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Steal Away

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Steal Away

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  1. Steal Away Written By: Jennifer Armstrong

  2. Genre • This book is Historical Fiction. Because it is based in a real time period. It is also fiction because some of the character may not be real or may not be real.

  3. The Main Idea • The main idea is that two girls want to be free. Susannah and Bethlehem want to be free. The start a adventure together. To start a new life in a new city in the North. The message the author is to do what your heart wants you to do.

  4. Story Elements • The main characters in the story are. Susannah and Bethlehem two girls from different worlds. Susannah lived on a plantation with her family she was a slave. Bethlehem came to stay with her uncle. Susannah master was Bethlehem uncle.

  5. Setting • The story take place long ago. During the civil war. When slavery was still existing. It starts on a plantation with slaves. Then an adventure to the North for a new life. Two girls girls changed there lifes with this adventure.

  6. Plot Beginning • The main problem is that. Susannah is a slave that lives on a plantations. She has always always wanted to be free. Bethlehem is a girl that comes to live with her uncle. But she doesn`t want to be there.

  7. Plot Middle • Both of the girls escape there way to the north. They started there adventure to see the life. They Will see stumps in there way but the keep going .This is journey there will remember. For the rest of there life.

  8. Plot End

  9. Author Purpose • The author wrote this book. To tell us about how the 1800`s were and the civil war. Also how terrible it was back then for people