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Civil War Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Civil War Review

Civil War Review

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Civil War Review

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  1. Civil War Review

  2. What happened when the Southern states seceded?

  3. They broke their ties to the United States forming their own country, called the Confederate States of America.

  4. Who was president of the Confederacy?

  5. Jefferson Davis

  6. What was the Confederacy?

  7. The slaveholding states that seceded from the Union.

  8. What category did the North have the biggest advantage?

  9. What percent of total population did the South have?

  10. During the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln spoke of “the great task remaining before us.” This task was to

  11. to bring the country back together again.

  12. What was Ulysses S. Grant’s major role in the Civil War?

  13. To lead the Union army to victory

  14. What was a new type of ship used during the war?

  15. ironclads

  16. He was the leading general of the Confederacy.

  17. Robert E. Lee

  18. What was the name of the most famous black regiment?

  19. 54th Massachusetts, who became famous during the attack on Fort Wagner.

  20. Why did the soldiers from the North have an advantage over soldiers from the South?

  21. The North had far more resources than the South.

  22. What is the name of the fort where the Civil War began?

  23. Fort Sumter

  24. After this battle, Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. It was also the bloodiest day in U.S. History.

  25. The Battle of Antietam

  26. The Emancipation Proclamation declared that

  27. enslaved persons in the Confederate states would be freed.

  28. Which candidate won the most popular votes?

  29. What was the first battle of the Civil War fought on Northern soil?

  30. The Battle of Antietam

  31. What new weapons led to an increased casualty rates?

  32. News rifles and bullets, ironclad ships

  33. This was where the surrender of the Civil War was signed.

  34. Appomattox Court House

  35. What advantages did the soldiers from the South have?

  36. They were fighting close to home • They had better generals • They were closer to their supplies

  37. What body of water is the Siege of Vicksburg near?

  38. Where were most of the battles of the war fought?

  39. How did Gettysburg and Antietam differ from most of the battles fought during the war?

  40. Both were in the North

  41. What was important about the 54th Massachusetts Regiment?

  42. They made up one of the first African-American regiments of the war

  43. Why was the Gettysburg important?

  44. The South would never invade the North again • The battle was the turning point of the war • Lincoln gave a famous speech there after the battle

  45. What does each area on the map represent?

  46. What was Ulysses S. Grant’s role in the war?

  47. Commander of the Union army at the end of the war • Accepted Lee’s surrender at Appomattox

  48. Abraham Lincoln

  49. President of the Union • Issued the Emancipation Proclamation • Gave the Gettysburg Address

  50. John Wilkes Booth