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REPW: Rarotonga Energetic Particle Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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REPW: Rarotonga Energetic Particle Workshop

REPW: Rarotonga Energetic Particle Workshop

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REPW: Rarotonga Energetic Particle Workshop

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  1. REPW: Rarotonga Energetic Particle Workshop The Rarotongan Beach Resort & Spa 6 -10 August 2007 Welcome!

  2. Photo by Jay Albert, 2005 Craig Rodger and Anthony Chan would like to welcome you to Rarotonga. Kia Orana! We also need to thank the sponsors for this meeting:

  3. Some background on the Cooks The Cook Islands are a self-governing parliamentary democracy in free association with New Zealand. Hence the main reason we are here in the Cooks, rather than in New Zealand itself. The main population centres are on the island of Rarotonga (c.10,000). However, there is a much larger population of Cook Islanders in New Zealand; in the 2006 census, 58,008 self-identified as being of ethnic Cook Island Māori descent. Tourism is the country's number one industry, the leading element of the economy, far ahead of offshore banking, pearls, marine and fruit exports.

  4. Housekeeping Island Night-Conference Banquet Additional people for the island night need to be booked in through the hotel by Wednesday morning. But also tell Craig so he can have them added to our table booking (drink tickets to REPW registered people). Wireless Internet Access We have this from inside the “Treetops” room. The wireless hotspot is around the pool area (up into this space). Details after morning tea…. Registration Bags/Programmes We are handing these out now! The bag includes the REPW programme and the abstract book. Registration Receipts Anthony? Additional Activity Night snorkelling trip through resort tonight!

  5. Any Questions? Brighton Beach, near Dunedin. During the wedding photos of Bryan and Melissa Field (February 2005)