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  2. JOIN DECA AND REACH YOUR DREAMS ….REWARDS YOU WILL GAIN BY JOINING DECA ….Bring the “Real World” to your classroom ….Scholarship Opportunities ….Watch first hand as your students apply the skills you have taught in the classroom ….WATCH YOUR STUDENTS GROW PERSONALLY AND PROFESSIONALY

  3. Why your colleagues joined DECA.. • Lori Piotrowski-Lancaster “ I was a DECA member in high school and I gained more out of DECA than I did in my other classes. By participating in the conferences and working with other students I gained self confidence, made friends, while having a ton of fun

  4. Lindsay Mandell-Plainview Old Bethpage I am a DECA advisor because seeing my students succeed and get interested in the business world generates excitement for everyone, the school, the students and the community.The hands on knowledge that your students will gain can never be measured

  5. Rick Vine-Great Neck South • I became a DECA Advisor not just because students want to compete but because I want them to succeed and DECA provides the opportunity to meet success while learning about specialized areas of business

  6. Alan Balsdon- Williamsville South When I watch my students come out of their shells and work with each other it is one of the best experiences an advisor can have. DECA helps to generate the enrollment in our business department and is the driving force behind students wanting to take our classes.

  7. Why Students Join DECA • Keith-Oceanside HS- I love sports and DECA allows me to network with industry leaders • Caitlyn—Hamburg HS-I joined DECA because my sister was in DECA and I saw how involved she was and how she gave back to the community • Zack-Great Neck HS- DECA has opened so many doors for me I was able to get into the college of my choice and it was all because DECA allowed me to gain confidence in my presentations. • Ethan—Roy Ketcham- when I started HS I really had no clue what I wanted to do with my life, however, when I joined DECA it allowed me to see the many career choices available to me

  8. HOW DO I GET STARTED Contact Ellen Katz, Chairperson ………..or…………… Complete the on line sign up form Name____________ School___________ Email____________ Comments________

  9. RECOGNITIONS AND REWARDS Chapter Reward--Increase last year’s membership by ten and you will be rewarded with an extra competitive event slot at the State Career Conference. Advisor Reward---Connect with our Business Partners and infuse new material into the curriculum and provide your students with the opportunity to network as they investigate career choices. Go the next step and be part of ICDC----recognition award to be presented to the Chapter that has the greatest increase in membership and offered a LDA slot at ICDC • The Board Representative that recruits, and rosters the greatest number of new chapters and members will receive DECA Dollars towards ICDC

  10. REQUIREMENTS Be a classroom teacher 10 Students willing to accept the challenge Approval of your School Administration

  11. FOLLOW UP • Each member of the New York DECA Board will be charged with contacting the schools in their Region that offer Business Ed programs and inviting them to join • A membership committee will be in place to follow up with the Regional Reps and make sure potential new chapters are being contacted and being left to fend for themselves • Current Chapters will be challenged to add new members and receive that new slot.

  12. For Additional Information • • Follow us on facebook- New York DECA 2011 DARE TO DREAM! JOIN NEW YORK DECA!