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Succession Plan 2006 PowerPoint Presentation
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Succession Plan 2006

Succession Plan 2006

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Succession Plan 2006

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  1. Succession Plan 2006 What does this mean for the Sussex Academy?

  2. What is succession planning? • Strategic plan to identify and develop people for target levels who could fill a variety of leadership positions. • Holistic approach to developing leadership skills and potential “in-house.” • A move away from a replacement planning model.

  3. Where have we been ? Our Executive Board utilized retired district administrators who had vast knowledge of the integral parts of school leadership from building to “district office” to DOE networking. Team Leaders have been part of the decision making process since our inception. Staff members have been on a variety of committees, thus, also a part of the decision making process.

  4. What’s Happening? Dr. Oliphant is NOT retiring! • We are participating in a program for succession planning. The objective is to establish a pool of potential candidates for leadership positions within the school and throughout the state. • We have been awarded a two-year grant of $2500.00 • Provides: • Funds for substitutes while attending the bi-monthly meetings • Release time for teachers • Support for participants of training programs

  5. SAELP?State Action for Educational Leadership Project • We have written a plan • We have identified our first “pool” of candidates as our team leaders • Given team leaders opportunities to participate in more relevant operational experiences. • Networked with other districts about planning, barriers, training, and documents to aid in the process. • Developed a profile of specific competencies, experiences, and knowledge for each of our key leadership roles. Website: - click on “new to this site”

  6. Relevant operational experiences. . . • Coordinating and administering the summer school program • Learning the administration of eSchoolPlus • Become part of the school finance committee • Inclusion in school improvement and the Quality Review process • DSTP coordination, reporting, and evaluation of the data • Student and school accountability • Grant information, how to obtain grants, how to monitor a grant • Other school administrative duties

  7. Implementation of our model • Administrative mentor programs and opportunities to shadow an administrator. • Reflect upon our progress and amend the plan as necessary • Have our potential candidates rotate through different “jobs” • Further develop and fine-tune our evaluation process • Participate in professional development opportunities, clusters, college course work, participation in the Delaware Assessment Center activities • Participation in sister district workshops for aspiring administrators.

  8. Where are we going? • Goals for 2006 include: • Identification and inclusion of additional candidates in the future • Establish a knowledgeable and skillful pool of aspiring administrators. • Development of a plan to sustain the succession initiatives beyond the grant timeframe.

  9. Questions? • How will this plan affect me? • Will other people have opportunities to participate or inform administrators of an interest in succession? • Others?