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  1. An Introduction to theIndividual Student Enrollment SystemISESSegment 1Department of Public InstructionSpring 2008

  2. Presentation Segments • Segment 1 • WSLS – ISES and Public Reporting • Preparing for the ISES Collection • ISES CD/YE Data Elements • ISES CD/YE Data Entry • Segment 2 • ISES CD/YE Data Validation • Avoiding Common CD/YE Errors • WSAS and ACCESS Rosters • ISES CD/YE Review and Revision • ISES CD/YE Final Submission • Segment 3 • ISES Discipline Data Elements • ISES Discipline Data Entry • ISES Discipline Data Validation • Avoid Common Discipline Errors • ISES Discipline Final Submission • ISES Support

  3. WSLS – ISES and Public Reporting

  4. Individual student data is collected for: • Federal Reporting Requirements • State Reporting Requirements • School Improvement • District Profiles • Longitudinal (Trend) Data Study • Consolidation of Data Collections

  5. Individual student data may be aggregated many different ways: • to meet other state requirements, • to meet federal data requirements, and • to answer key school improvement questions.

  6. Annual Data Reporting – All Students • EDEN Federal Reporting Requirements • Enrollment, Graduates, Dropouts, Attendance, Disciplinary Removals • SPR State Reporting Requirements • Enrollment, High School Completers, Dropouts, Attendance, Retentions, Expulsions, Suspensions • WINSS Public Reporting • Enrollment, High School Completers, Dropouts, Attendance, Retentions, Expulsions, Suspensions • Adequate Yearly Progress • Enrollment, Graduation and Attendance Rates

  7. Annual Data Reporting – All Students (continued) • ESEA Consolidated EOY Report • Disciplinary Removal for Firearms • E-Rate Reporting Requirements • Enrollment, Free & Reduced Lunch Eligibility • Title I Funding • Enrollment • Wisconsin Student Assessment System • Enrollment, Testing Roster • ACCESS for ELLS • Enrollment, ELL Status, Testing Roster • Other State Agencies • DOT, HEAB, DHFS

  8. Annual Data Reporting – Special Education • IDEA Child Count • State Performance Plan / District Profile • Enrollment, Graduates, Dropouts, Disciplinary Removals • IDEA Exit Report • IDEA Implementation of FAPE Requirements • Disability, Educational Environment Classification, ELL Status • Report of Children with Disabilities Subject to Disciplinary Removal

  9. WSLS • An ongoing data collection maintained throughout the year that is used: • to assign new Wisconsin Student Numbers (WSNs) to students entering Wisconsin Public Schools and • to help ensure that the WSNs stay with students as they move from school to school and district to district.

  10. ISES Count Date & Year End • An annual data collection encompassing: • fall public enrollment and Child Count, • year end indicators from the immediately preceding school term, such as high school completion, dropouts, attendance, and grade advancement, and • demographic and outcome data for the school population defined by the WSLS.

  11. ISES Discipline • An annual data collection for a subgroup of students: • removed by expulsion, • removed for ½ a day or more for out of school suspensions, • with disabilities removed for ½ a day or more for in-school suspensions or placement in an interim alternative educational setting, and • the incident information associated with these removals.



  14. Resources Data Management - Vision and Guiding Meeting ESEA/NCLB Report Card Requirements

  15. Preparing for the ISES Collection

  16. WAMS Profile Management • Obtain a Wisconsin User ID, if new to the WSLS/ISES • Verify profile includes current email address

  17. Delegated Authority • Verify District Superintendent has access to the Delegated Authority application; access transfers to new Superintendents when they submit their WAMS IDs to DPI • Verify Local WSLS/ISES Administrator has been appointed and appoint an Assistant Administrator, if appropriate • Delegate authorization to access local student data in WSLS/ISES for new staff • Rescind authorization from staff that have left or no longer work in the WSLS/ISES

  18. ISES Roles • All Functions • Full Entry • Manual Entry All Fields • Manual Entry Economically Disadvantaged • Manual Entry Special Ed • Manual Entry Limited Fields • ISES Reports Do not use the Manual Entry roles at this time.

  19. EXIT in the WSLS: • High School Completers • Students moving between Schools within your District • Students transferring out of your District or WSLS and other withdrawals

  20. ENROLL in the WSLS: ENROLL in the WSLS: • Students moving between Schools within your District • Students transferring to your District • Students new to the WSLS • Students with disabilities receiving special education and/or related services pursuant to a services plan that meets IDEA standards

  21. REVIEWING ENROLLMENT Remember to consider the following student groups when enrolling new students: 1) Have you included students for which your district is responsible, but services are provided outside a regular school building? 2) Have you included all preschoolers, including those receiving only limited Speech and Language instruction? 3) Have you included students who attend the two state schools, Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired and Wisconsin School for the Deaf? 4) Have you included parentally-placed private school children with disabilities receiving special education and/or related services pursuant to a services plan that meets IDEA standards? Do not include children with disabilities placed in a private school or facility by a public agency as a means of providing special education and related services.

