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CARB Infrastructure Working Group PowerPoint Presentation
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CARB Infrastructure Working Group

CARB Infrastructure Working Group

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CARB Infrastructure Working Group

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  1. CARB Infrastructure Working Group Enid Joffe January 30, 2002 Clean Fuel Connection, Inc

  2. Disclaimer Information in this Presentation is based on meetings and conversations with various stakeholders. We have not had time to confirm all the numbers on locations missing and warranty data, so they are estimates only. Non-warranty repair prices are also estimates based current information. Clean Fuel Connection, Inc

  3. Status Report • After initial Working Group meeting, subcommittees set up • CFCI involved in following issues: • Needs Assessment--infrastructure location database • Reporting and repair of broken chargers—warranty and nonwarranty • Have had several meetings and conf calls • Participants: • SMUD—Bill Boyce • EVI—Dave Packard • Mickey Oros • GM (informally)—George Bellino and team • Prosum (informally)—Anne Ponzio and team • Also had several conversations with Calstart Clean Fuel Connection, Inc

  4. Recent Developments • With release of Ford Th!nks more conductive public charging being used • More requests for infrastructure. • More service calls? • With Toyota announcement of RAV4 Sales requests for additional small paddle changeouts • Many public and fleet chargers out of warranty (2-3,000) Clean Fuel Connection, Inc

  5. Needs Assessment—Why do We Need to Know Where the Chargers Are • EV drivers need real time information on charging locations and operational status • Public agencies and infrastructure providers need to know locations to plan for future needs • Manufacturers and service providers need to know location installation dates for warranty or upgrades Clean Fuel Connection, Inc

  6. Status of Charger Location Databases--Inductive • GM • Approximately 3800 chargers installed in CA • About 235 unknown locations • About 2000 out of warranty • Access database developed by Southern Company • Modified for GM by Prosum • Database belongs to GM--Prosum and CFCI have permission to use for GM business and other purposes • GM wants to “license” database to CFCI and Prosum • CFCI and Prosum to maintain database and make it financially self supporting Clean Fuel Connection, Inc

  7. Status of Charger Location Databases--Inductive • Database features • Access format • Allows for easy data entry • Provides historical data by unit • Real-time updates when data entered • Can provide real-time notification by email, pager or query reports • Can be used for any type of infrastructure—CNG, LNG, hydrogen • Can provide backbone data for Clean Car Maps, equipment manufacturers, service providers Clean Fuel Connection, Inc

  8. Status of Charger Location Databases--Inductive • TAL • 400-500 chargers sold—all still in warranty • Probably know installation location data for 50-60% but scattered among different organizations • Needs to be collected, installation locations verified and put into database Clean Fuel Connection, Inc

  9. Status of Charger Location Databases--Conductive • Approximately 3500 units installed in CA • Approximately 500-700 locations unknown • Database owned by EVI • Data provided by Edison EV, Southern Company, CMUD, CFCI • Installation locations need to be verified and all data entered into common format • Approx. 1000 chargers out of warranty Clean Fuel Connection, Inc

  10. Charger Location Database Maintenance • Never-ending task • Very Labor intensive • Requires lots of phone followup and field visits • Expensive • Becomes more challenging as more manufacturers and installers • Difficult to obtain warranty registration info Clean Fuel Connection, Inc

  11. Possible Solution • Remote location monitoring • Can report charger location and operational status • Use real time reporting system such as “On-Star” or “Lo-Jack” • Cars would have GPS receiver to show car location and nearby chargers. Chargers would transmit operational status (Operational, Non-Operational, In-Use) • Worth trying as a demonstration project Clean Fuel Connection, Inc

  12. Conclusions • Beginnings of uniform database exists • Capable of real-time updates and notifications • Data for TAL and EVI chargers needs to be validated and entered • Manufacturers and service providers reluctant to let outside entities complete access to database for competitive reasons, but willing to provide data outputs ie., for Clean Car Maps • Need funding to complete and maintain database and reporting system Clean Fuel Connection, Inc

  13. Recommendations • Adopt Access database as backbone for charger location database • Can provide demonstration @ next meeting • Develop funding for completing last 40% of verifying charging locations and status • Developing reporting for Clean Car Maps, charger manufacturers and other potential users • real time updates • Develop remote charger locating system demonstration project using GPS technology Clean Fuel Connection, Inc