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Working Group Reports Working Group 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Working Group Reports Working Group 1

Working Group Reports Working Group 1

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Working Group Reports Working Group 1

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  1. Working Group Reports Working Group 1 Software System Design and Implementation for Environmental Modeling Gene Whelan, Ph.D. Olaf David, PhD. U.S. EPA-ORD Colorado State University/USDA-ARS Athens, GA Ft. Collins, CO Interagency Steering Committee on Multimedia Environmental Modeling 2013/2014 Annual General Meeting Hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy Forrestal Building Washington, DC February 25-26, 2014

  2. Purpose Foster the exchange of information about environmental modeling tools, modeling frameworks, and environmental monitoring databases

  3. Objectives • Harmonize existing and evolving environmental modeling systems • Investigate and provide guidance and deployable tools for use by multiple frameworks • Promote the standardization of data exchange protocols

  4. Key Federal Collaborators • EPA – Gene Whelan, Gerry Laniak, Gabriel Olchin*, NohaGaber, Marirosa Molina, Richard Zepp, Keewook Kim, Tom Purucker, Annie Jarabek, Eric Weber, Caroline Stevens, Kurt Wolfe, RajbirParmar, Mike Galvin, Justin Babendreier, Mike Cyterski, Tim Dawson, Lourdes Prieto, Katie Price, Craig Barber • USDA-ARS – Olaf David, YakovPachepsky, Dorcas Franklin, Mark Borchardt • NRC – Tom Nicholson, Ralph Cady • ACOE-ERDC – Pat Deliman, Billy Johnson, Jeff Gerald, Mark Dortch (retired) • DOE – PNNL: Mitch Pelton, Karl Castleton, Jim Droppo; LBNL: Nigel Quinn • NOAA – Dave Schwab (retired), Kevin Kelleher • NASA – Gary Geller • USGS – Pierre Glynn, Mary Hill, Steve Corsi, Dale Robertson • * No longer with the Agency.

  5. Activities • Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) Program • Field studies, Automate the assessment process, and Develop a QMRA IEM framework • EPA, USDA-ARS, USGS • Status: Currently Active • SDMProjectBuilder Development • Software interface that automates many of the manual steps associated with setting up a standard watershed assessment; it currently pre-populates HSPF input files for quantitative microbial risk assessments • EPA, DOE-PNNL, USDA-ARS • Status: Currently Active, prototype developed • Updates to PEST/PEST++ and Linkages to FRAMES • Parameter Estimation Tool for IEM frameworks • EPA, NRC, DOE-PNNL • Status: Currently Active, being checked

  6. Activities (cont’d) • Linkages to Remote Sensing Data and Large Open Water Body Model • Link NLDAS (and QPE/QP2) Remote sensing data to IEM; Link FVCOM to Watershed and risk models in IEM Framework • EPA, NOAA, USDA-ARS • Status: Currently Active • IEM SERDP: Environmental Fate Simulator • Chemical Properties Estimator to supply IEM frameworks • EPA, DOE-PNNL, ACOE-ERDC • Status: Currently Active • IEM ESTCP Joint Proposal: Working Groups 4 and 1 • Field Demonstration and Validation of TREECS and EFS for the Risk Assessment of Contaminants on DoD Ranges • ACOE-ERDC, EPA, DOE-PNNL, NRC • Status: Currently Active, Funded for CY14-CY16

  7. Activities (cont’d) • Federal Review Panel • OpenTerraWorks Design: IEM framework to modify landscape characteristics • EPA, NRC, USGS, ACOE-ERDC, DOI-USFWS, DOI-OSM • Status: Completed

  8. Conferences/Workshops • 2014 International Environmental Modelling & Software Society (iEMSs) Biennial Conference, San Diego, CA USA (June 15-19, 2014) • Technical Sessions • Innovative Architectures and Approaches of Cloud and Mobile Technology for Environmental Modeling (Olaf David, Wesley Lloyd, Jim Ascough) • Complexity, Sensitivity, and Uncertainty Issues in Integrated Environmental Models (Jim Ascough, Francesca Pianosi, Timothy Green, Thorsten Wagener, Olaf David, Giorgio Mannina) • Agro-Ecosystem Modeling for Spatial Solutions to Watershed Conundrums (Tim Green, Jim Ascough, Olaf David, RiccardoRigon, Mark Walbridge) • Wicked Problems and Clumsy Solutions: Are Environmental Modeling Software System Designers Ready to Meet the Ultimate Challenge (Justin E. Babendreier, M. Bruce Beck, Stephen M. Beaulieu) • Environmental Modeling, Software, and Data to Support Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessments (QMRAs) (Gene Whelan, Jeffrey Soller, YakovPachepsky) • Workshops • Scientific Computing in the Cloud (S. Thomas Purucker) • EPA, USDA-ARS