  22. UPDATE in the WSLS: UPDATE in the WSLS: • Birth Location • Existing students, as needed

  23. REVIEW in the WSLS: • Use File Download Request to review the WSLS enrollment for the previous school term • Use File Download Request to review the WSLS enrollment for Third Friday of September, the Count Date, of the current school term

  24. ISES User Agreement

  25. ISES Preferences Preferences must be completed for every ISES collection. The Main Menu will not display until ISES Preferences have been entered for the current collection. The ‘Save’ icon is available only to the District All Functions role. Individuals with school level access will not be able to continue to the main menu until preferences have been completed.

  26. Resources Delegated Authority Protecting student privacy Enroll and Exit Dates Web-based Tutorial – District / School Preferences

  27. ISES CD / YE Data Elements

  28. Required Elements:All Records • Grade Level Placement • Primary Disability • Economic Disadvantaged Status • English Proficiency Code • District of Residence • Third Party Provider • Migrant Status • Homeless Status

  29. Required Elements:Count Date only • Count Date Status • Immigrant (Title III) • Payer

  30. Required Elements:Year End only • Attendance Days (Possible & Actual) • Completed School Term

  31. Conditional Elements • Grade • Program Schedule (CD) • Test Status (CD) • Section 504 Status (CD) • Primary Disability • Secondary Disabilities • Educational Environment Classification (CD) • Return to Regular Education

  32. Conditional Elements • English Proficiency Code and Immigrant (Title III) • ELL Served (Title III) • Native Language Code (CD) • Years in US Schools (CD) • District of Residence • Reason Out of District • School in District of Residence

  33. Conditional Elements • Completed School Term • Promotion Higher Grade (YE) • Exit Date • Exit Type (YE) • Exit Type • High School Credential (YE) • Expected Transfer District & School (YE)

  34. ISES CD / YEData Entry

  35. Data entry begins with one of two methods: • Generating partial records within the ISES based on WSLS enrollment and previous ISES data (Create Student Record List) • Uploading complete or partial records via a file generated by a local School Information System (File Upload)

  36. Create Student Record List

  37. Records may be generated in the ISES by either File Upload, usually from a local School Information System, or by Creating Student Records based on WSLS enrollment and data provided in the immediately previous ISES collection. The ‘Create Student Records’ would most likely be used by schools and districts which do not have Student Information Systems capable of generating a file for upload.

  38. ISES Record Types Year End (YE) ALL school enrollment periods in the previous term including possible full term (summer) dropouts Count Date (CD and CDN) Count Date records are expected for all students enrolled on the Third Friday of September. If a student has multiple enrollments encompassing the count date, then one record is determined by ISES to retain the CD while the other record will be reset to CDN. For example in the Fall of 2008, the ISES would accept the following records: Full Term Dropout Records - RECORD_TYPE = YE and YEAR = 2007 Regular Records- RECORD_TYPE = YE and YEAR = 2008 Count Date Records - RECORD_TYPE = CDN or CD and YEAR = 2009

  39. If records for the specified school(s) for the specified record type(s) exist for the current ISES collection, those records will be deleted during the upload and create processes. Requesting upload and create for the entire district will temporarily prevent modification of all student records and review of all reports. By submitting requests for a single school, you may continue to work in other schools in the district while waiting for the first school to process.

  40. Review the progress of the Create Student Record List request from the Process Status function.

  41. File Upload, Create Student Record List and Validation processes do not run immediately following request. They are placed in a queue and processed in the order received. During peak ISES usage long wait times (overnight) may be experienced.

  42. If the full validation was selected to automatically run after the student records have been created, then the school or schools will remain locked and the validation will appear on the Process Status.

  43. A backup of data which existed prior to the create is automatically generated and may be downloaded from the Process Status screen. When the validation and backup are complete the schools are unlocked. At this time the Reports are available and record modification is allowed.

  44. File Upload

  45. We strongly discourage manual production of files for upload. Use files generated through the appropriate process in your local SIS or files generated from ISES File Download Request function.

  46. Though files are stored in the ISES temporarily, we recommend archiving files in a common location in your district or school.

  47. A confirmation message is displayed once the file is transferred to the ISES. Verify that transfer was successful by checking that the ‘byte’ size in the message is greater than zero.