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Nature vs. Nurture PowerPoint Presentation
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Nature vs. Nurture

Nature vs. Nurture

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Nature vs. Nurture

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  1. Nature vs. Nurture

  2. The Debate There is an ongoing debate that continues today on whether human behavior is a result of biological factors or if is affected by social or environmental influences. This debate is the nature versus nurture debate.

  3. Nature Those who argue from the nature point of view believe that the roles of instinct, fixed behavioral patterns, and evolution effect behavior. An approach taken is known as socio-biology. Socio-biology focuses on genetic practices. It incorporates thought from ecology, evolution, ethology, and genetics. Many argue against this because socio-biology ignores history, social, economic, and political forces.

  4. Nurture Those who argue in favor of the nurture perspective believe that human behavior is not connected to genetic influences. They believe that an individuals’ behavior and personality were molded by society and their environment. An approach taken from this perspective is social or cultural determinism. They believe that infants are born without significant genetic instincts. As children they learn what is right and what is wrong.


  6. Nature vs. Nurture and Intelligence The hottest argument in the Nature vs. Nurture debate is the concerns with intelligence. What causes the differences in intelligence? Is it all genetics or does our environment have something to do with it? Overtime evidence has shifted back and forth on the pendulum of opinion.

  7. Evidence for Nature • Study completed by Thomas Bouchard proves intelligence is connected to genetics • Data provides evidence that the environment has as little as 10% responsible for IQ. • It is believed that intelligence is fixed for life around the age of 5 years old. The environments influence on the IQ has a limited time span.

  8. Evidence for Nurture • Number of things that varies intelligence: • Birth order • Number of siblings • Infant malnutrition • Father’s profession • Number of years in school • Parental ambition