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CD Proposal

CD Proposal

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CD Proposal

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  1. CD Proposal Christopher Lawry

  2. CD Research 1 • Arkasia produce dubstep/house music. • The “New Born” album cover shows a slight hill with a very bright and sunny left side, however the right side slowly gets darker until you see an industrial looking area in the background covered in purple smoke/smog. • This could be referencing to the “New Born” album title and song, perhaps being about the world that we’re destroying and the “New Born” children we are bringing up in it. Or possibly the Earth is the “New Born” and we’re destroying it with our industries and pollution. • This cover only really uses 2 colours, yellow and purple. However these are contrasting colours so the cover stands out quite well. • Both the album title and the group name “Arkasia” have a very metallic look, perhaps also something to do with the industrial theme on this cover. • Arkasia’s target audience would include mainly male teenager’s roughly from the age of 16-30.

  3. CD Research 2 • This is one of Late Of The Pier’s album covers called “Space and the woods”. Late Of The Pier are a New rave group. • The album cover simply shows a triangle with “Space and the woods” clearly on the left edge and the rest of the tracks are listed in a spiral around the edge of the triangle. • In the background are stars and some kind of multi-coloured spatial flare, I would assume this is in-keeping with the Space and the woods name, however the bottom of the cover shows mountains/ a rocky area which doesn’t make much sense unless I’m missing something. • The cover uses very bright reds, yellows and greens, however the blue on the mountains is quite dull in comparison, however this is fine as you’re supposed to be focusing on the centre where the band name is and the album title. • The majority of Late Of The Pier’s target audience are likely to be from the age of 18-35 both male and female.

  4. Proposal • My CD cover will be similar to Arkasia’s New Born album cover in the idea of viewing an old world of power, greed and destruction, from the perspective of a new world. The cover will show bright green grass fields that lead your eye up to the sky, showing Earth, mostly in darkness with some destroyed areas/ cracks and fissures. This album will have no particular music genre, nor will the songs be by any particular artist or group, but shall be put together using the theme of world destruction/ the power of governments and politics. • The front of the lyrics booklet will be the same as the CD cover except it will also have the tracks listed. The booklet will include lyrics for 6 of the 10 songs and a graphic beside each set of lyrics that represents the band that performed the song. Each page in the booklet (except the front) will hold lyrics (or a part of the lyrics) of 2 songs and the layout will have the first songs lyrics on the top right, with an image on the left hand side of it (both the lyrics and the image should not reach further than halfway down the page). The second song’s lyrics on each page should then be placed at the bottom left hand corner with it’s corresponding image on it’s right. These are the 10 tracks that will be included in the CD. • Apocalypse, Please – Muse • It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine) – R.E.M. • Minutes to midnight – Midnight Oil • Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones • The four horsemen – Metallica • The Day the whole world went away – Nine Inch Nails • We will become silhouettes – The Postal Service • London calling – The Clash • Doomsday Clock – The Smashing Pumpkins • Until the end of the world – U2