kinds of adverbs n.
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  1. KINDS OF ADVERBS 4 Verb Modifiers

  2. What is an Adverb? • AN ADVERB (Latin, ad, to; verbum, verb) IS A WORD ADDED TO A VERB, ADJECTIVE, OR ANOTHER ADVERB TO MODIFY THEIR MEANING. • He is working now. (verb modifier) • They are exceptionally skilful. (adjective modifier) • Andrew reacted to the news rather casually. (adverb modifier)

  3. 4 kinds of adverbs 1. HOW? 4. HOW MUCH? 3.WHEN? 2. WERE? MANNER TIME DEGREE PLACE

  4. ly 1. Adverb of Manner ly • ADVERB OF MANNER TELLS HOW AN ACTION IS DONE. • The boy ran SWIFTLY? HOW did the boy run? SWIFTLY • The girl SLOWLY walked to school? Walked HOW? SLOWLY • Adv of Manner answers the question HOW? swiftly slowly magnificently played how

  5. when? 2.Adverb of Time soon time now then • ADV. OF TIME TELLS WHEN AN ACTION IS DONE • He spoke to me YESTERDAY. Spoke WHEN? YESTERDAY • They answer the question “WHEN?” today yesterday now spoke when? later now later when? then recently

  6. 3. Adv of Place today far near here there • ADV. OF PLACE TELLS WHERE AN ACTION IS DONE • He came HERE. Came WHERE? HERE • It answers the question WHERE? ADV OF TIME TELLS WHERE AN ACTION IS DONE here came where? here up inside where? where? where? nearby smoke where? beside

  7. ADV OF DEGREE TELLS HOW MUCH AN ACTION IS DONE OR HOW OFTEN OR TO WHAT EXTENT I AWAYS do my homework. Do HOW OFTEN? ALWAYS Answer the question TO WHAT DEGREE? 4. Adverb of Degree very almost sometimes rarely too never usually seldom really often once completely partially

  8. ADJECTIVES CLEAR sky. BEAUTIFUL song. SOFT voice. An ADJECTIVE fills this blank: “He / She / It is very___. Adjectives modify nouns Adj. goes before a noun or after a linking verb. ADVERBS saw CLEARLY. sang BEAUTIFULLY. spoke SOFTLY. ADJECTIVES BECOME ADVERBS BY ADDING -LY Adverbs modify verbs Adverb goes with or after a verb saw clearly clear sky Adjectives vs. Adverbs beautiful song sang beautifully

  9. verb modifier Recalling Adverbs manner time place degree • 4 KINDS OF ADVS: MANNER, TIME, PLACE, DEGREE • 3 FUNCTIONS: MODIFIES VERB, ADJECTIVE, OR ANOTHER ADVERB • MANNER: Spoke how? sweetly • TIME: Spoke when? yesterday • PLACE: Spoke where? here • DEGREE: Spoke to what degree? Very Modifies verb, adj. & adv, pounced swiftly pounced yesterday pounced here pounced often