tips for better and effective maintenance of furnace n.
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Tips for Better and Effective Maintenance of Furnace PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips for Better and Effective Maintenance of Furnace

Tips for Better and Effective Maintenance of Furnace

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Tips for Better and Effective Maintenance of Furnace

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  1. Tips for Better and Effective Maintenance of Furnace

  2. Like any other equipment, your furnace would age and would require replacement. It is proper furnace maintenance that would extend its life. Many times it happens that home owners purchase a whole new unit while the fact is that they only need a small repair or furnace maintenance. Here are a few important tips that you need to know:

  3. Replace Air Filter • A very important aspect of the maintenance of your furnace is the air filter. It is important to replace and clean your air filter frequently. If it is a washable filter then you should wash it on a regular basis. If it is a disposable filter make sure you replace it depending on how quickly it gathers debris and dirt. The filter is very important since it makes sure that dirt won’t enter the furnace. Therefore it is crucial that you regularly check the filter to see if it has accumulated dirt.

  4. Test the thermostat • Before the arrival of winters when it would become very cold outside, it is important that you check and ensure that your thermostat is working properly. You can set your thermostat to a warmer temperature and then wait for the furnace to start later on. For accurate analysis you should leave your furnace running to see if it reaches its desired temperature.

  5. Clean the blower • Most people are aware of cleaning and replacing the air filters regularly but it is also important to clean the blower as well. When the furnace works, some of the dirt and debris that filter stops makes its way through the blower system. The dirt and debris that can get collected here can create a lot of problems overtime. After removing the panels that cover the blower, wipe the blower and the pulleys with a damp cloth.

  6. Clean the vents • Furnace systems are connected to a venting system. This ventilation system can get blocked with passage of time. Large amounts of dust and debris can get collected at the ventilation system. Use a brush to clean all the vents or you can even use a vacuum cleaner.

  7. For more about Furnace maintenance and professional help: •