  9. Publications Journal Articles • Blaustein, R., Y.A. Pachepsky, R.L. Hill, D.R. Sheldon, and G. Whelan. 2013. E. coli Survival in Waters: Temperature Dependence. Water Res, 47(2):569–578. • USDA-ARS, EPA • Kim, K., G. Whelan, S.T. Purucker, T.F. Bohrmann, M. Cyterski, M. Molina, Y. Gu, Y.A. Pachepsky, A. Guber, and D. Franklin. 2013. Rainfall-runoff model parameter estimation and uncertainty evaluation on small plots. Hydrol Process (DOI: 10.1002/hyp.10001). • EPA, USDA-ARS • Martinez, G., Y.A. Pachepsky, D.R. Sheldon, G. Whelan, R. Zepp, M. Molina, and K. Panhorst. 2013. Using the Q10 Model to Simulate E. coli Survival in Cowpats on Grazing Lands. Environ Int, 54:1-10 • USDA-ARS, EPA • Whelan, G., K. Kim, M.A. Pelton, J.A. Soller, K.J. Castleton, M. Molina, Y.A. Pachepsky, J. Ravenscroft, R. Zepp. 2014. An Integrated Environmental Modeling Framework for Performing Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessments. Environ ModellSoftw (Accepted) • EPA, DOE-PNNL, USDA-ARS • Whelan, G., K. Kim, M.A. Pelton, K.J. Castleton, G.F. Laniak, K. Wolf, R. Parmar, J. Babindreier, and M. Galvin. 2014. Design of a Component-based Integrated Environmental Modeling Framework. Environ ModellSoftw(Accepted) • EPA, DOE-PNNL • Martinez, G., Y.A. Pachepsky, G. Whelan, A.M. Yakirevich, T.J. Gish, A. Guber, E. Plischke. 2014. Rainfall-induced fecal indicator organisms transport from manured fields: model sensitivity analysis. Environ Int, 63:121-129. • USDA-ARS, EPA • Pachepsky, Y.A., R. Blaustein, R., G. Whelan, D.R. Sheldon. 2014. NOTE: Comparing temperature effects on E. coli, Salmonella, and Enterococcus survival in surface waters. Letters on Applied Microbiology. (Submitted) • USDA-ARS, EPA • Kim, K., G. Whelan, M. Molina, S.T. Purucker, Y.A. Pachepsky, A. Guber, M. Cyterski, J. Ravenscroft, and D. Franklin. 2014. Rainfall-induced release of microbes from manure: model development, parameter estimation, and uncertainty evaluation on small plots. Appl Environ Microb(Submitted) • EPA, USDA-ARS • Guber, A.K., Y.A. Pachepsky, A.M. Yakirevich, D.R. Shelton, G.Whelan, D.C. Goodrich, and C.L. Unkrich. 2014. Modeling Runoff and Microbial Overland Transport with KINEROS2/STWIR Model: Accuracy and Uncertainty as Affected by Source of Infiltration Parameters, J Hydrol, (in Review Process) • USDA-ARS, EPA

  10. Publications (cont’d) Peer Reviewed Proceedings • Whelan, G., K. Kim, R. Parmar, K. Wolfe, M. Galvin, P. Duda, M. Gray, M. Molina, R. Zepp, Y.A. Pachepsky, J. Ravenscroft, L. Prieto, B. Kitchens. 2014. Using IEM to Automate a Process-based QMRA. International Environmental Modelling and Software Society (iEMSs), 2014 International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software, Bold Visions for Environmental Modeling, Sixth Biennial Meeting, San Diego, CA USA. June 15-19, 2014 (under development). • EPA, USDA-ARS • Whelan, G., E. Weber, C. Stevens, M.A. Pelton, K. Wolfe, R. Parmar, M. Galvin, S. Hilal, J. Babendreier. 2014. A Chemical Properties Simulator to Support IEM. International Environmental Modelling and Software Society (iEMSs), 2014 International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software, Bold Visions for Environmental Modeling, Sixth Biennial Meeting, San Diego, CA USA. June 15-19, 2014 (under development). • EPA, DOE-PNNL • Kim, K., K. Price, G. Whelan, M. Galvin, K. Wolfe, P. Duda, M. Gray, Y.A. Pachepsky. 2014. Using Remote Sensing and Radar Meteorological Data to Support Watershed Assessments Comprising Integrated Environmental Modeling. International Environmental Modelling and Software Society (iEMSs), 2014 International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software, Bold Visions for Environmental Modeling, Sixth Biennial Meeting, San Diego, CA USA. June 15-19, 2014 (under development). • EPA, USDA-ARS Peer Reviewed Reports • Moore, R., A. Hughes, N. Gaber, G. Geller, P. Glynn, G.F. Laniak, A. Voinov, and G. Whelan. 2013. International Summit on Integrated Environmental Modeling. EPA/600/R/12/728|December 2012| and BGS OR/12/087, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, British Geological Survey, and U.S. Geological Suvey. Washington, DC. • EPA, NASA, USGS ISCMEM-related Journal Articles • Laniak, G.F., G. Olchin, J. Goodall, A. Voinov, M. Hill, P. Glynn, G. Whelan, G. Geller, N. Quinn, M. Blind, S. Peckham, S. Reaney, N. Gaber, R. Kennedy, A. Hughes. 2013. Integrated Environmental Modeling: A Vision and Roadmap for the Future. Environ ModellSoftw, 39:3-23. • EPA, USGS, NASA, ACOE-ERDC