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A Day Of The Navajo

A Day Of The Navajo

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A Day Of The Navajo

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  1. A Day Of The Navajo By: Tyler Benton

  2. My tribe & region My name is Yuma. That Means Son of a Chief. I am part of the Navajo tribe. My family and I live in the South West region. This is my story …

  3. Journal Entry #1: Food (Summer) Since I am the son of a chief I start hunting at an early age. Today I am learning to hunt rabbit from my elders. I cant wait to hunt the other animals like deer and antelope The elders refuse on the grounds that it is to dangerous to be hunting with the mountain lions and bears around. We also farm Tomorrow I shall be learning to farm with the neighboring tribe the pueblo Americans. We have been learning to farm corn, which I find very yummy. We also farm beans, and melons. I’m off to find that rabbit!

  4. Journal Entry #1: Housing (summer) After I have found that bunny, I came back to the village and walked among the awesome Hogans, our houses. There are two different types of Hogans. The man Hogan and woman Hogans. The man Hogans are dome shaped houses. We cover them with mud for heat regulation. The woman Hogans are the same thing except they look like eight sided log cabins. I enter my Hogan by going through the opening, facing east. We do this because we like to see the sun rise every morn.

  5. Journal Entry #1: Clothing (summer) I have just woken up today. As I get ready to go, I look at the morning sun. I don my rabbit skin cloak over my deer skin shirt and breeches. As I put on my moccasins, I tell my mother that I am heading out for the day to see the people. At about mid day I had to come back home to get my deerskin poncho, for the elders told me it was about to rain.

  6. Journal Entry #1: Tribes Characteristics (summer) I am about to head over to the elders’ Hogan. They are giving me lots of history lessons about how things came to be. This last one was about why only men are allowed to be in the council or to be a chief. All I got out of that is that I am to someday be chief. They have finally stopped that infernal lesson on the account that I write in a journal for 1 week. I all ready do that so it is a win for me! As I was walking back home, I saw a hunting group of men going out to get some food for the tribe.

  7. Journal Entry #1: Tribes Characteristics (summer) Continued I also saw a group of men and woman doing some excellent weaving. Several woman were multi tasking taking care of the children, and doing cooking and cleaning. They still amaze me when they do this.

  8. Journal Entry #2: Terrain (summer) We live in the SW area of the US, or so the leaders say. I am learning about the terrain of the land. I don’t get the purpose of the lessons because we are cramped inside a Hogan when it is easy to see the terrain from standing where I am. The lay of the land is very mountainous. There are four mountains surrounding our territory. They are: wait let me look that up Like I said, those lessons never stick in my head. Ah, here they are They are the Sierra Blanca, the Mount Taylor, the San Francisco, and the Mount Hesperus.

  9. Journal Entry #2: Terrain (summer)Continued The only things that are hard to see are the pine trees the deep canyons, and the plains. UGGGH. The elder has returned. I must flee!!!!!!

  10. Journal Entry #2: Animals (summer) We have been sighting animals in some classes. The most common animals have been lizards and snakes, but my friend Cho Chmo saw a mountain lion. There have also been sightings of deer, rabbits, and prairie dogs. Some people have boasted of seeing bears and coyotes but I don’t have any proof, so I don’t hold them very high.

  11. Journal Entry #2: Plants (summer) UGGH!! It is so barren in our region. There are only some things that grow here. I think that the liveliest thing in our region is the mountains. They are littered with evergreen trees. Every where else only have sagebrush, pinion, and other grasses. Over all I think it is very depressing. Well I’m going off to see my friend Catori!

  12. Journal Entry #3: Weather (summer) The town forecaster has been telling us to expect the worst weather we have seen in years. I think he is just bluffing so he can keep his pace as forecaster. He is suggesting that the weather will change from hot summers and cold winters to having a hurricane every other day. I think he is just crazy in the extreme.

  13. Journal Entry #3: Weather (summer) The most common type of severe weather is a Tornado. The elders say they are extremely dangerous. I have never seen one before but the people that have aren't in a hurry to see another one.

  14. Journal Entry #3: Weather (Summer) The worst weather we have here are Tornadoes. The local forecaster still thinks that there will be one soon. The longest a tornado has lasted around here has been 5 hours long. The shortest tornado has been about 3 minutes. I know this because the log books tell me that is so. Please tell me that you don’t believe the forecaster. PLEASE!!!!!

  15. Journal Entry #3: Weather (Summer) People are building shelters incase of a tornado. If it strikes are basic survival strategy is to get to the nearest shelter and pray that the gods don’t want you killed. I sure hope that they don’t want me killed. If they do, I’m a dead man.

  16. Reflection I think that we are doing really well. I went on a hunting trip with the tribe and got two deer, one mountain lion, and a bear. I killed the bear by myself. We will have a great winter. My father has finally approved me to get a long bow It is going to be made by the finest crafts master in the tribe. No longer shall I be using that flimsy recurve bow. I shall be able to take down a lion with it. This is going to be great.

  17. Reflection #2 I think that this project went really well for me. I enjoyed learning more about the Navajo Indians. I think it was hard to get all of my research down because there was a lot of bock pages on information. I think that you should give me an A because I worked really hard on it. This was a really fun project. I hope we can do something else like this soon.

  18. Sources • • Books • The Navajo; Weavers of the southwest By Theres DeAngelis • The Navajo by Geradine Woods