streptococcal pyogenes(Streps). When a sore gets Streps in it, the body makes antibodies to fight the Streps.

  13. How germs spread • Germs grow best in rubbish bins, toilets and puddles.

  14. How germs spread • Dogs can spread germs through the house and give them to family.

  15. How germs spread • Keep rubbish and bins away from dogs and flies that spread germs. • Fence rubbish bins or tie them to a pole to stop dogs and kids getting in. • Always wash your hands after using the toilet and before eating.

  16. Spread disease: Scabies

  17. The scabies story

  18. Hunting

  19. Dogs help us hunt • Dogs have a good nose for hunting. • Dogs are fast and strong so can catch prey easily.

  20. But dogs can kill wildlife • Dogs are good hunters so can scare, hurt and eat a lot of wildlife.

  21. Breeding: Dingo-dog hybrid

  22. Dog and Dingo

  23. Cross breeding with dingoes • Cross breeding makes hybrids, so there are fewer dingoes and more hybrids. • Hybrids are different to dingoes. They harass stock more and have hybrid puppies quickly.

  24. Breeding: too many puppies

  25. If dogs can have puppies… • Boy dogs fight to have puppies with girl dogs. • If our dogs can have puppies, we need to look after too many dogs and it can be stressful. • Dogs roam and make problems in community if they can have puppies.

  26. Too many dogs…

  27. Giving dogs’ the operation • Operation can stop them roaming too much. • It is easier to keep them healthy. • They can not cross breed with dingoes. • We don’t have to look after too many dogs and puppies.

  28. Dogs can be a problem • Dogs can spread worms and germs that can make dogs and family sick. • Dogs can make hybrids with dingoes. • Dogs can have too many puppies. • Dogs can kill wildlife.

  29. Or dogs can be our friend • Dogs can make us happy. • Dogs help us in our lives.

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