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Strategy for Facebook marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Strategy for Facebook marketing

Strategy for Facebook marketing

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Strategy for Facebook marketing

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  1. Strategy for Facebook marketing Ideas for today and tomorrow. By Alan @

  2. Facebook marketing checklist to help grow your fan base. Good cover photo and profile pic. Good about me. Facebook ads.  Facebook competitions. Post regularly. Use Likealyzer. 

  3. Facebook ads.  Promote your Facebook page with ads. a few cents each before and for that cheap you can easily build a decent following with just a small investment.  Ads will appear in desktop news feed of the people who like your page and even appear on the right side of the Facebook screen.

  4. Good cover photo and profile pic.  The first thing people see is profile pic and cover photo. Attached the size chart above to help you use the right sized pics.

  5. Good “about me.” Make sure your about me explains what you do and try to make it should a little interesting so people want to follow you. Keep it short and sweet and also make sure to add your url below to drive traffic to your blog or website.

  6. Facebook competitions. Use competitions to grow your likes and subscriber list You can create a competition for best caption or best photo. You can also create a sweepstake to build your email list. I recommend using zosocial as it’s one of the most easiest to use and has plenty of awesome features.

  7. Recommendation Post regularly. Aim to post about 3 times a day as this will increase the likely hood of your post being seen and will increase your engagement. Try to use variety in your posts types, so have a mixture of pics, text, and link posts. Ask questions. Get engagement with your fans by asking questions. I found that but asking questions regularly your can generate lots of engagement which will increase the likely hood of them becoming customers in the future. Use Likealyzer. In this last point I just wanted to share with you an awesome free tool that I use to see the effectiveness of my Facebook page. That tool is Likalyzer you can check it out here. It also give recommendations to increase your page rank. After using this tool I usually double my ranking in just a week or so.

  8. So there you have it 6 easy to follow steps that are sure to increase your engagement and increase your page likes. I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did please share so that other people may benefit from it also. See more at: