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Summary of Assessments

CCSS SBAC PARCC AP CCSSO. Summary of Assessments. By the Big Island Team: (Sherry, Alan, John, Bess). CCSS. Common Core State Standards. CCSS.

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Summary of Assessments

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  1. CCSS SBAC PARCC AP CCSSO Summary of Assessments By the Big Island Team: (Sherry, Alan, John, Bess)

  2. CCSS Common Core State Standards

  3. CCSS As part of Common Core State Standards system, the U.S. Department of Education has has allotted funds for the development of consistent measures that determine whether or not students are meeting or exceeding the standards.

  4. CCSS Assessment System Requirements And … Build upon shared standards for college- and career-readiness; Measure individual growth as well as proficiency; Measure the extent to which each student is on track, at each grade level tested, toward college or career readiness by the time of high school completion;

  5. Provide information that is useful in informing: • Teaching, learning, and program improvement; • Determinations of school effectiveness; • Determinations of principal and teacher effectiveness for use in evaluations and the provision of support; and • Determinations of individual student college and career readiness, such as high school exit decisions, college course placement to credit-bearing classes, or college entrance.

  6. CCSS Assessment System Qualities Include cognitively challenging tasks that measure higher-order thinking and analytic skills, such as reasoning and problem solving; Move beyond a single, end-of-year test Include performance measures and extended tasks that assess college-and career-ready skills Establish a college-and career-ready “anchor” assessment given to all students near the end of high school to indicate whether students are ready for college and careers.

  7. CCSS Assessment Development Funding awarded to two state consortia: The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) 31 states The Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) 26 states Implementation of assessments 2014-2015.

  8. SBAC SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium

  9. SBAC Optional Interim Assessments: • Combination of Computer Adaptive Assessments + Performance Tasks • Full set of grade level standards or smaller set of standards at a deeper level to assess student needs. Summative Assessments: • Performance Tasks (gr. 9 – 11 within context of Science or Social Studies) • End-of-Year Adaptive Assessment (retake option)

  10. SBACPerformance Tasks • Tasks generally will require 2 one hour periods: • Student-initiated planning • Management of information and ideas • Interaction with other materials and/or people • Production of an extended response: • Oral presentation, exhibit, product development or extended written piece. English Language Arts: • 2 tasks (1 reading/1writing) Mathematics: • 2 tasks

  11. PARCC Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers

  12. PARCC Total of 5 Assessment Components -Two will be performance-based tasks: Component 2: Formative mid-year performance tasks (optional) • Administrated in single session • Teachers will be provided with on-line score training tool Component 3: Summative end-of-school • Administrated over several sessions/class periods

  13. PARCCPerformance Tasks • ELA Assessments: • Writing effectively when analyzing text • Mathematics Assessments: • Math practices • Solving multi-step problems Note: Component 3 (Performance Tasks) will be combined with Component 4 (Items) for student’s annual accountability score

  14. AP Advanced PlacementPerformance Tasks

  15. APExam • 34 available AP courses • AP Exam is the culminating performance task and has 2 components: • Multiple choice section that is designed to broadly cover the content of the discipline. • Free response component that is designed to assess students beyond factual knowledge requiring them to interpret information and apply analytical skills.

  16. AP Skills • Focus on an understanding of concepts rather than on memorizing terms and technical details • Prompt students to apply knowledge and critical thinking to social concerns. Emphasize the processes required for specific disciplines. For example: • AP science courses require students to learn specific lab skills. • Students practice scientific inquiry • Designed to contribute to the development of the students’ abilities to think clearly and to express their ideas, orally and in writing, with clarity and logic.

  17. CCSSO Council of Chief State School Officers State Collaborative on Assessment and Student Standards (SCASS)

  18. CCSSO - SCASS SCASS was developed to meet the need for thorough and authentic information regarding student performance in science. Assessments are authentic and incorporate a focus that scientific understanding is essential for informed decision-making. Assessments should provide a context that encourages students to succeed in making meaning of science through scientific inquiry.

  19. CCSSO - SCASS Products show what students know and are able to do in science: Portfolios Long-term Investigations Hands on Performance Activities Integrated Essay Questions Short Constructed Response Items Conceptual Selected Response Items

  20. CCSSO - SCASS Themes provide unifying concepts and guide assessments across the different science disciplines as well as 4 broad subject areas: Constancy and Change Patterns Systems and Interactions Models, Scale and Measurement Form and Function

  21. CCSSO - SCASS Assessments are developed for three levels: • Elementary, • Middle. and • High school

  22. CCSS SBAC PARCC AP CCSSO Summary of Assessments By the Big Island Team: (Sherry, Alan, John, Bess)

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