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Welcome to Destination ImagiNation ® © 2007 Destination ImagiNation, Inc. DI_Intro_2007.ppt ... Just Imagine - a program where young people build confidence through learning - a program where discovery is the only teacher

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  1. Welcome to Destination ImagiNation® © 2007 Destination ImagiNation, Inc. DI_Intro_2007.ppt

  2. ... Just Imagine - a program where young people build confidence through learning - a program where discovery is the only teacher - a program that builds lifelong learning and problem-solving skills Made Possible by

  3. Overview • What is DestinationImagiNation®? • Philosophy and Goals • International membership • Program structure • Team Challenges for 2007-2008 program year • Participation • The DI Season • Parents’ roles • Reasons to be a Destination ImagiNation® Team Manager • Final Thoughts Who we are, why we do it, and why the participants have fun!

  4. DestinationImagiNation® is . . . • the largestcreativity, teamwork and problem solving program in the world! • available in 50 states and 40 countries • sponsored by Destination ImagiNation, Inc. a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation ...in which the teams have fun and learn without realizing it!

  5. DestinationImagiNation® . . . • Provides opportunities to explore and discover unlimited creative potential through teamwork, cooperation, and mutual respect. • Encourages competence in, enthusiasm for, and commitment to real-life problem solving. The key to the Destination ImagiNation® program is discovering and applying the process of Creative Problem Solving. The kids discover problem-solving techniques

  6. A Small Sample of DestinationImagiNation® Affiliates Volunteer organizations all over the US and the world

  7. DestinationImagiNation® teaches... • Creativity • Creative problem-solving skills • Teamwork to solve Challenges, both sustained and impromptu • No single answer - open-ended Challenges • Balance time, budget, ideas • Performance and Improvisational skills • Technical Skills • Creative use of materials All in a supportive environment where allideas are team-generated so that team members have ownership of the solution. Total team-generated solution without adult “Interference”

  8. DestinationImagiNation®Program Structure • Teams of 2-7 participants • They learn the Creative Problem Solving process and tools to help them, as a team, solve a Team Challenge over a sustained amount of time, as well as practice the application of the skills in impromptu challenges called Instant Challenges • Culmination of their work is showcased at Destination ImagiNation® Tournaments Local, Regional and Affiliate Tournaments,  and Destination ImagiNation, Inc. Global Finals What they learn on this journey are the real rewards of the program! Tournaments are incredible expositions of the teams’ creativity

  9. DestinationImagiNation®  – Team Challenge Teams use art, technology and performance as they tackle one of five Team Challenges. Team Challenge solutions can take from several weeks to several months to develop. Teams must do research and experimentation needed to solve every aspect of the Team Challenge and develop a Presentation that demonstrates the team’s solution. Teams work together to solve complex problems

  10. Team Challenges for 2007-2008 • A: Obstacles, Of Course! • Technical Design and Construction, Innovation and Design Process, Mathematics, Experimentation, Theater Arts, Teamwork • Design & construct Obstacle Course, 3 to 10 obstacles • Design & construct a Vehicle that will travel obstacle course • Create an original non-verbal Story about overcoming Obstacle(s) • Create two Side Trips and integrate them into the Presentation Go to www.destinationimagination.org for complete Challenge descriptions

  11. Team Challenges for 2007-2008 • B: Hit or Myth • Science, Theater Arts, Research, Teamwork, International Studies • Create and present a theatrical performance with an original Story about a Myth, Urban Legend or Folk Tale set in a Nation other than your own • Design and carry out a Myth Investigation that investigates fact(s) about the team’s Myth. Results are presented as part of your Story • Create a Myth-Ecol Replica from the team’s chosen Nation, using recyclable materials • Create two Side Trips and integrate them into the Presentation Go to www.destinationimagination.org for complete Challenge descriptions

  12. Team Challenges for 2007-2008 • C: DI’ve Got a Secret • Playwriting, Theater Arts (Design, Construction, Costumes and Set Pieces), Optical Physics, Teamwork • Create & present a theatrical performance of an original Story about a Secret • Create a Masquerade Character that appears to be something or someone until its true identity is revealed • Integrate a team-created Optical Illusion into Story • Design and create three Set Pieces that will be connected to form a new Set Piece or Backdrop • Create two Side Trips and integrate them into the Presentation Go to www.destinationimagination.org for complete Challenge descriptions

  13. Team Challenges for 2007-2008 • D: Chorific! • Improvisational Acting, Story Development, Theater Arts, Sound Design • Create a six-minute Improvisational Skit about an ordinary, randomly selected Chore in a 30-minute timed period at the Tournament. • Attempt to overcome two randomly selected Obstacles, both related to the Chore, in your skit • Demonstrate one Improvisational Technique during your skit • Integrate a Famous Person, randomly selected from a list of people the team has previously researched, into your skit Go to www.destinationimagination.org for complete Challenge descriptions

