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Curriculum Night 2013!. Welcome to. Literacy. Reading and Comprehension Phonics and Spelling – SMART (Systematic Multisensory Approach to Reading Training) Writing - Narrative, Expository, Argumentative

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  1. Curriculum Night 2013! Welcome to

  2. Literacy • Reading and Comprehension • Phonics and Spelling – SMART(Systematic Multisensory Approach to Reading Training) • Writing - Narrative, Expository, Argumentative • Students are putting their reading skills together to learn to read for information and meaning.

  3. Common Core Math Units: -Unit 1: Extending Base Ten Understanding -Unit 2: Becoming Fluent with Addition and Subtraction -Unit 3: Understanding measurement, length, and time -Unit 4: Applying Base Ten Understanding (Adding and subtracting within 1000) -Unit 5: Understanding Plane and Solid Figures -Unit 6: Developing Multiplication -Unit 7: Show What You Know (Review)

  4. Science/ Social Studies • Science: Life Cycles, Space, Matter, Energy, and Motion • Social Studies: Georgia History, Geographic Understandings of Georgia, Government/Civic Understandings, and Economic Understandings • Goal: To provide real life, hands- on experiences

  5. Transportation • Changes in transportation must be made in writing before 2:30. If you send an email, please copy that email to skelentic@forsyth.k12.ga.us • Be sure you get a response back from Sandy or myself. • Early check-outs must occur before 2:30 in the afternoons

  6. Birthdays • We will have a monthly birthday celebration on the last Friday of the month. • An email will be sent at the beginning of each month to the parents of students having a birthday. Please work together to come up with a plan for the celebration. • Party invitations are not allowed to be distributed at school unless the entire class will be invited.

  7. Homework • Homework will be sent home every Friday via email . Please remember that some skills may not be taught until the day the homework is assigned. • Homework will also be written (in a brief version) in your child’s agenda.

  8. Monday papers • Graded papers will go home every Monday. • Please look through the papers, sign the top sheet, and return all of the papers on Tuesday. • I will keep all graded papers on file until the end of the quarter.

  9. Grading Students will be assessed based on the Common Core Standards 4-Excels/Extends with the standard 3-Consistent achievement within the standard 2-Moderate achievement within the standard 1-Limited achievement within the standard X-Not assessed at this time

  10. Math Facts • We are working on becoming fluent with the basic addition and subtraction facts. Please help your child each night by using flashcards or any other drill materials. This is a standard on the report card.

  11. Top Ten Things You May Not Know About Ms. Cahill • I have two sons., Jimmy and Ryan. They are both in college. • I worked for Coach Bowden while attending FSU. • Mrs. Myers and I have been best friends since 8th grade down in Miami. • I love to take “spin” classes. • I used to call Ted Williams my uncle when I was young (family friend). • I like to hike and go rafting. • I absolutely love the color PINK and Orange! • Wiggly teeth gross me out! • I love the beach. 10. My favorite candy is Swedish Fish and Turtles.

  12. Contact Information • Phone: 770-888-1222 extension 170436 • e-mail: lcahill@forsyth.k12.ga.us E-mail works best!

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