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Does television have a negative influence on children ? PowerPoint Presentation
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Does television have a negative influence on children ?

Does television have a negative influence on children ?

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Does television have a negative influence on children ?

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  1. Does television have a negative influence on children?

  2. Yes, I strongly believe television have a negative impacts on people especially to the children. On television, there is a lot of violence that all of the kids will see and they will think it’s ok to watch. But the reality is it is not ok for kids or adults to watch murders, beatings, rapes, and violence programs rather than doing things that is important for them such as reading, studying and participating outside activities. Let us see the areas that TV force kids into dangerous levels. • Putting kids and adults health at risk • Learn unacceptable behavior • Disconnect them from doing their homework

  3. Putting kids and adults healthy at risk • Watching nonsense things for hours is wasting times and loosing energy for either kids or adults. • Alina " Kids who spend a lot of time in front of TV, they have narrow arteries in eyes which show the Heart risk later in life. On April 20, 2011 a research in Australia has shown that 6 and 7 years old children who spend a lot time in front of TV have narrow arteries in the back of their eyes as compare to those who do not watch much TV and try to create a link between total time of watching TV and Retinal arteries in children." • Another study from" British published in the journal Thorax, shows that children who watch TV for more than 2 hours a day double their risk of developing asthma."

  4. Unacceptable behavior • Television exposes kids to too much violence and teaches them disrespectful behaviors. I believe you (the parents) have responsibility to eliminate bad channels from programs. It is not a child's problem; it’s your problem to fix it. • Watching too much TV will contribute to gain weight. As result of spending hours watching TV and gain weight, later on you worry about their health. Well, it should be prevented away ahead before he or she becomes obese. • According to research from University of Michigan Health System have studied “TV affects kids' sleep, weight, grades, behavior, and more."

  5. Watching TV too much leads to obesity

  6. Disconnect children from doing their homework • The more children spending times watching TV; they less participated social thing with parents or family members. • Some teens are watching TV and doing homework at the same times. You getting distracted by loud sound and less focus on what you are doing. • Lowenstein, Ph. D. Psychologist “By age 18 young people will view an estimated 2000,000 acts of violence alone on TV.”

  7. Here are the Solutions Part • Set some basic rules such as no television before homework is done • No TV during meals. • No TV during family reunion for important events. • Keep TV out of your child’s bedroom and more similar rules like these I think will help kids and teens to guide them on the right ways.

  8. Conclusions • In my point of view, keeping eye on children what channels they are watching and for how long are watching is parent’s huge responsibility. If you failed to do so, there is no way you can blame them after he or she learned bad behaviors from watching television.

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