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The Way Business Operates… PowerPoint Presentation
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The Way Business Operates…

The Way Business Operates…

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The Way Business Operates…

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  1. The Way Business Operates… • Since the mid-70s computer and video games industries have grown from focused markets to mainstream. • Video Games have generated as much as $11 billion in the year 2008, increasing to $15b in 2009 • Developers create the most original and creative idea, target focus groups, sell there product • Today, the video game industry has a major impact on the economy through the sales of major systems and games

  2. How Are the Annual revenues earned today compared to when it started… • In early 70’s development costs were minimal, thus making profits high • Forced to generate creative, original games to keep gamers attention, spend more $$$ in production cost= lower profits • Game Industry facing financial strain, the result : the game developer is essentially dying out or is being incorporated into large publishers

  3. Has the Video Game Business Model Changed • Video games have changed from a single player game to multi- player…to online gaming which can include millions of players at one • Developments such as BETAs have generated free advertisement, free employment, profits can be calculated before game ever releases.

  4. Video Game Family Tree Video Games Nintendo Sony PSP Microsoft DS and DSI WII Play Station 2&3 XBOX 360 PC (Windows)

  5. The People Who deserve the credit… • Independent developer Activision, founded by former Atari developers. Activision grew to become the world's second largest game publisher • JAPAN! : Hiroshi Yamauchi creator of Nintendo • Bill Gates! : Microsoft • Team of artists, musicians, background artist, directors, producers, creators, game testers…and ME AND YOU!!! The consumer

  6. How has It affected society • Video games have boosted creativity, helped the economy through sells and employment • Changed social interaction, improved hand and eye coordination, gaming reality has become a virtual reality to others • Thought online gaming people tend to be less judgmental, racial profiling is a dying issue • Technological advances change are demonstrated through v.g.

  7. Are New technologies affecting the growth..? How are video games responding to the challenges of new technologies? • Modern Technology is changing how our brains work, • Our brains are under the influence of an ever- expanding world of new technology: multichannel television, video games, MP3 players, the internet, wireless networks • At first, gaming wasn't that big of a deal. It was nothing compared to the great television and the brand new 'internet'. But now, gaming is one of the biggest thing in entertainment and media. • Between Consuls and games it has not only revolutionized gaming but technology as well.

  8. GAMING SITES…and Beyond… • GamePro • Blizzard • Nintendo • Microsoft • XBOX • Playstation • Playstation 2 • Playstation 3 • PLAY • DS Games • ZINGER Gaming • ZULU • DS • DSI • PSP • PCGAMING

  9. My Favorite Medium because… • My favorite form of medium is Video Games. Like any other gamer, games has been part of my life since a kid. A part of me can honestly say video games helped my parents raise me. It is an interesting aspect to know that video games is no longer just another “hobby” but peoples entire life, we are the video game and I hope it continues to do great things and progress as far as technology can take it.

  10. THE END