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  1. OM SRI SAI RAM SRI SATHYA SAI healthcare project SERVICE IS WORSHIP Effective Medical Camp Sri. Kishan R Bhagwat Third Year MBBS, Mysore Medical College & Member, Sri Sathya Sai Youth Wing, Mysore

  2. Humbly Dedicated To The Lotus Feet of BABA With Love And Gratitude

  3. OM SRI SAI RAM Objectives • Provide healthcare facilities to the target community. • Implement a disease prevention framework in the target locality. • Develop basic awareness in Healthcare, Hygiene and Human values. • Provide counseling • Follow up regularly

  4. OM SRI SAI RAM Scenario Name: Nanjaiah Age: 40 years Details: Illiterate Farmer ( and sole bread winner ) Village: Kenchalli Symptoms: fever since 10 days Rx: Tab Crocin

  5. OM SRI SAI RAM Few Days Later… Name: Nanjaiah Age: 40 years Village: Kenchalli Diagnosis : Typhoid fever with a perforated intestine ( Life Threatening!!)

  6. OM SRI SAI RAM What went wrong ? • A survey should have revealed unhygienic conditions of the village. • Similar conditions in the family and community could have been prevented by improving sanitation. • Proper investigations and treatment were not done since there was no follow up program. • He was not counseled about safe drinking water. • Poor health awareness due to ignorance.

  7. OM SRI SAI RAM What is right ? • Sai is always right. • Follow the Master. • Follow Swamy’s guidelines for Seva. • Reuse Grama Seva techniques to identify villages. • Implement Best Practices.

  8. OM SRI SAI RAM Where should we conduct a camp? In a locality • With a lot of people below poverty line. • With minimal healthcare infrastructure ( no Public Health Center, etc) in a radius of 5 to 10 kms. • With an illiterate population having poor awareness in health & well being. • With people harboring endemic diseases.

  9. OM SRI SAI RAM Survey Gathering Information about • Population ( with break up of gender and age groups). • Level of awareness. • State of cleanliness and sanitation. • Most prevalent diseases. • Immediate requirements.

  10. OM SRI SAI RAM Survey in progress

  11. OM SRI SAI RAM Survey Conclusion & Camp Planning • Determining camp objectives based on survey data. • Schedule for the Doctors & Volunteers. • Purchase of medicines and camp items. • Logistics. • Camp activities plan. • Plan for follow up.

  12. OM SRI SAI RAM On the Day of the Camp

  13. OM SRI SAI RAM Registration • Create / update patient information. • Case book / Prescription slip distribution.

  14. OM SRI SAI RAM Waiting Area • Health education. • Good instrumental music.

  15. OM SRI SAI RAM Checkup Area • Appropriate furniture. • Well illuminated and ventilated area.

  16. OM SRI SAI RAM Pharmacy • Medicine distribution • Explanation of usage / dosage • Prasadam distribution • Counseling

  17. OM SRI SAI RAM Follow up • Assess the patient recuperation status. • Facilitate support required during convalescence.

  18. OM SRI SAI RAM Referral Cases that require • Additional investigations / hospital visits • Higher medical care from specialists • Surgery • To be monitored in a hospital • Improvement to be assessed ( in case of chronic patients) • Food, medicine, financial and moral support

  19. OM SRI SAI RAM Value add to medical camps • Street-plays • Audio-visuals • Talks by doctors • Colorful poster displays

  20. OM SRI SAI RAM Snapshots of a street play

  21. OM SRI SAI RAM Conclusion • Pay more attention to Planning & Statistics. • Invest more effort in Preventive medicine. • Expand the scope of Education. • Empower people to take care of themselves.

  22. Help Ever Hurt Never POORNAVATHARA Sri Sathya Sai Speaks LOVE ALL SERVE ALL Tablets alone cannot cure pain and medical equipment is powerless in the face of hopelessness. Primary health care is complete only when the broken body is mended and the forlorn spirit restored. It is only when the tears have been wiped away and hope restored that the health care delivery can be deemed complete.

  23. Love is MY Form, Truth is MY Breath, Bliss is My Food. My Life is MY Message Jai Sai Ram