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  5. Retirement Faculty and Exempt Staff are eligible for TIAA/CREF Retirement. This plan is a defined Contribution Plan. The College contributes 14.2% of earnings to the plan each pay period. The plan has immediate vesting. The employee must choose how to invest the money. You will complete the enrollment form during the benefits meeting. Non-Exempt Staff are eligible for Utah State Retirement This plan has two pieces, a Defined Benefit Plan and a 401K. The College contributes 14.2% of earnings to the Defined Benefit Plan and 1.5% to the 401K. The plan has vesting after 4 years. The employee must choose how to invest the money in the 401K. You will complete the enrollment form during the benefits meeting. Supplemental Retirement Accounts The College offers both a 403B and 457 supplemental retirement plan. All deductions are made on a pre-tax basis. The College offers these plans through several companies. Sheltered amounts can be changed at any time. IRS limits apply. Please see Human Resources for more information. Employee Assistance Program All full-time employees are eligible to take advantage of the Employee Assistance Plan. This benefit is offered through a company called Reliant Behavioral Health. They offer up to four (4) free visits to help you with counseling, stress, problem solving, financial, legal, etc. Page 54

  6. Flexible Spending Account The College offers a Flexible Spending Account through Wells Fargo that allows you to save taxes on Dependent Care and Un-reimbursed Medical Expenses. You need to be conservative in the amount you put into the account because if you do not use all the money by the end of the year, you lose it. Employees cannot change the amount deducted unless they have a life altering event. Employees must complete a new enrollment during each open enrollment period. Wells Fargo offers a Benny Master Card which draws on the value of your annual health care election amount. It gives you an easy, automatic way to pay for qualified health care expenses not covered by your health insurance. See Human Resources for further details. Life Insurance The College offers term life insurance for employees through Cigna. The coverage is 2 times the annual salary. The College pays the entire premium. You will need to designate a beneficiary for this coverage. Initial enrollment must occur within the first 31 days of hire. Once coverage is elected it cannot be changed until open enrollment unless a life altering event has occurred i.e., marriage, birth, death, adoption. The employee has 31 days from the date of the event to add/drop coverage. Page 55

  7. Supplemental Life Insurance The College also offers supplemental life insurance through CIGNA. You can purchase up to an additional 4 times your salary in life insurance. Up to 3 times is automatic coverage, 4 times requires the employee to complete a medical questionnaire. Life Insurance is also available for the spouse and children. CIGNA Life Insurance Application CIGNA Term Life and Accident Insurance Brochure Salt Lake Community College Beneficiary Designation Form Long Term Disability The College offers a Long Term Disability Plan through CIGNA. The College pays the entire premium. For more information on how to use this program contact Human Resources. Page 56

  8. Accidental Death And Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) The College offers two Accidental Death and Dismemberment plans as optional coverage for the employee and their family. Enrollment in the CIGNA plan is optional, however, it can only be added/dropped or changed during open enrollment. Enrollment in the PEHP plan is optional, however, it can be added/dropped or changed at any time. Tuition Waiver This policy defines College educational benefits for full-time regular, salaried employees, and members of the Institutional Council and their dependents. Qualified retirees and their spouses are also eligible for the benefit. All full-time employees and their dependents are eligible as of their first day of work. Tuition and Fees are waived for employees and are limited to 10 credit hours per semester. Tuition is waived for dependents; they would need to pay the fees. Tuition Exemption/Waiver Instructions and Form Cancer Insurance and Accident Insurance The College offers an optional Cancer and Accident Insurance through AFLAC. Employee pays 100% of premium. If you are interested please contact Human Resources. Page 57

  9. Vacation • Faculty do not accrue vacation. Staff who track the Faculty Schedule do not accrue vacation (94%) such as: some lab coordinators, lab aides, child care aides, and assistant coaches. • Non-exempt staff accrues 4 hours per pay period. This rate increases after 3 years. Exempt staff accrues 5 hours per pay period. This rate increases after 3 years. Administrative staff accrue 8 hours per pay period. • Employees can have their accrual rate adjusted based on prior full-time employment with: • Utah Public Education • Utah Higher Education • State of Utah • Verification of prior employment must be submitted to Human Resources • Employees can carry over 40 days each year. Any days over 40 on June 30 will need to be used by September 30 or they are lost. Employees who work less than 1.00 FTE will accrue vacation at a pro-rated amount. For more information, see Vacation Leave • Credit Unions/Bank • The College provides information on various financial institutions • that offer services and discounts to employees. These services • are optional there is no obligation to use these institutions. • Zion’s Bank ( • Salt Lake City Credit Union ( • Mountain America Credit Union ( Page 58

  10. Sick Leave All full-time employees accrue 4 hours per pay period. There is no limit to the number of days that can be accrued. Staff can convert Sick Leave to Vacation. Sick Leave can be used for a sick child, spouse or parent. In the case of a catastrophic event employees can apply to use time from the Sick Leave Pool. Employees that work less than 1.00 FTE will accrue Sick Leave at the pro-rated amount. For more information, see Sick Leave Family Medical Leave The College does allow employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid Family Medical Leave for the birth, adoption or placement of a foster child, or serious health condition of the employee or family member. For more information, see Family Medical Leave Holidays See the College Holiday Schedule. If you have any questions about your employment, please contact us! Page 59

  11. Congratulations! You have just completed the Salt Lake Community College New Employee Online Orientation and two segments of the Required Training. • You should have printed out the following forms: • 1. I-9 Form (3 pages) • 2. W-4 Form (2 pages) (you must attach a • copy of your social security card) • 3. Direct Deposit Form (1 page) • 4. Conditions of Employment (1 page)   • 5. New Employee Online Orientation Checklist (1 page) • 6. New Employee Orientation Guide (1 page) • Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Avoidance Training Record • (1 page) • 8. Workplace Violence Training Record (1 page) • Total of 11 printed pages Page 60