  14. Team Challenges for 2007-2008 • E: Switch! • Architectural Design, Structural Engineering, Construction, Research, Innovation and Design Process, Mathematics, Theater Arts, Teamwork • Design and build a Structure made completely of Wood and Glue and test it for strength by stacking weights on it in two different Orientations • Have a two-minute Stop Time while the team removes the weights after the first test and places the Structure on a different side for the second test. Present a Freeze-Frame scene • Research a manufactured item, called a SWITCH! Item that can serve more than one purpose • Create and present a Story in which the team demonstrates two different purposes for the SWITCH! Item • Create two Side Trips and integrate them into the Presentation Sponsored by: Go to www.destinationimagination.org for complete Challenge descriptions

  15. Team Challenges for 2007-2008 A non-competitive Team Challenge for 4-7 year olds • Rising Stars!®: TwisDId History! Imagining Possibilities, Storytelling, Research, History, Geometric Shapes, Performing in front of an audience, Working with others Your Challenge is to choose something that happened in the past and change it. You will make up a Play that will tell the story of how your team changed history. Your story will have a beginning, a middle and an end. You will have characters in your Play, and you will also make up a song. You will make a Magical Prop that is made up of different shapes. The Magical Prop will help you change history. Go to www.destinationimagination.org for complete Challenge descriptions

  16. DestinationImagiNation® – Instant Challenge Instant Challenges teach participants to take what life is handing them moment to moment. These Challenges spark and quickly capture the team members’ wild imaginations by requiring them to solve a challenge quickly and decisively. Instant Challenges teach young people to think quickly with confidence

  17. Participant Eligibility • Pre-school thru College Participants compete in four age-based or grade-based Levels: • Elementary (3rd thru 5th grade), • Middle (6th thru 8th Grade), • Secondary (High School), • University or DI Extreme® • Rising Stars!®(Ages 4-7) is non-competitive No formal academic requirements

  18. What’s Expected of Participants • They must be willing to work as part of a team • Choose & develop the solution • Listen, evaluate and build upon teammates’ ideas • Generate and focus on options for the team’s solution • Present the solution Teamwork teaches leadership and compromise

  19. The DI Program Season • Team building exercises • Understanding the Team Challenge • Application of Creative Problem Solving process • Generating and focusing of ideas and options • Working, refining, and more refining • Technical elements, props, costumes, script... • Lots of practice for Instant Challenge • Local trips for junk and supplies • Practice dry-run (town or school presentation) • Tournament time (when it all comes together!) And lots of snacks

  20. Stages of the DI Program Season Time flies when you’re having fun

  21. Skill Development • Teamwork • Problem solving • Cooperation • Collaboration • Time management • Communication Lifelong skills

  22. Volunteer/Parent Roles • Team Manager/Assistant • Most rewarding role • Tournament Officials & Volunteers • All levels of competition • Workshops • Parent helper • Snacks, errands, field trips • Transporting/storing props • Skill presentations • Support your children and the Program Volunteers make this program possible

  23. Top Ten Reasons to be a DestinationImagiNation® Team Manager • Party conversations become a breeze…you’ll always have an answer to “What’s new with you?” • Keeping up with your team keeps you forever young (…or gives your hair those distinguished silver highlights). • “Destination ImagiNation® Team Manager” looks good on resume. • “No Interference” rule means “It’s not your job to solve the Challenge.” • Team Managing expands your shopping horizons… hardware stores take on a whole new look. • You have the opportunity to travel with lots of children to exotic locations … by van and bus. • Destination ImagiNation® expands your stockpile of useful junk. • Team materials hide nasty scratches on your dining table. • Destination ImagiNation® cures the mid-winter blues. Time flies when you’re having fun! Only with volunteer Team Managers, can there be teams

  24. Bonus Reasons to be a DestinationImagiNation® Team Manager • Opportunity to teach real-world life-long skills to a bunch of young people you’ll learn to love. • The satisfaction of seeing a bunch of disorganized young people come together as a team to create a unique solution that they can be proud of. • They’ll rub off on you, and you’ll be more creative as well. You can have a tremendous impact on a great bunch of kids

  25. What Business is Saying… “Destination ImagiNation® participants STAND OUT among our new employees. Their presence, confidence and ability to lead put them YEARS AHEAD of their age and experience.  Destination ImagiNation® is making a difference in the high-tech future on a global basis.” --Roger Garriock, Former IBM Canada director of e-commerce development Destination ImagiNation® gives our kids an edge!

  26. ® “Imaginationis more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world!” -Albert Einstein Destination ImagiNation ® International Sponsor © 2007 Destination ImagiNation, Inc.

  27. Registration Process • go to http://www.ShopDI.org Click on Purchase a Membership in top right corner • complete team registration with Affiliate using assigned team # Let the Journey Begin

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