staff 19900 training june 15 2009 n.
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Staff 19900 Training June 15, 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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Staff 19900 Training June 15, 2009

Staff 19900 Training June 15, 2009

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Staff 19900 Training June 15, 2009

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  1. Staff 19900 TrainingJune 15, 2009

  2. Definition of Terms • 19900 Budget- The State Allocation of funds to the University of California is commonly called “19900 Funds.” The “Permanent” Sub 1 or allocations made to departmental staff was formerly managed by the Office of the Dean. • Only career employees are found on Sub 1 of this budget. It also covers the cost of benefits for those individuals listed. A department cannot spend more than their allocation. If they do, the amount spent is lost forever.

  3. Temporary Budget-This is the current fiscal year’s budget ending June 30th of the fiscal year. The Detailed General Ledger reports contain information on current fiscal year appropriations (budget) and expenditures. The report is generated on a monthly basis and can be accessed through QDB. • Permanent Budget-This is the fiscal year’s budget beginning July 1st. The budget is for Twelve months; next fiscal year. Effective July 1st, the previous FY permanent budget becomes the current FY temporary budget. After July 1st, the permanent and temporary budgets differ and run parallel to each other.

  4. Staffing List • Staffing List-A Staffing List is produced for each account/cost center in a department that has Sub 1 Funds (permanent budget). A Staffing List contains the following information: • Position Filled; career employee is in the job. • Open Provision Open position; employee has separated, transferred or Changed funds and a replacement is not yet hired. Open Provisions are created, changed and deleted by Departmental 19900 Budget Preparer. • FTE Full Time Equivalent • Gross Salary Monthly Salary Rate x FTE x 12 Months • Budgeted FTE Permanent FTE (from Adjusted Budget Report) • Appropriation Permanent Appropriation (from Adjusted Budget Report) The Staffing List for each account/cost center/fund is organized by Title Code Number; and within Title Code, by the employee’s last name. The Staffing List consists of the names of career employees and open provisions with their FTEs, Monthly Rates and Gross Salaries; the total number of Permanent Budgeted FTEs and Permanent Appropriations are listed at the bottom right side of the Staffing List.

  5. Open Provisions-Open Provisions are created when an employee separates, transfers or is placed on “Other Funds” (not 19900 Funds). Open Provisions are deleted when an employee fills a position on 19900 Funds. Open Provisions are frequently changed when the department has to fund an FTE increase, equity increase, reclassification or above minimum salary hire. • Transfer of Funds-A Transfer of Funds (TOF) is a transfer of budget from one account/cost center/sub to another account/cost center/sub. A transfer may be processed on a temporary basis only, permanent basis only, or a temporary and permanent basis. Also, permanent transfers are used to add, reduce or eliminate permanent FTEs in a position or open provision.

  6. Definition of Terms • Turnover Distribution-Turnover Distribution is an allocation of permanent budget (beginning July 1st x 12 months) for an equity increase, reclassification or hire/promotion/fund change at above minimum salary and Turnover Distribution is only allocated based upon the approval of Office of the Dean. It is the responsibility of the Department to fund the amount for both the permanent and the temporary budget. The Department may use their own funds to supplement Turnover Distribution or may choose to reduce the employee’s FTE on 19900. • Turnover Capture-Turnover Capture occurs when an employee separates, transfers to a different position, or has a fund change. The amount of funds withdrawn from the provision’s permanent budget allocation to Step 1.0 of the Title Code or the Minimum Salary of the Grade.

  7. Range/Merit and Other Augmentations-Most of the career employees on the Staffing List are Non-Represented; the merits are usually effective October 1st. Depending on the budget, the department budgets are augmented on a temporary and permanent basis. • Department Budget Allocations-Since Turnover Distribution is usually allocated only on a permanent basis, department budget allocations are required to fund certain personnel actions during the current fiscal year. The personnel actions requiring temporary department budget allocations are: equity increase, reclassification, and hire/promotion/fund change at above minimum salary. • Department FTE Reductions-Department FTE reductions on Sub 1 of 19900 budgets are sometimes required to fund personnel actions the Department does not have additional permanent budget.

  8. PROCEDURES • BUDGET REQUESTS The administrator will send the budget requests and decisions in writing to the 19900 preparer. • Review Reports: 1. Permanent 19900 Sub 1 Staffing List (Deans Office) 2. Campus Staffing List Detail Report (Document Direct) 3. Adjusted Budget Report Appropriations Detail 4. Departmental log is recommended • Transactions: 1. SLS (i.e. Add/Open, Change, Delete Provision) 2. TOF (i.e. salary increase, Dept. Budget Reorganization)

  9. Staffing List System

  10. F10=Add New

  11. SLS screen

  12. Complete required fieldsEnter and F9 = Update , F5 =Addition e-mail, F10=Comments

  13. SLS to Open Provision Example: Employee separates from UC effective 5/31/09 SLS Entry Fields • Using SLS to open a provision • FAU & Title Code • Assign Prov. No.: 999001 • Provision Type: R=regular (F1 to look up the code) • Monthly Rate: minimum of salary (see Title & Pay Plan). HR Administration • Gross Salary= FTE x monthly rate x 12mos • AREP: F1 to look up (Covered/Uncovered/Supervisor)

  14. Delete ProvisionLocate FAU #: 4-0-2……enter. Enter _D_ for delete

  15. Ready to be deleted

  16. Additional Training Materials • UCLA Academic Planning & Budget Administration Staff Training Materials on SLS & TOF

  17. Transfer of Funds (TOF)

  18. TOF Sample Screen ** Check the box Add CC/Comments

  19. Example: To fund the salary increase (from sub 3 to sub 1)

  20. Worksheet (Excel Template) Example #1: New Hire • Same salary hire • Above minimum salary hire - Option 1: TOF from other sub to cover permanent budget - Option 2: Reduce employee’s FTE - Option 1 and 2

  21. Worksheet (Excel Template) Example 2: Salary Increase Current FTE= .25 , $6128/mo, $18384/yr New Rate $7500 Option #1: TOF $4116 permanent budget to fund the increase Option #2: Reduce employee FTE TOF excess to other (same FAU but different sub) Option #3: ??a combination of both??

  22. EDB Update • When an employee has a temporary fund change, the permanent appointment should be maintained in EDB. • RES (Regular Pay-Suspense) DOS Code should be used in the permanent distribution so that it appears on the staffing lists • The distributions begin and end dates should match the distribution dates with the temporary action

  23. EDB Distribution Lines • 4-account#-19900-01 with end date (like 063009 or beyond 063009)   DOS code = RES ex: 19900-01 begin: 010109 End: 063009 • 4-account#-other non-19900-01 funds with same end date (like 063009) DOS code = REG ex: non-19900-01 begin: 050109 end: 063009

  24. Additional training and follow up in July Sarah x40687 Miranda x43339 Q & A