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BREAKING the “CODE of SILENCE” Carter Myers, AnComm PowerPoint Presentation
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BREAKING the “CODE of SILENCE” Carter Myers, AnComm

BREAKING the “CODE of SILENCE” Carter Myers, AnComm

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BREAKING the “CODE of SILENCE” Carter Myers, AnComm

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  1. BREAKING the “CODE of SILENCE”Carter Myers, AnComm Practical Approaches to Keeping Our Children Safe

  2. Security Consultants “SDL board tables decision on hiring school security consultant” The administration last month proposed hiring National School Security and Safety Services Inc. for $99,500 to analyze SDL's 21 schools... Lancaster Newspapers - Lancaster,PA,USA “Board debates school security audit”At a workshop Thursday, School Board members debated whether to spend about $200,000 to hire a security consultant to examine the county's 50 schools, ... Ocala Star-Banner, FL - Jul 20, 2007 “Dayton School Board Considers Hiring Consultant” The cost ranged from $160,000 for Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corp. in Indiana to $575,550 in the Memphis City Schools. Dayton Business Journal - July 11, 2007“Leader in Anonymous Communication”

  3. Security Cameras “School Security Cameras Still In Boxes” The videosurveillance network was approved for all DISD high schools in 2005 at a cost of $4 million. MyFox Dallas, TX - Jul 17, 2007 “Police believe two recent school break-ins connected” Bergmans said purchasing and installing cameras at a large school such as Barstow High School costs between $100,000 and $125,000. Desert Dispatch, CA - August 3, 2007 New Canaan Advertiser, CT - Jul 13, 2007“Leader in Anonymous Communication”

  4. Metal Detectors “Discouraging news about spending”$50 million could put up metal detectors in every school and add security guards. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI - Jul 5, 2007 Lynn Setzer, spokeswoman for Jefferson County Schools, said school officials rejected suggestions the schools install metal detectors after the 1998 massacre at the district's Columbine High School and a 2006 shooting at Platte Valley High School in Bailey that left a student and the gunman dead. She said there was no evidence metal detectors were effective. Setzer said evidence shows anti-bullying and safety programs do more to prevent violence than metal detectors, which she described as a logistical nightmare for busy schools. She said it would also undermine the learning environment. Fox 31 News Denver, CO Tuesday, July 17, 2007 More than a fifth of the city's public middle and high schools now have permanent metal detectors. For students who attend one of New York City's 86 public schools with permanent metal detectors, simply getting through the door can pose one of the day's biggest challenges. Gotham Gazette, NY - Jul 29, 2007“Leader in Anonymous Communication”

  5. Locks and Fences “Parents concerned about security delay”. . . school purchase the estimated $78,000 buzzer system. Brown County Democrat - Nashville,IN,USA “New chief, upgrades on SDL agenda”Proposed improvements include… installation of a card-access security system ($40,000). Lancaster Newspapers, PA - Jul 16, 2007 “DHS fence: Security or eyesore?” ”I walk by those 12-foot fences at the tennis courts every day ... We do not want to create a prison atmosphere,” Swisher said. The Record-Courier, NV - Aug 2, 2007“Leader in Anonymous Communication”

  6. Security Guards “School cutbacks cost counties valuable resource officers” …a force that's about to be cut in half to save the county $950,000 Daytona Beach News-Journal, FL - 14 hours ago “Mesa school district able to keep half of its officers”The school district decided that it was unable to fund the positions alone, so in the fall, seven of the positions were dropped. The rest of the schools were scheduled to lose their officers for the 2007-08 school year, leaving the Mesa schools, as well as the two junior highs in Gilbert, without officers. East Valley Tribune, AZ - Jul 13, 2007 “Perkins cuts school cops”"The only times a Perkins officer will be at the school is unless they get a call there." Sandusky Register,  USA - Jul 27, 2007“Leader in Anonymous Communication”