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City Of Ember PowerPoint PowerPoint Presentation
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City Of Ember PowerPoint

City Of Ember PowerPoint

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City Of Ember PowerPoint

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  1. City Of Ember PowerPoint By Joseph Longo

  2. Brought To You By Studio Longo

  3. And Dream Works XD

  4. We Give You Your Host Joseph Longo! Hello Guys you’re a Great Crowd

  5. Ok so today we are going to start off a little different I’m going to tell you a story

  6. Once Upon A Time…

  7. There where 2 Kids living in the City of Ember…

  8. Lina

  9. And Doon

  10. Lina is a… • Girl who has a wild imagination and believes there is something else out there someplace other then Ember.

  11. And Doon is a… • Boy who is interested in odd things like: worms, the pipeworks, and never before seen creatures. • And some things not so odd like the generator failing!

  12. Ok next I’m going to tell you about the jobs • At the city you have to get a Job before you graduate • Everyone graduates at the age of 12 • The mayor comes to your class and gives you a job.

  13. Lina’s job is… • Messenger a very important job in the city. • She runs around and gives people messages from others .

  14. And Doon’s job is… • Pipeworks engineer (weird). • With this job Doon learns more about the city and finds the generator starting to dim. • Unlike Lina Doon’s job is a little more interesting like him finding a door in a caved tunnel.

  15. But there lives change when… • Lina finds her baby sister Poppy in a closet chewing on a piece of paper. • Lina deciphers the message on the paper. • After finding that paper Lina’s grandmother dies.

  16. After that Lina goes to… • Show Doon what she had found. • Doon immediately sees the word door and tells Lina about the door in the caved tunnel. • Lina and Doon sneak into the pipeworks that night. • They find the key in the locked door in the caved tunnel (tunnel # 301)

  17. What happens when they open the door… • They find the mayor inside eating the supplies that the town needs!!! • After seeing that horrible sight they race out of the pipeworks. • They run all the way to Harkin square and tell the police. • The head police takes the note. • Lina and Doon run to decipher the message.

  18. Time is running out! • Lina and Doon finish the message it was a bunch of instructions. • They followed the instructions until they got to the town hall. • They heard the song of darkness it was the city's 200th anniversary that was one of the songs.

  19. When the last note of the song ended… • The lights went off the generator broke. • The back up generator kicked in • Lina and Doon and Poppy (who Lina went home and got when the lights went off) continued there journey.

  20. It led them to the pipeworks. • There they found a boat and rode it down to the end of the water. • Then the walked a path to a sign that said • “Welcome city of ember escapees prepare your self for a lot more light then your used to.”

  21. After leaving the darkness of ember… • Lina, Doon, and Poppy went to the city of light Lina’s dream city she was so shocked it exisited. • THE END

  22. Thanks everyone See ya!

  23. Credits • Made by Joseph Longo • Help by Joseph Longo • Distractions by Ethan, Theo, Will, and Max. • Awesomeness by JOEY LONGO MAN!!! • Book by Jeanne DuPrau