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Castles of North Wales PowerPoint Presentation
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Castles of North Wales

Castles of North Wales

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Castles of North Wales

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  1. Castles of North Wales made by Victoria ChurokayevaAlyonaKorobietskaya, students of group R-122

  2. Caernarfon Castle Prices: Adults £4.90 Concession £4.50. Family Ticket:- £15.00. Caernarfon is possibly the most famous of Wales's castles. Begun in 1283 by Edward 1, the castle was constructed not only as a military stronghold but also as a seat of government and royal palace. Standing at the mouth of the Seiont river, the fortress dominates the walled town also founded by Edward I. Caernarfon's symbolic status was emphasized when Edward made sure that his son, the first English Prince of Wales, was born here in 1284. In 1969, the castle gained worldwide fame as the setting for the Investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales.

  3. Adults £3.50, Concessions £3.00.Family Ticket £10.00 Beaumaris Castle Beaumaris Castle is situated in the town of Beaumaris, Anglesey, north Wales. The word beaumaris comes from the phrase 'beau marais' meaning 'fair marsh'. King Edward I built this castle in 1295as one of the 'iron ring' of North Wales Castles, to try and stamp his authority on the Welsh. This castle is possibly the most sophisticated example of medieval military architecture in Britain. It was built with an almost geometric symmetry.

  4. Bodelwyddan Castle Adults £6.95 Concession £5.85. Family Ticket:- £17.00. BodelwyddanCastle is situated in Denbighshire, North Wales. Set in 260 acres of magnificent parkland, the Castle is a partner of the National Portrait Gallery and is open to the public most days throughout the year. The grounds of the Castle boasts large areas of formal garden and natural woodland. It is an ideal location for a family day out as there are lots of things to do and see.

  5. Conwy Castle Adults - £4.50, Concession - £4.00. Family Ticket - £14.00 This castle was built by the English monarch Edward 1 between 1283 and 1289, commands a rock overlooking the Conwy Estuary with breathtaking views across the mountains and sea. The castle also overlooks its picturesque town of Conwy which is a classic walled town - one of the finest in the world.

  6. Harlech Castle Adults - £3.50 Concession - £300 Family - £10.00 Harlech Castle was one of the many fortresses built by Edward 1st as one of his 'iron ring' castles designed to contain the Welsh in their mountains. Breathtaking views can be seen from the battlements as its siting, overlooking Snowdonia and the seas, was purposeful as seaborne access is crucial in times of siege. In 1404 the Welsh leader Owain Glyndwr captured the castle and a long siege.

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