decorative fireplace ideas to spruce up your living room n.
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Decorative Fireplace Ideas to Spruce Up Your Living Room PowerPoint Presentation
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Decorative Fireplace Ideas to Spruce Up Your Living Room

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Decorative Fireplace Ideas to Spruce Up Your Living Room

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Decorative Fireplace Ideas to Spruce Up Your Living Room

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  1. Decorative Fireplace Ideas to Spruce Up Your Living Room

  2. A fireplace does more for your home than simply providing warmth. The fireplace is that part of your home around which members of the family gather to enjoy good times together. Very often, you are likely to entertain guests around the fireplace, special occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving also call for fireplace gatherings of friends and family, and as such it is easy to see how aesthetic and practical fireplace decorative ideascan appeal to everyone. Bearing this in mind; listed below are classic fireplace decorative tips that can spruce up just about any living room.

  3. Appropriate Accessories for Your Marble Fireplace Surround If your fireplace surround is made from luxurious marble, it is important that you pick and choose accessories and décor for the fireplace area that matches the luxurious aesthetics you are trying to maintain. Very often people place works of art on the fireplace mantel which is a classic example of fireplace surround décor. Similarly, it must be noted that a classic set of fireplace tools such as an antique design wrought iron fireplace tools set contained in a wrought iron stand, is often setup up beside a marble fireplace for that chic antique look. Furthermore, the contrast between a set of black wrought iron fireplace tools in classic antique styles, and marble modern fireplaces, are the perfect examples of contrasting décor and aesthetics in the living room area.

  4. Do’s and Don'ts of Fireplace Décor • While there are a number of ways in which you can incorporate the right aesthetics into your fireplace area, there are certain do’s and don’ts that set the tone of what you should and should not do. They are as listed below. • The internet is a brilliant place for fireplace décor idea; just Google ‘Fireplace Décor' and you will know what we mean • It is best to keep away highly inflammable décor items away from your fireplace • When decorating your fireplace for occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving, pay attention to ensuring that decorative items like Christmas Trees, baubles and other festive theme decorations are a safe distance away from your fireplace. • Expensive works of art on materials such as canvas, may not be ideal for placement on your fireplace mantel. The heat and fumes emanating from your fireplace can have damaging effects on such valuable works of art. • Statues and figurines are an excellent idea for fireplace surround décor; just be sure to choose from cast stone and marble statues and figurines, that perfectly match with a marble or cast stone fireplace.

  5. In conclusion, while incorporating these decor ideas into your living space and around your fireplace; it does help to be able to source all needed accessories from one definitive retailer and Artisan Kraft Fireplaces is the retailer to reckon with in this regard. Head to to view their complete inventory of chic fireplace toolsets, marble figurines and statues, decorative fireplace mantels, and more. This is definitely your one-stop shop for all your fireplace needs.

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