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Final Jeopardy PowerPoint Presentation
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Final Jeopardy

Final Jeopardy

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Final Jeopardy

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  1. Final Jeopardy Phylogeny

  2. Final Jeopardy What are Bacteria, Archaea and Eucarya The three main categories on the phylogenetic tree of life

  3. $200 What is Supernaturalism? This idea holds that “God” created Life

  4. $400 What is Vitalism? The theory that life is the result of a force like gravity

  5. $600 What is the theory of Panspermia? The theory that life is introduced to the Earth by meteorite impacts

  6. $800 What is the heterotroph Hypothesis or primordial soup theory? The theory that life arises from the build up of organic compounds in the ocean

  7. $1000 Who was A. I. Oparin or J. B. S. Haldane? Proposed the heterotroph hypothesis

  8. $200 What is the simplest definition of evolution? Change

  9. $400 What is a change in gene frequencies in a population over time? The modern definition of evolution

  10. $600 What is Darwin’s definition of evolution? Descent with modifications

  11. $800 What is a fact of evolution? Animals alive today that were not in the past

  12. $1000 What is Macroevolution? Microevolutionary change that builds up over time

  13. $200 What is the length of time life has been evolving on Earth? 3.5 billion years

  14. $400 What was the first form of life on Earth? Bacteria-like organisms

  15. $600 What is process of photosynthesis? This increases the rate of evolution by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere

  16. $800 When did dinosaurs go extinct? 65 million years ago

  17. $1000 What is life moving out onto land? This event sped up the rate of evolution even after the evolution of sex

  18. $200 What are trilobites? Very old arthropods, extinct and related to insects and crabs

  19. $400 What are Ammonites? Related to squids and considered to be the fish of the oceans before fish

  20. $600 What is the Cretaceous? Time period most associated with dinosaurs

  21. $800 What is stasis? Fossils don’t actually tell us about change they really illustrate this idea

  22. $1000 What is amber? Compressed fossilized tree sap that often contains insects

  23. $200 When did modern humans arise? 200,000 years ago

  24. $400 What is binocular vision? Trait inherited from our tree dwelling ancestors that allows us to see in three dimensions

  25. $600 What were Neanderthals? This member of the Genus Homo lived at the same time as us but died out about 25,000 years ago

  26. $800 What is “LUCY”? The most famous Australopithecine

  27. $1000 What is Homo antecessor? Our most recent ancestor of the following: Homo habilis, Homo neanderthalensis, Paranthropus robustus, Homo antecessor

  28. $200 What is extinction? Common in evolutionary history and always associated with environmental change

  29. $400 What is artificial selection? An example of this is the multitude of dog breeds

  30. $600 What is the Precambrian? The oldest geologic time period

  31. $800 What are the characteristics of a good theory? Broad, testable, well supported and useful

  32. $1000 What is contingency? The idea that events in the past effect events in the future

  33. $400 What is the “Origin of Species”? Published in 1859

  34. $800 What are the years of Darwin’s voyage on the Beagle? 1831-1835

  35. $1200 What is natural selection? According to Darwin this is the mechanism by which organisms evolve

  36. $1600 What are the Galapagos islands? Darwin visited these now famous islands near Ecuador in 1832

  37. $2000 What is gradualism? Darwin’s idea concerning the speed at which evolution happens

  38. $400 Who is Charles Lyell? He helped Darwin by describing the Earth as a very old place

  39. $800 Who was Thomas Malthus? He helped Darwin by describing a struggle for existence resulting from over-population

  40. $1200 What is artificial selection? Examples of this phenomenon include animal and plant breeding

  41. $1600 What is the theory of evolution by natural selection Characteristics of this theory include: over-production of offspring and variation in offspring

  42. $2000 What is variation? The most important characteristic of organisms Darwin made on his trip on the Beagle

  43. $400 Who was Aristotle? The scientist that developed the idea of the “Great Chain of Being”

  44. $800 Who was Jean Baptiste Lamarck? A scientist that thought organisms evolved because they saw the “need “ to do so

  45. $1200 Who were Niles Eldridge and Stephen Gould? Scientists that developed the theory of evolution by punctuated equilibrium

  46. $1600 Who were Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase? They developed the theory that all life has DNA as its genetic material