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Experiential Marketing

Elite delivers integrated experiential marketing programs with a foundation of event marketing and complimentary digital and social media marketing strategies. Contact them at 212.933.9544.

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Experiential Marketing

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  1. Experiential Marketing – Add A New Lifeline To Your Marketing Campaign A unique and innovative approach to marketing your products and services, experiential marketingis a new concept that strategically blends the elements of general thought processes, logic, emotions, and cognition to connect with target consumers. As icing on the cake, this effective marketing approach allows consumers to engage and interact with products, services and brands by stimulating their senses in the way of providing relevant information. It goes without saying; personal experiences enable consumers to connect well with the brand, thus allowing them to make informed, educated purchase decisions. In the cutthroat competitive business environment of today, the importance of a successful event marketing campaigncannot be overstated. While all related products and services offer somewhat similar features and functionality, it is with a unique marketing approach that you can stand ahead in the competition and always be at the top of your consumers’ mind. With this intent, experiential marketingdeals with real-time consumer experiences with the brand, product, or service, thus driving improved brand image, awareness, and sales. The difference lies in telling your target consumers about the unique features of your brand and providing them an opportunity to experience the benefits themselves. Where consumer behavior drives sales, it is more important to provide your target audience with a valuable experience with your products and service beyond purchase. And that’s what experiential event marketing is all about. Post-purchase marketing with customer engagement and social networking can function as a powerful tool in further spreading the word for your brand and building awareness. Most modern event marketing companies, such as http://www.elitemg.com/, incorporate an experiential approach as an integral part of their services. With the vision to stimulate sensory perceptions and consumer buying behavior, marketing events provide one-to-one interaction and experience with the customers. Whether you are planning to create pre-purchase or post-purchase experiences for your consumers, an experiential event marketing campaignmakes the interaction the most memorable than any other form of marketing. From sponsorship activation and distributing samples, to simply managing a mobile vehicle marketing campaign, experiential marketing companies are the most capable of transforming the value of your products or services into a reliable and engaging brand experience for target consumers. Additionally, superior street teams and prominent brand ambassadors further represent the core value of the brand in an impressive manner. Wondering how this will benefit you? Simple - a consumer is more likely to purchase a product or service with which his/her experience has been meaningful and memorable. As the attention span of consumers has shortened dramatically, it is important to have a marketing campaign that generates quick impressions or else you will miss the opportunity to engage with your consumers. Experiential marketing is the key to beat the competition and create a lasting impression at the very first glance. It appeals to all the senses of a consumer, facilitating seamless and prompt interaction. In a scenario where experiences have more impact on consumer buying behavior, this new form of event marketing campaign ensures that businesses can still drive the attention of consumers and satiate their needs and desires.

  2. Elite Offers Advanced Event Marketing Technology to Communicate with Consumers Elite Marketing Group, one of the leading experiential marketing companies in the country, is considered among the forerunners in introducing this new and innovative approach to product and service marketing. With the mission to add to the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, the company offers a comprehensive suite of integrated, customized solutions to develop communication with the consumers. Interactive marketing strategies offered by Elite are delivered in a digital live platform to generate improved brand awareness and drive sales. In addition to this, advanced eventmarketingtechnology from Elite enables the company to capture strategic data and communicate with consumers in an effective and efficient manner. The company specializes in experiential event marketing campaigns, providing unique and relevant experience that will engage consumers in a meaningful manner. With a special focus on “conversation” rather than monologue, the experience provides essential knowledge and inspires consumers towards purchase and brand loyalty. The marketing technique, as mentioned by Elite Marketing, is a process that allows consumers to engage and interact with the brand and stimulating their senses with relevant and unique experiences that serve as icing on the cake. It is consumers’ pre- and post-purchase experiences that drive improved brand awareness and sales. Elite Marketing leverages a number of effective technologies to make an event marketing campaignthemost successful. The root of its services lies in data capture and customer acquisition, further upgrading solutions to meet the core objectives of the clients and complement their marketing initiatives. Elite Mobile Data Capture Solution helps in accumulating information in real-time from any remote location. The technology improves the process of event tracking, data capture, reporting and post-event communication while streamlining on-site operations. Other event marketing technologies utilized by Elite are custom micro-sites and social media, Bluetooth marketing, photo marketing, mobile marketing, and Elite’s CRM. Other specialized services offered by Elite Marketing include experiential marketing, product sampling, sponsorship sourcing and activation, credit card acquisition, street teams, hospitality services, demonstrations or stunts, alternative media, distribution, branded premiums, college posters, and direct response.

  3. Elite Marketing Group 247 W 35th Street, Suite 700, New York, NY 10001 Phone: 212.933.9544 Email: info@elitemg.com Website: http://www.elitemg.com/

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