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Washington Village PowerPoint Presentation
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Washington Village

Washington Village

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Washington Village

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    1. Washington Village/Pigtown Neighborhood Planning Council Working Towards Environmental Justice with Collaboration, Communication, and Community

    3. Project Partners at Onset Local Affected Communities: Washington Village/ Pigtown Community Community Partners: Friends of Carroll Park Tri-Churches Housing, Inc. Pauls Place St. Jeromes Head Start Parks and People Foundation Local and State Government Agencies: Department of Parks and Recreation-Forestry Division Maryland Department of the Environment Academic Partners: Peoples Community Health at Open Gates University of Maryland School of Nursing

    4. Collaborative Partners Participating or Added During the Project Citizens of Pigtown Community Association Morrell Park Community Association Barre Circle Homeowners Association Roadhouse Sq. Homeowners Association Ridgeleys Delight Homeowners Association Baltimore Community Foundation Baltimore City Department of Public Waste Baltimore City Department of Recycling Baltimore City Department of Recreation- Bureau of Parks George Washington Elementary school Diggs/ Johnson Middle School Charles Carroll Barrister Elementary School Mayors Office of Neighborhoods Green Building Task Force MD. Commission of Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities Washington Village / Pigtown Developers Association

    5. Continued Collaborative Partners Baltimore City Division of Community Services Baltimore City Department of Transportation- Division of Lighting Civic Leadership Conference of Northwestern and Johns Hopkins Universities Americorps (National Civilian Community Corps) Bon Secours Foundation University of Maryland School of Nursing 313th Movement Control Battalion, U.S. Army Reserves Community Partnership Program of Baltimore City Housing Authority Empower Baltimore Management Corporation Civic Works of Baltimore Coalition to End Lead Poisoning Abitibi Paper Recyclers

    6. WPNPC Project Strategy (Dont Reinvent the Wheel!) Increase Stake-holders and number of collaborate partners Enhance partnerships with university and educational research institutions, while continuing to educate via local schools Check in with, and inform, community residents of projects, goals, and how they can participate Use Synergy from one or two events/projects to fuel others. Celebrate successes and document them: Tell a Story Grab the kids attention to the issues and connect the dots so that they get it: i.e. Clean It Like You Mean It rap Utilize resources available to augment your efforts (e.g., Interns( Use all partnership and stakeholders to incase potential funding streams for your goals Focus on sustainability through partnership to continue successful efforts

    7. WPNPC Project Results The success of this project is attributable to excellent project management, coupled with clear strategies for meeting each of the goals above. The excellent project management of this project is reflected in the clarity and completeness of progress reports, which consistently and meaningfully connect the reported activities and outputs to one of more of the stated goals. 40 tons of trash removed from 11/05-04/06 but 120 tons of trash removed from 10/06-05/07 due to increase partnership and participation Distribution 4000 Talkin Trash pamphlets and 1500 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle pamphlets has raised community awareness of health risks, and of the need to recycle In 3 month period, June-September, 2006, there was a 150% increase in households recycling in the area Partnership with University of Maryland School of Nursing led to curriculum and instruction of 4th grade students on Clean It Like You Mean It, and trash hazards.

    8. Results continued Coverage of the Clean It Like You Mean It campaign reach tot the media and to the Mayors Office of Neighborhoods . . . . . . . Which lead to the connection with the Americorps Volunteer, who have had over 350 of their members participate in cleanups in Washington Village/Pigtown in 2006 and 2007 for their kick-off to their year of service . . . Which led to recognition from the Maryland Department of the Environmental via designation of Washington Village/Pigtown a an Environmental Benefits Districts . . . Which led to WPNPC participation on the State of Maryland Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities WPNPC efforts began to draw attention of green develops, and WPNPC fostered formation and development of the Washington Village/Pigtown Developers Association WPNPC Community Safety Apprentices partner under our Community Partnership with Housing to cit housing/sanitation violations with a wrnaing letter to residents

    9. Results continued WPNPC participates in the University of Maryland School of Medicines 200th anniversary by providing six sites for 130 students to do a community service day Newly appointed city Department of Public Works official participate in WPNPC Celebration Event and Public Safety committee Tot Lot Walkathon at Carroll Park raises monies for Christmas 2007 Bazaar for needy children WPNPC selected to participate as one of the three (out of 29) nationwide Collaborate Problem Solving sites under the Environmental Protection Agencys Environmental Justice program to present best practices and successes to in-coming grantees.