the new dhr learning management system n.
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The new DHR Learning Management System PowerPoint Presentation
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The new DHR Learning Management System

The new DHR Learning Management System

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The new DHR Learning Management System

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  1. The new DHRLearning Management System A new way to register for classes… Click the mouse or press the enter key to advanced to each new slide.To return to previous slides, press the Page Up key.

  2. To go to the LMS: • Open your Internet Browser • In the Address bar • Press the Enter key on the keyboard The logon screen of the LMS shouldnow appear in the browser window.

  3. logon

  4. To logo on to the LMS: • In the Learner Code box,type your Employee ID number(you can find this number at the top of your pay check stub) • In the Password box,type DHRLMS(this needs to be typed all in uppercase;password will appear as asterisks) • Press the Enter key on the keyboardor use the mouse to click on the “log on” link

  5. You will now be in the LMS This section will be customized for your office or division.

  6. To register for a HRMD computer class: With your mouse, click on the “OHRMD Training Classes” link.

  7. Whenever you get an error that looks like this,just click the “No” button.

  8. Here, click the type of training you want: For example, if you want to take a GroupWise class, you will click on Computer Training; General

  9. At this screen, click the course you want(in this example we’ll select GroupWise Basics) You may need to use the scroll bars to see the entire list.

  10. To view dates of scheduled classes for the course you selected, click on “view event information”

  11. To register, click the “enroll” link next to the class you want to take

  12. You will now be registered for the class If the class is full, you willbe put on the waiting list.

  13. Ready to give it a try? Just click here to start: DHR Learning Management System