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Review. CIVL3310 STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS. Professor CC Chang. What is Structural Analysis?. Planning. Preliminary design. Load estimation. Structural analysis. Revised design. Safety/serviceability. No. Yes. Construction. What is Structural Analysis?. Real structure. Factors:

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  1. Review CIVL3310 STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS Professor CC Chang

  2. What is Structural Analysis? Planning Preliminary design Load estimation Structural analysis Revised design Safety/serviceability No Yes Construction

  3. What is Structural Analysis? Real structure Factors: Load, Temperature, etc. Structure Performance Deformation, Stress, etc. Model

  4. Intended Learning Outcomes • Ability to analyze the performance of structural systems under loads or other external effect • Ability to comprehend and present the structural analysis results which can support the design of structural components and systems • Ability to conduct laboratory tests, validate test resultsusing various methods, and understand the discrepancies between the test and the analysis results

  5. What Have Been Covered? • Classification of structural forms, modeling of structural systems and structural elements and determination of loads • Axial force, shear force and bending moment • Analysis of statistically determinate structures • Influence lines and their applications • Deflection • Analysis of statistically indeterminate structures • Approximate analysis of building frames • Force method • Energy method • Slope-deflection method • Moment-distribution method

  6. Analysis of Determinate Structures

  7. Influence Lines and Applications • Definition • Müller-Breslau’s Principle • Influence Lines and Distributed Loads • Influence Lines + Design Load

  8. Calculation of Deflections for Determinate Structures • Direct integration • Moment-area methods • Conjugate-beam method • Energy methods

  9. Direct Integration + disp Bernoulli-Euler beam apply boundary conditions

  10. Moment-Area Methods 1st moment-area theorem 2nd moment-area theorem +

  11. Conjugate-Beam Method Actual beam Conjugate beam Mathematical equivalence

  12. Energy Methods • Virtual Work Principle Real member deformation Real deformation Virtual external load Virtual internal loads Trusses = Beams = Frames =

  13. Work-Energy Methods • Castigliano’s Theorem • Betti’s Law Trusses Beams Frames

  14. Analysis of Indeterminate Structures

  15. Approximate Analysis of Rectangular Building Frames • Vertical Loads • Horizontal Load • Portal - Cantilever 0.1 L s1 s1 2s1 s1 s1 2s1 CL

  16. Force Methods • Compatibility • Choose redundant forces • Calculate deflection case by case • Superposition By DB=0 =

  17. P1 Pm P2 Fn F2 F1 Energy Principle • Least Work & Castigliano’s principles

  18. D L Slope-Deflection Method • Slope-Deflection Equations A B MBA B’ A’ MAB

  19. Moment-Distribution Method • Distribution Factors and Carry-Over • FEM • Procedure

  20. How to Become a Good Structural Engineer? CIVL2110 Statics and Dynamics ODE, FT, NM CIVL2120 Mechanics of Materials CIVL3310 Structural Analysis CIVL3320 Concrete Design CIVL4370 Computer Methods CIVL4320 Steel Design CIVL4330 Structural Dynamics ? CIVL5310 Tall Building Design CIVL5350 Bridge Engineering CIVL5370 Wind Effects

  21. Shanghai World Finance Center上海环球金融中心

  22. Taipei 101

  23. Base Isolation

  24. Stonecutters Bridge

  25. Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao BridgeHong Kong Link Road

  26. Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao BridgeHong Kong Link Road

  27. Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao BridgeHong Kong Link Road

  28. Smart StructuresSense and Respond

  29. Comments are welcome! Do you like or hate my teaching? Ending…Hope I don’t see you again in this course!

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